12 Green Nails That Are Perfect For Your Next Manicure

12 Green Nails That Are Perfect For Your Next Manicure

Green Nails: The color green has long been associated with luck, good health, and prosperity. Green nail envy may be the result of so many people wanting the color green during St Patrick’s day. When some people think of green, they think about pea green or frog green, but that’s a complete misconception. There are so many shades of green to choose from that it can be overwhelming to narrow it down enough to find that perfect just right shade for your nails.

There are so many things that can make nails look elegant, but green is one of the most beautiful, gorgeous, and girly colors. Green resembles nature, it’s full of life and hope which are all necessary when winter is almost gone and flowers will soon be popping out of the ground. Green is a color of freedom; everyone loves to have something to complement their green eyes.

Today we present you the 12 best green nails perfect for your next manicure.

12 Green Nails That Are Perfect For Your Next Manicure

1. Green Nails: Emerald Green

This look is not only very modern and summery, but it is also very varied and playful because of the different designs on the different nails.

2. Green Nails: The Modern French Nails

French nails – that is, a different colored tip – are super popular with influencers, celebrities, and other famous personalities.

We also love this varied version of the normal French nails.

3. Green Nails: Normal French Nails

These are of course the classics among the green nails. Because they can be combined with just about anything, last a long time, because the nail itself is kept in a neutral skin tone.

In addition, they look timeless and classically chic, which makes them a good option, especially for women who prefer minimalist outfits and nails.

4. Green Nails: Completely Green Colored

We’ve all worn these nails before – and that’s a good thing. Because the beautiful, simple variant can be applied quickly and super simple and is especially suitable for the summer.

5. Green Nails: The Crazy French Nail Art

This particular green nail design is also worth trying.

6. Green Nails: Hearts over Hearts

Hearts we wear not only on Valentine’s Day on our nails but also around the year!

Because the hearts are super romantic and also simply minimalist and sweet.

7. Green Nails: Green Swirls

This nail design simply loosens up everything – a bad day as well as a date gone wrong.

8. Green Nails: Coarse Swirls

You can quickly get lost in this exciting design – because it’s not only beautiful to look at, it also attracts attention.

So if you like to be the eye-catcher of the evening, you should consider this exciting nail design.

9. Green Nails: Light Green

Who does not know what to wear with the strong color Emerald Green, can also fall back on this beautiful pastel color.

Because it sprays so right summer vibes without being too much on and too flashy.

This design is thus the perfect mix of minimalist beauty and flashy and excitement.

10. Green Nails: Light Green + Light Pink

11. Green Nails: Mixed Art Design

12. Pink + Light Neon Pink French Nails

This design also enchants by combining two different eye-catching trendy colors.

The only thing that both have in common is the design itself.

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