22 Cute March Nail Ideas To Get You Excited For Spring

March Nail Ideas: When the weather gets warmer and you can leave the thick sweaters and jackets at home, it’s time for nail art – what better way to express your individuality than to decorate your nails with cute nail ideas! Check out these 22 cute March Nail Ideas that will get you in the mood for spring/summer.

As for this year’s fashion trends, you can look forward to big surprises, because from flashy and exciting to minimalist and elegant, this year probably has it all.

But first, we want to show you the nail trends this spring.

The Hottest Spring Nail Trends this Year

1. Minimalist floral designs

You may not believe it, but yes, this year it’s getting more colorful and loud again – thankfully. After two years, it’s finally time to spend more time outdoors – and that’s why we’re so excited about this cute trend that will make every woman’s heartbeat a little faster.

Here, influencers and celebrities rely on light, minimalist flowers placed over a French nail design to bring more dimension to your nail design. Simple and easy is the motto this spring!

2. Soft Pastel colors

Away with wintry brown, gray, or even black tones, beige was also yesterday – colorful, bright and exciting is today. Pastel colors in particular have taken the hearts of influencers by storm because on Pinterest, Instagram and Tiktok we can’t get away from this trend – and that’s a good thing because we love it.

Pastel colors also have another huge advantage – they don’t wear as much as other stronger, more powerful colors. Because that can quickly become your undoing if you want to wear your favorite dress to a romantic candlelight dinner and your nails don’t match the color at all. The soft pastel colors provide a remedy here, as they still give you fresh color, but without being “too much” and causing you problems when combining your outfits.

3. Naturalness

As in many other areas, we are finally (again) focusing more on naturalness. So the nails no longer have to be infinitely long that we struggle to pick up coins or open the door – finally, we can be as we really are – and are loved for it!

Shorter nails are the motto here. Naturally filed in almond or square shape, they look incredibly stunning – and besides, they look more well-groomed, high-quality, and I would also say: simply more beautiful.

We love this trend and would like to encourage you do not always have to force yourself into the nail salon, but you can confidently leave them short this summer.

22 Cute March Nail Ideas to Get You Excited For Spring:

1. Pastel Green with Cute Daisies

2. Brown Almond Nails

3. Simple Khaki Design

4. Pastel Squiggles

5. Almond French

6. Cow Spots

7. Classic

8. Classic in Brown

9. Cherry Baby

10. Y2k Aesthetic

11. Colorful details

12. Ocean Vibes

13. Pinky Dinky

13. Green and Yellow = Love

14. Y2k Art

14. Minimalistic Hearts

15. Orange and Blue

16. Romantic Red Heart Love Nails

17. Pink Dream

18. Pink and Red? Yes, Cou Can.

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