23 Timeless Outfits for Paris in Winter that will Never go out of Style

Outfits for Paris in Winter: Anyone who has ever been to Paris in winter knows how dreamlike such a trip can be. Maybe you are there even longer and have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere in winter with coffees, warm croissants, and hot chocolates.

But to stroll through the streets of Paris in winter well-styled, we show you today 23 outfits that are not only timeless and stylish but above all one thing: elegant – just like the French flair.

23 Timeless Outfits for Paris in Winter

1. Little Big Snowman

2. Puffer Coat in Black

3. Wool Coat with Cream Jeans

4. Mom Jeans with Knit Sweater

5. Leather Puffer Jacket

6. Teddy Coat

7. Teddy Leather Jacket with Leather Pants

8. Puffer Jacket + Scarf

9. White Puffer Jacket + Blue Scarf

10. Black Wool Coat + Cream Scarf

11. Statement Scarf

12. Oversized Blazer over a Thick Knit Sweater

13. Trench Coat with Statement Scarf

14. Long Wool Coat

15. Trench Coat + Basic Scarf + Cap

16. Puffer Jacket + Scarf

17. Teddy Coat + Scarf

19. Leather Pants

20. Long Wool Coat + Jeans

21. Leather Jacket + Wide Leg Jeans

22. Black Puffer Jacket + White Jeans

23. White Puffy Snowman

How do Most People Dress in Paris?

Most Parisians wear some sort of business casual attire when they go to work, and more casual, relaxed clothing on the weekends or during their free time.

However, they don’t sacrifice style for comfort. It’s not typical to wear yoga pants or leggings for running in Paris.

So, overall, the stereotype is true that Parisians are mostly dressed chic and classically timeless.

BUT beware: there are so many myths about how to dress in Paris that it’s very difficult to really figure out and differentiate what it looks like in reality.

In movies or series like “Emily in Paris” we see that most Parisians care a lot about their appearance. This is true in many cases, but of course, even in the city of love and fashion shows, there are enough people for whom this is not so important. So don’t go crazy for no reason and don’t think too long before your trip about what you want to wear – Parisians don’t really see it that way in reality.

Also, let’s not forget that Paris is a huge city where all different looks, styles, and cultures collide. The other day I saw a woman in a Lolita Kawai look in one of the Asian restaurants in Paris (Rue Ste Anne near the Opera)… It’s not common, but it’s possible…

So my first tip is: you shouldn’t waste too much time trying to obsessively conform to the style of Parisians if that’s not actually your style. But if you love it as much as I do, for example, Paris is the perfect place where you can feel really comfortable because quite a lot of people look so chic and well-groomed.

Still, there is a kind of “classic chic” in Paris… Something that is often exaggerated by tourists trying to imitate “My Fair Lady“…. You can wear comfortable clothes, and flat shoes and still fit perfectly into the Parisian code…

What do the French Wear in Winter?

In winter, French women go for high-quality and warm fabrics such as cotton, merino, alpaca wool, or cashmere.

It is important to note that French women do not base their wardrobe on new trends, but combine different garments depending on the season.

And even in winter, French women tend to focus on style rather than comfort, although most are very well practiced in creating chic looks comfortably. That’s why in winter, for example, you very often see a lot of clothes being pulled on top of each other – the so-called layering, which many French women have perfected in the cold autumn and winter months.

How do I Not Look Like a Tourist in Paris?

If you want to match the chic style of the French, be sure to follow these 4 tips:

1. Speak as Much French as You Can

Learning the basics of French before you arrive (like hello, goodbye, thank you, sorry) is great and will impress the locals and show that you know the culture and treat them with respect.

The simplest and most important rule here is to always say “Bonjour” everywhere you go. With this small, attentive gesture, you will surprisingly be able to make a big difference and face your counterparts with an open heart.

So say this little greeting no matter if you enter a store, restaurant, café, hotel, or any other public place. Even if you enter a store and are about to leave or ask a simple question, saying “Bonjour” in a small but subtle way will break the ice and make your counterpart feel at ease.

Those who come from other countries and are by nature more direct with others will quickly fall on their heads here if they forget to greet with “Bonjour” and will quickly be sharply criticized by the locals. So remember that, and it’s not that hard, is it?

2. Don’t Dress Too Casual

As we just said, there are, of course, many locals who don’t care about the visuals.

But if you want to feel comfortable and accepted in Paris, you should dress appropriately and throw on some fancier clothes than you might otherwise.

Just like a nice “Bonjour” at the beginning of an encounter, a chic outfit shows your counterpart your respect and that you’ve made an effort.

And this is not about wearing an elegant silk dress as a woman or a suit as a man every day, but about leaving baseball caps, white socks, sneakers, large colorful backpacks, and fanny packs at home and focusing on a minimalistic style.

This way, you have the advantage that you can’t do anything wrong, and you won’t stand out too much if you don’t want to. But as I said, there are no limits here in the city of fashion, as long as it looks elegant.

3. Do not Carry a Camera

Wearing a large DSLR camera around your neck just screams  TOURIST.

And as you probably know from your own home country, cameras are the typical symbol of a tourist – next to a backpack. 😉

If you want to take pictures, do it rather inconspicuously with your phone or with a small camera that you take out for snapshots.

4. Don’t Assume Everyone Speaks English

Another mistake tourists often make is assuming that everyone in Paris speaks English.

So instead of starting to talk directly in English, you should ask in a friendly way first if the person you are talking to speaks English at all.

What are the Essentials I should Pack for Winter in Paris?

Since Paris can like to get chilly during the winter months, so let’s get ready in time for our winter romantic trip to Paris.

Of course, “chilly” is relative, depending on where you live. In December, January and February, temperatures remain relatively constant at 6 degrees Celsius or 42 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re from Duluth, Minnesota, where sub-freezing temperatures are the norm, this weather might feel like a heat wave. However, if you are traveling from Key West, Florida, the temperatures will be a shock to you.

On any given day, there is a 50 percent chance of cloudy, rainy weather. Of course, there is also a chance of snow. However, it is usually just a few flakes that disappear after a day or so.

To help you prepare for your winter trip, here’s a list of things you should pack for Paris in winter:

  • Warm knit sweaters
  • Jeans and Slacks
  • Boots
  • Hat, Gloves & a Scarf
  • Winter Coat/Jacket

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