30 Chanel Bags to Invest in 2024: My Favorite Bags You’ll Love

Best Chanel Bags to Invest In: Investing in luxury fashion is never a waste of money, especially for Chanel bags. These timeless pieces are a fashion statement and a sound investment that can potentially be resold for profit.

To help you make the most out of your investment, we’ve compiled a list of the 30 best Chanel bags to invest in, including the iconic Chanel 2.55 and Chanel Classic and other highly recommended styles like the Deauville Tote and the Coco Top Handle Bag.

What Is the Absolute Best Chanel Bag?

Chanel Wallet on Chain bag is our absolute top pick, thanks to its simple and ageless design. The former boasts quilted leather, a flap closure, and a magnetic clasp. It also has a stylish interwoven chain and leather strap long enough to wear as a crossbody bag.

The bag contains enough room to fit a keychain, a phone, lip gloss, and six cards in the interior slots. This all-rounder bag is suitable for day-to-day use, whether work, casual occasions, or evenings.

30 Best Chanel Bags to Invest In

1. Chanel 2.55 Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

This classic design* was first introduced by Coco Chanel in 1955 and remains one of the most sought-after Chanel bags.

2. Chanel Classic Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

Another timeless design, the Chanel Classic Bag* is a must-have for any fashion-conscious collector.

It’s also one of the most versatile bags in the Chanel collection, making it an excellent investment.

3. Chanel 19 Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

Named after its 2019 launch date, the Chanel 19 Bag* has become a fan favorite thanks to its sophisticated design and spacious interior.

4. Chanel Boy Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

This edgy design* was inspired by Coco Chanel’s boyfriend, Boy Capel, and is a popular choice among younger customers.

5. Large Shopping Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

This versatile tote* is perfect for everyday use and is a great option for those who are looking for a more practical investment.

6. Mini Flap Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

A miniature version of the Classic Flap, this mini bag* is an excellent choice for those looking for a more compact design.

7. Coco Top Handle Bag

Best Chanel Bags
Photo: Chanel

This stylish bag* is perfect for those who prefer a more structured design and is an excellent option for casual and formal events.

8. Chanel 22 Bag

Kicking off the list with one of Chanel’s latest handbags: the Chanel 22 bag. Unlike Chanel’s timeless designs, like the Classic or Reissue, the former bag is more hip.

This pouch-like bag combines simplicity and functionality. It provides internal zip pockets and enough room to fit all your essentials. The bag also has a magnetic button and drawstring-like top handles to close the purse.

The only problem is that some consumers have experienced leather cracking with the Chanel 22 bag. So, although it’s practical, the former might not be suitable for everyday use.

9. Chanel 22 Large Backpack

The Chanel 22 backpack might be a suitable option for backpack lovers. It contains the same silhouette as Chanel 22 but with two drawstring-like chain handles at the sides. It also has two cute top handles on the top and is available in two colors: light yellow and lilac.

10. Chanel Small Shopping Bag

From its name, you might think the Chanel small Shopping bag resembles the 2021/2022 large Shopping handbag. However, that’s not the case.

The new 2023 Chanel small Shopping bag has a rectangular, folder-like silhouette. It’s embellished with a padded leather motif and has golden chain-leather shoulder straps.

Moreover, the bag contains an internal zipper pocket, separating it into two compartments. It also has an external pocket, making it functional for everyday use.

11. Chanel Small Vanity Case

The iconic Chanel small Vanity Case might be suitable if you’re looking for a chic, all-around bag.

With its external pockets and double zipper closures, the bag can hold more items than the eyes can see. The only problem is that this handbag is hard to open, especially if you’re in a hurry!

12. Chanel Mini Evening Bag

As a statement piece, the Chanel mini Evening bag will grab attention. It has a cubic shape covered with glass pearls to give it a luxurious feel. You can grab this evening bag with multicolor pearls in black, white, and white.

That said, the bag isn’t functional; it has the size of a coin pouch, so it won’t even fit your phone.

13. Chanel Heart Minaudiere

Like the Chanel Mini, the Heart Minaudiere is also an evening bag. However, the former is slightly larger than the latter. What’s interesting about the Heat Minaudiere is that half of the bag is made of lambskin, and the other is of gold-tone metal, the same shade as the chain straps.

14. Chanel Small Round Bag

Chanel’s small Round bag is another handbag belonging to the Vanity line. As the name implies, the former has a circular shape.

Although it appears small, Chanel’s Small Round bag has enough space to fit a small wallet, a key holder, some makeup, and even your cards in one of the internal pockets. So, it’s suitable for casual events and day-to-day use.

15. Chanel Bowling Bag

This bag might be a hit or a miss. However, the Chanel Bowling bag is suitable for everyday errand bags thanks to its roomy interior and well-structured bottom.

Although it resembles a bowling bag, it has a top handle and a chain-leather shoulder strap that you can wear as a crossbody.

16. Chanel Belt Bag

For good reasons, you’ve probably seen Chanel Belt bags on celebrities and fashion influences. Those bags are miniature versions of Chanel classic handbags.

They’re stylish, taking a basic shirt and jeans outfit to the next level.

The best part is that, compared to other luxury bags, the Chanel Belt is more affordable!

17. Chanel Mini Camera Case

Chanel’s Mini Camera Case is an excellent option for those new to Chanel. It’s more affordable than the Classic and has a timeless, rectangular design that will transcend trends.

The bag is small; however, you can fit it inside your phone, card case, and probably a small hand sanitizer, depending on size.

18. Chanel Small Bucket Bag

If you’re looking for a hip, street-style handbag, you might like the Chanel small Bucket bag. Aside from its bucket shape and drawstring handle closure, the straps are embellished with colorful Chanel stones to add a fresh, playful look.

19. Chanel Kiss-Lock Bag

The Chanel Kiss-Lock bag might be a suitable option for vintage bag lovers. It comes with quilted, smooth leather and a matte gold leather chain, giving the bag an elegant vibe.

The former also has a Chanel logo near the kiss-lock closure that opens to a roomy interior, making this bag suitable for daytime or evening events.

20. Chanel Raffia Maxi Shopping Bag

If you’re a fan of Chanel’s large shopping bag, you might like this Raffia Maxi Shopping bag from Chanel’s 2023 SS collection. Aside from its large interior, the bag has a square motif, a golden chain-leather shoulder strap, and a flap closure, all adding a chic vibe.

21. Chanel Small Hobo Bag

If you’re into the recent Y2K fashion resurgence, you might like Chanel’s small Hobo bag. It resembles a baguette bag’s silhouette but with more curvature at the bottom.

Moreover, the former boasts Chanel’s iconic quilted leather and golden chain-leather strap.

22. Chanel Small Clutch

Thanks to its kiss-lock closure, Chanel’s small Clutch suits those who like retro styles. It also features a matte gold center and a small chain-leather handle. This clutch is in quilted black leather, suitable for formal events or evenings.

23. Chanel Phone Holder With Chain

As the name implies, the Chanel Phone Holder is a small flap bag with enough space to hold your mobile.
The former has a classic rectangular silhouette, which makes it suitable for work or casual events. You’ll also find two handy internal pockets to fit essentials like cards or keys.

24. Chanel 2023 SS Clutch With Chain

A part of Chanel’s 2023 spring/summer collection, Chanel’s Clutch with Chain is for those looking for a timeless, sophisticated bag with a modern twist. Thanks to its curved silhouette and shiny red leather, the former has a fun vibe, making it suitable for everyday use.

26. Chanel Imitation Pearl Small Evening Bag

The Chanel Imitation Pearl Evening bag is a show stealer, a golden-tone metal and pearl profusion.

The former has a similar design to the Chanel Classic and enough space to carry your phone and wallet. If you’re not a fan of excessive gold, you can also purchase this bag in silver.

27. Chanel Hobo Handbag

Although Chanel’s Hobo bag has the typical crescent structure, it still has a well-structured bottom, giving this handbag an interesting visual. The former features a front flap and an internal zip pocket. It also comes in glossy leather, which makes it suitable for evenings.

Benefits of Investing in Chanel Bags

best chanel bag to invest in

Investing in Chanel bags can be a wise bet for vintage enthusiasts who have sourced limited editions, exquisite styles, and pricey materials to resell in the used market.

The resale value of Chanel bags is determined not only by scarcity but also by style. With a 3% annual retail price increase, reselling a classic Chanel bag is a nearly foolproof way to make lucrative gains in the secondary market.

A Chanel bag’s monetary value is typically determined by its ability to retain hype and convert it into a long-term trend. Luxury handbags have low volatility, giving investors more stability, and can protect investors from inflation and provide extra financial security during a recession.

Buying a Chanel bag may make more financial sense than investing in the Nasdaq-100 index because it has outperformed the stock market and gold in the past. Owning an iconic Chanel bag but not wearing it requires a special kind of willpower that few people have, so purchasing one should be done cautiously.

Chanel bag investment tips

best chanel bag to invest in

Investing in Chanel bags can be a lucrative investment, but it is critical to select the appropriate style and color.

Classic black Chanel bags are a good choice for first-time investors because they hold their value over time. It’s also a good idea to think about selling the bag yourself on sites like eBay for a better return.

Finally, patience and maintaining the bag’s condition are critical when investing in Chanel bags.


Which Chanel bag has most value?

The Chanel 2.55 handbag is the most iconic and valuable Chanel bag. It was the first to feature straps, allowing women to carry it hands-free, and it has become a symbol of rebellious fashion.

What is the most well known Chanel bag?

The Chanel 2.55 handbag is the most well-known Chanel bag. It was designed in 1955 by Coco Chanel and has since become an iconic symbol of luxury fashion.

What is Chanel’s most popular item?

Chanel No. 5 perfume is Chanel’s most popular item. It was launched in 1922 and remains a timeless classic, still the biggest-selling perfume across most perfumeries and beauty stores.

Which Chanel bags are an investment?

Chanel bags considered a good investment include the Chanel 2.55, the Chanel Classic Flap, and vintage Chanel Flap bags. These bags have proven to hold their value and even appreciate over time, making them a wise investment for luxury fashion enthusiasts.

Which Chanel bag is timeless?

The Chanel Classic Flap bag is considered timeless. It was first introduced in the 1980s and has become an iconic luxury fashion symbol. Its simple, elegant design has remained popular for decades.

Which Chanel bag is the best investment?

The Chanel Classic Flap in size Medium is considered the best Chanel bag to invest in. It has remained popular for decades and has proven to hold its value and even appreciate over time, making it an intelligent investment for luxury fashion enthusiasts. 

Which Chanel bags are worth buying?

The Deauville Tote and Grand Shopping Tote have the highest secondary market value retention, retaining an average of 112% and 110%, respectively. Classic Flap Bag Quilted Lambskin, Coco Handle, Mini Flap, 2.55, 22, Graffiti Cloth Backpack, Pearl Crush Bag, and Classic Single Flap Bag Quilted Lambskin are some other iconic Chanel bags worth investing in.

Which Chanel bag is hard to get?

Chanel minis are among the most popular styles available from Chanel and are notoriously difficult to obtain. They usually necessitate certain steps, such as researching which style to purchase and when Chanel restocks. It is also critical to consider the bag’s price and whether it will likely appreciate.

Is a classic Chanel bag a good investment?

Classic Chanel bags are an excellent investment, with some models retaining up to 99% of their original retail price on the secondary market. Chanel bag resale value has risen with primary market price increases, and the brand’s average value retention is 87%. The price of a Chanel Medium Classic Flap bag has risen from $1,150 in 1990 to $7,800 in July 2021, representing a 14.7% annual price increase.

Is it better to buy Chanel new or used?

Your individual preferences and financial situation determine that. Purchasing a Chanel bag can be less expensive and potentially more sustainable than buying a new one. On the other hand, Chanel bags appreciate in value over time, so purchasing new ones may be a better investment. Furthermore, the selection of used Chanel bags available online is frequently superior to that in stores.

What is the most popular Chanel bag size?

The Medium (M/L) Chanel Classic Flap Bag size is the most popular. It is 25.5cm x 15.5cm x 6.5cm in size (9.9″ x 6″ x 2.5″).

Do Chanel bag prices go down?

Since 2018, Chanel bag prices have steadily risen, with the most recent increase occurring in July 2021. Prices are expected to rise further in August 2022, so if you want to get the best deal, buy a Chanel bag as soon as possible.

Which is better Gucci or Chanel?

Based on customer ratings, CHANEL is ranked higher than Gucci (#28 vs #52). Both brands sell high-end clothing and accessories, and their logos are two letters interlaced in a circular shape. When their beauty lines are compared, Chanel comes out on top.

What are the most popular Chanel bags?

Indulge in the most popular Chanel bags: the Chanel 2.55, Classic Flap, Boy Bag, Grand Shopping Tote, and Gabrielle. These are timeless choices.

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