20+ Brands That Make You Look Rich

20+ Brands That Make You Look Rich

Brands That Make You Look Rich: Feeling like the rich and beautiful… Oh, who doesn’t wish for that?

Today we show you which brands the wealthy actually wear and what they look for when choosing their clothes.

Here are the top 20+ Brands That Make You Look Rich:

What is “Rich-Looking” Anyway?

This question generally refers to a person who embodies wealth through their appearance and charisma.

Of course, we all know that this is very stereotypical and fraught with many prejudices. But still, most of us are constantly striving to look even more professional and confident in order to attract the right people, career opportunities, and life circumstances that we desire.

We can look rich in a variety of ways – and in this case, it also strongly depends on the occasion, the environment, and the setting in which we want to make an impression.

As a rule, it’s not so much WHAT we wear that matters, but HOW we wear it. In short: Our charisma is more important than our outfit.

So when it comes to our charisma and its effect on others, you are always best prepared if you think about the occasion and the people there beforehand. Only in the next step is it about us: what we want to wear and what we want to bring with us.

Thus, you will not only appear many times more likable, charismatic, and professional, but you will also be able to assess much better what to wear. As I already said, the secret to looking rich is more about dressing appropriately and putting thought into your appearance than trying too hard to please people. Most of your friends and acquaintances don’t like this at all.

Do Wealthy People Buy Luxury Brands at all?

That’s a challenging question, which we can only answer very stereotypically again.

It’s clear that wealthier people, in particular, also buy from more expensive brands. But just because a person wears a designer brand, it doesn’t mean they are affluent. There are far too many good tricks for faking wealth these days.

But I can say from experience: the really wealthy people hardly ever wear clothes where you can immediately recognize the brand. In most rich circles of acquaintances, it is simply indecent, if not inappropriate, to wear clothes with a thick inscription or an all-over print with a designer logo.

They are much more likely to go for genuine quality in the form of proper material, cut, and durability. But in the end, most of them don’t care about the brand – it’s just that quality often comes at a price, and that’s why wealthy people tend to spend more on their clothes.

Of course, there are also just as many people who wear these “flashy” clothes who have money, but usually, these are then rather nouveau riche than really rich.

How Can I Make My Face Look Rich?

The rule here is quite clear: less is more! Full-face makeup not only hides your true beauty, but it also looks super unnatural – and just not luxurious!

Being a high-class woman also means knowing your value and accepting yourself. Sure, it’s hard to always feel comfortable in your skin, but it’s about not having to pretend or put on a mask.

Only when you accept yourself as the fabulous woman you are and love yourself (to come back to the topic of charisma ;)), you start to shine from the inside and outside. Charisma comes to 99.9% of your inner beauty and how you perceive yourself.

So dare to feel comfortable in your skin, and you will notice what great things you suddenly attract.

20+ Brands That Make You Look Rich

We’ve split our list into two here because we think there’s something for everyone.

The important thing is that the affordable brands are not worse than the designer brands, but just very good for their price. In our selection, we looked at categories like quality, durability and selection, seasonality, manufacturing and production, and working conditions.

10 Affordable Brands That Make You Look Rich:

10 Designer Brands That Make You Look Rich:

What Clothes Make You Look Rich?

Now that we know WHERE to shop to look rich, we need to know WHAT to buy there in the first place.

Here are 10 timeless pieces that are unbeatably expensive-looking:

1. Tweed Jackets

Tweed Jackets are the best and most loyal friends we can find in the outerwear world due to their thick, high-quality fabric. They’re also perfect for the increasingly warm transitional season leading up to summer, as they look just as classic buttoned up as they do casually thrown on.

Because one thing is for sure: as the trademark of the renowned and globally popular luxury brand Chanel, it’s hard to imagine a catwalk, Parisian alleyway, or Instagram feed without the tweed jacket.

2. Tailored Blazers

A fitted blazer not only sets off your feminine curves, but it’s also, above all, an easy-to-combine companion for every day.

2. Elegant Dresses

Do we need to say much more about it? I think not.

After Pretty Woman, we all know that fitted dresses made of a high-quality fabric like cotton, linen, or silk are the epitome of expensive-looking.

4. Hats

There’s something special about hats that can make any look that much more luxurious in no time.

And yes, everyone has a hat face! Don’t tell yourself you don’t look good in hats. That’s not true!

5. Knit/Cashmere Sweaters

6. Riding Boots

7. Tennis Skirts

Who plays tennis if not the rich and famous? So go for a sportier look with a classically chic and timeless tennis skirt!

8. Button Down Blouses

9. Headscarves

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