28 Best Trench Coats for Women You Need to Know 2023

In today’s post, I’m going to share with you the 28 best trench coats for women that will make you look stylish and always on point without breaking the bank.

These are exactly the trench coats that most influencers and celebrities wear to always look sophisticated.

Let’s dive right in.

28 Best Trench Coats for Women You’ll Love

There are so many trench coats out there, but most are trash.

Here are 28 that our editors approve.

1. Karen Millan’s Denim Utility Volume Sleeve Trench Coat

28 Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Karen Millen
Karen Millan’s Denim Utility Volume Sleeve Trench Coat* is designed with denim-like cotton that strikes a great balance between comfort and durability.
It features pleated sleeves, peplum flare, and a belted waist, which gives the wearer a flattering shape. You can wear this trench coat as a dress or a jacket.

2. Burberry Pedly Trench Coat

The Burberry Pedly Trench Coat offers a double-breasted style and long fit. It features a collar hook closure and an adjustable waist-cinching belt buckle.
Overall, the Pedly trench coat has a timeless and classic style. Although it comes at a steep price, it’s durable and classy-looking.

3. Aritzia Babaton Tabloid Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Aritzia
The Aritzia’s Tabloid Trench Coat is made of innovative vegan leather. It has adjustable sleeve tabs, welt pockets, a center-back vent, and topstitch detailing throughout.
The Babaton trench’s buttery-soft fabric makes it warm but not toasty. It also gives off an elegant look, which goes well with workwear attire.

4. Cuyana Relaxed Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Cuyana
Cuyana’s Relaxed Trench Coat* is softly structured for a loose silhouette. The coat takes inspiration from layered flower petals, which gives it its feminine design.
It has an interior chest pocket, an exaggerated storm flap, and a detachable fabric pouch. Moreover, it’s made of durable American Supima cotton with a water-resistant finish.

5. Everlane Gathered Drape Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Everlane
If you’re up for a little fashion experiment, the Gathered Drape Trench Coat* might fit your style. Unlike traditional black and khaki trenches, the Everlane coat has a patterned design.
In addition, the coat has a loose A-line fit, but you can wear it with a belt if you want a fitted look.

6. Lattelier Knee-High Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Lattelier
As the name implies, this knee-high trench coat* goes below the knee. It’s perfect for a sporty and casual look.
Unfortunately, it’s not machine-washable. Dry cleaning is highly recommended with this coat.

7. Alo Yoga Sherpa Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Alo
Although the Alo Yoga Sherpa Trench Coat* isn’t a classic trench, it’ll keep you comfy and warm during cold weather.
This faux fur coat is made of teddy material, making it soft and cozy. Its only downside is that it doesn’t have front closure and it runs large, so make sure that you size down.

8. Ebossy Double-Breasted Duster Trench Coat

Best Trench coats for Women

This double-breasted duster trench coat* is a full-length overcoat that provides an extra-long fit and full coverage. It has a notched collar, buckle straps, and buttoned epaulets.
Overall, the double-breasted duster trench coat is chic and elegant, which will suit formal and casual occasions.

9. Petal and Pup Camberwell Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Petal + Pup
Petal and Pup’s Camberwell Trench Coat* is resistant to rain and it has a detachable waist tie and two-button closure. On top of that, it’s pretty affordable!

10. Eddie Bauer’s Girl on the Go Insulated Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Amazon
The Girl on the Go Insulated Trench Coat* differs from other traditional trenches in terms of design. That being said, it’s one of the most versatile options on the list, as you can wear it on a wide range of occasions.
In addition, this coat is waterproof and breathable. That’s why it’s a perfect choice for athletic activities such as hiking.

11. Danz Oversized Reflective Trench Coat

Compared to its khaki counterparts, Danz’ Oversized Reflective Trench Coat has a different texture and color, which gives it an eye-catching look. On top of that, it’s made of vegan leather.
The trench coat has an oversized fit with a detachable waist belt.

12. Thakoon Cropped Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Thakoon
Thakkon’s Cropped Trench Coat* has an edgy and modern look, which is great for both dressy and casual attire. Plus, it’s machine washable.
However, keep in mind that the trench coat has a loose and boxy fit compared to the typical cinched trenches.

13. Christopher John Roger’s Marker Test Oversized Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue
If you love a pop of color in your wardrobe, Christopher John Roger’s Marker Test Oversized Trench Coat* is your best choice.
The coat is colorful and waterproof. It also has a rain shield back and sides welt pockets.

14. Rouje Adina Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Rouje
The Rouje Adina’s trench coat is a balanced combination of a dressed-up piece and a cozy coat. Its most notable feature is its autumnal textile, as it’s made of corduroy.
The trench coat offers a chic and unique look while keeping you warm and cozy in cold weather.

15. Jessica London Plus-Size Leather Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Jessica London
Unlike oversized pieces, this plus-size coat flatters voluptuous bodies. It’s a double-breasted long trench coat that features a snap front closure.
Besides that, Jessica London’s plus-size leather trench coat* has a highly inclusive size range of up to size 28.

16. Chloé Wool Drape-Sleeve Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue
Chloé’s wool drape-sleeve trench coat* is eco-friendly because it utilizes botanical dyes. It’s 100% virgin wool, which makes it warm enough during cold weather.
Other than that, the trench coat features a fabulous couture cape because of its pair of drape sleeves. However, when you’re choosing a size, keep in mind that it has an oversized fit.

17. The Row’s Evia Silk Scarf Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue
The Row creates a unique spin on a classic trench coat by adding luxurious draping. Instead of a typical double-breasted collar, the trench coat* incorporates a khaki silk scarf. Other than that, it’s entirely from silk.

18. Simon Miller’s Cato Foil Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Saks Fifth Avenue
The Cato Double-Breasted Foil Trench Coat* has a silver foil color, which offers a metallic style. It features a notched collar, button front, and a double-breasted silhouette.
On top of that, it’s stylish and made of vegan materials. It comes at a steep price, though.

19. London Fog’s Single-Breasted Long Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Amazon
The London Fogs’ single-breasted long trench coat* strikes an excellent balance between classic style, quality, and affordability.
The coat has stunning details, including faux-horn buttons and leathered buckles topped with a layered button-down collar.
However, it might be too long for women shorter than 5’4’’.

20. LAFAYETTE Outdoor Cotton Tailored Trench Coat

Best Trench Coats for Women
Photo: Lafayette
If you’re not into the oversized fit and you’re looking for a trench coat that has a classic look and that’s well-tailored, the LAFAYETTE Outdoor Tailored Trench Coat* is right up your alley.
It’s made with premium Italian cotton that’s guaranteed to stand the test of time and weather the elements. It features raglan sleeves, a structured collar, and armhole vents.

21. The Black Leather Trench

Leather is the trend material this year! From pants to jackets and coats, everything is now in the popular leather look.


22. The Classic Beige Trench

The classic trench coat simply goes with everything – whether with casual mom jeans or a chic, elegant look in earthy tones, it always looks good, and makes the outfit look more sophisticated and feminine.

And because it’s so easy to combine, it belongs in every wardrobe!


23. The Beige Wool Trench Coat

The trench coat with a high percentage of wool is the perfect invention for the year’s colder season.

With the otherwise rather light and thin coat, it can get cold quickly in winter.


 24. A Khaki Coloured Wool Trench

Not only in beige are the woolly classics popular. Also in khaki they make a real impression.

Versatile combinable and always an eye-catcher.

Besides, still the coziest coat you’ll ever wear.

25. A Navy Blue Trench

26. Short Trench Coat

27. A Sleeveless Trench Coat

28. Corduroy Trench Coat

Where Did the Iconic Trench Coat Come from?

28 Best Trench Coats for Women

The popular trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry, who developed the gabardine fabric in 1879 and patented it the same year.

British and French officers wore it during the First World War.

And almost 150 years later, it’s still cutting-edge and trending every year – that’s why we’re going to present you with the best trench coats for women today and how you can best combine the classic piece.

Which Brand is Good for Trench Coat?

Besides the absolute classic, the Heritage Waterloo trench coat from Burberry, there are nowadays a variety of equally good alternatives at a fraction of the price.

Of course, a Burberry Trench Coat is the cult classic par excellence and belongs in its popular beige tone in every closet.

But if you don’t want to spend that much on a coat, you’re also very well served by high-quality brands like COS*, Arket, or Mango*.

In quality and cut, these coats look in no way inferior to those of Burberry – except for the iconic interior.

Are Trench Coats in For 2023?

The better question is rather, in which year not?

Since its release in 1879, people have loved trench coats and wear them again every year.

Investing in a quality trench coat that will bring you joy for years to come is, therefore, worth its weight in gold because it really is a piece that never goes out of style.

How Do I Find the Perfect Trench Coat?

Either directly at Burberry or at cheaper but at least as high-quality brands like COS*, Arket, or Mango*.

What Season is Best for Trench Coats?

Lightweight trench coats are actually wonderful to combine with almost any season.

Traditionally, however, the popular coat is worn mainly in autumn and spring.

*Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that at no additional cost to you, we may earn a small commission.

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