30+ Brands Like Arket 2024 You Will Love This Year

Hailing from Sweden and a memorable branch of the legendary H&M ensemble, Arket serves as your ultimate destination for top-notch, simplistic yet chic clothing for both men and women. With more than 25 outlets across 11 countries globally, it’s an established and recognized brand. However, it’s not alone in this category.

Read on to find out what are the thirty best brands like Arket.

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30 of the Best Brands Like Arket

From jeans, shirts, tops, and jackets, Arket helps provide the best clothing to men and women alike. Not only does it offer clothes that are designed to be versatile and long-lasting, but it also creates fashion pieces that are sustainable and ethically made.

However, there are various other brands where you can pick up modern, simplistic designs.

Listed below are 30 brands like Arket. 

1. COS

COS remains one of the finest stores to shop for clothing. They have a wide range of clothing apparel for both men and women. Everything in their collection is designed keeping durability and endurance in mind. Their timeless old money clothes make for a great group in any wardrobe. 

  • High-quality fabrics at affordable prices
  • Timeless, neutral designs
  • Built to last
  • Durable
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2. Saint and Sofia

Taking a fresh perspective on how they design and produce their collection, Saint and Sofia offer straightforward yet edgy clothing. Their designs are stylish while remaining functional, which makes them attractive. They prioritize using high-quality materials and still provide fair pricing.

3. A Day’s March

This brand is committed to offering high-quality pieces that will last you for years. They intertwine beautifully into any season and will pair nicely with other brands. A Day’s March is dedicated to functionality, and they rigidly ensure that each item is designed with a purpose in mind.

4. Rag and Bone

An authentic brand that prides itself greatly on its craftsmanship, Rag, and Bone stays true to its vision while designing its silhouettes and ensuring the availability of timeless pieces. Their clothing is designed with the utmost quality in mind.

5. Nili Lotan

This brand offers a collection that is sleek and edgy. The featured beautiful fabrics are of the highest quality and will stand the test of time. Nili Lotan offers e-styling options; you can book appointments with their online stylists and customize your clothes.

6. Kotn

Kotn prides itself on its commitment to traceability and eco-friendliness. While they may have a minimal selection, their pieces are impeccably crafted. They prioritize high-quality fabrics and offer them at a fair price point.

7. Frank and Oak

Frank and Oak have an eco-friendly approach to their designs. Their streamlined procedures give you fresh air, setting them apart from their competitors. The apparel provides a clean, bright, and breezy feel. 


ASOS’s aesthetic and brand image are centered around minimalism, which they elevate with a modern twist. This results in stylish and highly wearable clothing. Their collections offer high-quality items with a fashion-forward edge while ensuring the designs remain underrated. 

9. Weekday

Offering a casual streetwear look, Weekday offers budget-friendly prices that are unbeatable. Their styles have a relaxed fit, often featuring oversized clothing that gives off a great casual vibe. Weekday mixes up their classes and brings new fits for each season to keep things fresh and exciting.

10. Oak and Fort

This underrated clothing brand embodies the minimalistic Scandinavian aesthetic. They offer clean and sleek-looking garments that bring a feeling of relaxation and comfort. Oak and Fort bring you highly affordable clothing in great color tones, perfect for all occasions.

11. Uniqlo

Priding itself on offering quality fabrics at an affordable price, Uniqlo is one brand you can’t miss while shopping for clothes. They provide a vast range of colors, with every single item available in nearly any color imaginable. Rest assured; their items promise quality and value to your capsule wardrobe essentials.

  • High quality fabrics like linen, wool, cashmere or down at affordable prices
  • Timeless, classy pieces
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12. Reformation

While their clothes are slightly more expensive than other brands, Reformation offers excellent options with a timeless design. The brand is also conscious of its sustainability. It remains a great option to explore if you want to revamp your wardrobe. 

  • Sustainable Women's Clothing and Accessories
  • FREE Shipping & Returns
  • They're Climate Neutral Certified
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13. Marks and Spencer

Marks and Spencer has a wide range of clothing options for both men and women. Their clothing designs are versatile and long-lasting, while their fashion style can be described as classic with a modern twist.

14. joseph

Designing understated and sophisticated quality products, Joseph is known for its minimalistic approach to fashion. Their timeless and elegant pieces feature clean lines and neutral color choices. 

15. DL1961

DL1961 specializes in premium denim products featuring jeans, denim jackets, and shorts. The latest trends influence their designs, and they strive to use high-quality materials while maintaining a sustainable business model.

16. Nobody’s Child

Nobody’s Child features a range of clothing for women that focuses on bold prints and popping colors. They fluently mix vintage and modern styles creating unique pieces while keeping up with the current market trends.

17. Our Legacy

Our Legacy has garnered a reputation for its unique blend of Scandinavian minimalism and edgy design elements. They produce clothing and accessories that have a modern and timeless look and feel. Their strong commitment to quality control has elevated them in the ranks of the fashion world.

18. Loewe

Loewe is a Spanish brand known for using high-end materials and meticulous craftsmanship. Their cuts are beautiful and give off an edgy vibe. Their artistic fashion style focuses on shapes, textures, and colors; you’ll find your aesthetic there.

19. Colorful Standard

Colorful Standard is a Danish sustainable fashion brand that produces its garments from organic cotton. This brand brings you high-quality essentials available in a broad color palette. Their range of clothing extends to both men and women.

20. King & Tuckfield

Known for its modern take on classic styles, King & Tuckfield offers a range of clothing with versatile pieces which you can easily make your own. Their designs are clean and smart looking with a focus on high-quality material.

21. Lemaire

Founded in 1992, their collections feature relaxed silhouettes of beautiful, high-quality fabrics. Lemaire’s prices are a little steeper, but the quality of their craftsmanship and the attention to detail may justify it.

22. Acne Studio

Acne Studios is one of those brands that makes clean and simple pieces but have a slight oddness to their designs, which they work to their advantage. Featuring versatile and easy-to-wear clothing, they have all fitting styles, from oversized to skinny.

23. & Other Stories

A mix of high-end and affordable fashion, & Other Stories is a Swedish brand that focuses on a range of clothing and accessories for women. With clean lines, bold prints, and a feminine fashion style, their clothing is perfect for every occasion.

24. Everlane

With a mission of radical transparency, Everlane concerns itself with the production and prices of its clothing. They offer quality basics at an affordable price with a great color palette selection. Their aesthetic focuses on bringing you clean and minimal pieces that are timeless.

25. Olive Clothing

Boasting a sizable selection, Olive Clothing is known to experiment with the cuts and fits of its products. Their style is a blend of contemporary and classic, with versatile pieces that can be worn in various settings.

26. Asket

Asket doesn’t believe in following trends and sets out to create timeless essentials made from quality fabrics and designed to last. Their strength lies in the fit of their clothing, featuring a custom sizing system designed to fit all shapes and sizes. 

27. Reiss

Reiss is a British brand with sophisticated clothing that gives an elegant vibe. Their pieces are classic and versatile, pairing incredibly with other parts and designed so the wearer stands out.

28. Club Monaco

Based in Canada, Club Monaco offers fresh and exciting new clothing every season to keep your wardrobe updated. Their selection oozes style and elegance in a uniquely casual way that feels amazing. From blazers to shirts, whatever you need, you’ll find it here.

29. Scotch & Soda

This Amsterdam-based fashion company makes products that are free from any fashion trends. Instead, they follow their style and design pieces from modern to classic. They also ensure a sustainable business model.

30. Sunspel

Offering a clean, relaxed take on how traditional casual wear can be relevant in the 21st century, Sunspel provides a comprehensive catalog to choose from. It does this while still looking toward providing the most luxurious fabric and finishes as much as possible.


Brands Like Arket

Who are Arket’s main competitors?

Stories, Weekday, Zara, and u003ca class=u0022wpil_keyword_linku0022 href=u0022https://rstyle.me/+C4SglXOcsTkHoblFdf7ndwu0022 title=u0022Uniqlou0022 data-wpil-keyword-link=u0022linkedu0022u003eUniqlou003c/au003e, are among Arket’s main competitors. According to u003ca href=u0022https://growjo.com/company/ARKETu0022u003eGrowjou003c/au003e, Uniqlo is one of Arket’s top revenue competitors. Uniqlo is also mentioned as a competitor in other sources.

Are Arket and COS the same?

u003ca href=u0022https://streetstylis.com/cos-vs-arket-in-depth-comparison/u0022u003eArket and COSu003c/au003e are Hu0026amp;M group sister brands. While they share similar design aesthetics, they are not identical. COS is known for its dramatic cuts and trend-led, color-blocked separates, whereas Arket is known for its high-quality wardrobe staples like tees, tanks, jeans, trousers, and jackets.

Who are COS’s competitors?

According to SimilarWeb, COS’s competitors include Stories, Monki, Acne Studios, u003ca class=u0022wpil_keyword_linku0022 href=u0022https://rstyle.me/+KbhOgwrw_snPaqGeWj3Snwu0022 title=u0022Topshopu0022 data-wpil-keyword-link=u0022linkedu0022u003eTopshopu003c/au003e, and other fashion brands. Other minimalist-friendly brands like COS include Arket, The Frankie Shop, Weekday, Reformation, Neous, Baserange, and TOTême. Furthermore, according to Apollo.io, COS competes with Benetton Group, Warnaco, and Harris, as well as Lands End Europe Ltd., according to ZoomInfo.com.

What type of brand is COS?

COS is a contemporary, stylish, and minimalist brand that offers reimagined classics and wardrobe essentials for both men and women. It is owned by the fast-fashion conglomerate Hu0026amp;M, but it operates independently. The brand’s design philosophy prioritizes longevity, emphasizing sustainable fabrics and material innovation. COS wants its customers to wear its clothes in ten years.

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