2022 Fashion Trends The Latest Styles

2022 Fashion Trends: The Best & Latest Styles

2022 Fashion Trends: Do you also want to be up to date and prepared for the next fashion season? We can guarantee you one thing: It will be exciting as always. So what you need to know, what the 2022 fashion trends are, and what you as a fashion girl must-have in your wardrobe, will we show you today.

2022 Fashion Trends: Wide & Relaxed Cuts

Hurray, wide cuts will also be a big trend in 2022. You can do this with wide shirts, broad shoulders, and XXL designs (keyword: dad blazers, wide-leg jeans, and loose trouser suits!). So that femininity is not lost, we play with belts and feminine jewelry.

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2022 Fashion Trends: Leather

Whether pants, blazers, jackets or coats: statement pieces made of leather are the street style favorites par excellence!

In particular, the trend piece coats and blazers in leather are styled cleanly and classically. But don’t worry, genuine leather is of course not a must, and we strongly advise against genuine leather, as there are very high-quality alternatives nowadays. Coats and dresses made of artificial leather are in no way inferior to variants made of genuine leather in terms of style.

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2022 Fashion Trends: Tops with lacing and cut-outs

Shirts, tops and blouses, blazers with lacing and cut-outs are among the absolute fashion trends for 2022!

For all those who like to show a little more skin, this trend is your thing. In combination with jeans, this look can be styled for everyday use. With blazers or pencil skirts, tops with lacing details and cut-outs even look very elegant! The important thing is: don’t combine too much of this fashion trend in one outfit. Better to focus on one item of clothing and choose the rest of the outfit more subtle.

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