15 Rich Girl Outfits that Automatically Make You Look Wealthy

15 Rich Girl Outfits that Automatically Make You Look Wealthy

Rich Girl Outfits: On the journey of becoming a rich girl, you will come across a question in the long run: “What are the outfits that you definitely need to wear to look expensive as a rich girl?” for example.

But it’s not as easy as you think: after all, no one is short of high-priced designer brands. Rather, it takes your own style and fashion sense to look rich too.

Anyone can wear expensive clothes – but looking rich in them is another thing.

That’s why today we’re going to show you 15 of our favorite rich girl outfits that are guaranteed to make you look rich with ease – regardless of your budget.

Looking rich is also possible without designer brandssometimes even better because they aren’t as flashy as pieces that are expensive but show it too obvious and are neither elegant nor timelessly chic.

How To Dress Wealthy? – 7 Simple Tips

These are 7 simple tips that really anyone can follow and look a lot richer and more attractive!

  1. Cashmere is your best friend
  2. Wear more navy blue than black
  3. Invest in a glamorous little black dress (and don’t just wear it to funerals)
  4. Let your everyday jewelry be a big statement
  5. Carry a clutch purse that’s smaller than you think you need
  6. For evening, definitely go sparkly and sheer, but keep it classy and elegant, not racy or low-cut.
  7. Stick with classic, timeless cuts instead of trendy ones

Takeaway: These tips will help make you look wealthy!

20 Unmistakable Signs of a Rich Girl

Finding out whether a girl is rich or wealthy isn’t so easy these days.

Because nowadays you can not only buy a driver’s license or a high school diploma and fake it, but also the status of being “rich”.

In truth, it’s often the other way around: the really rich are usually less conspicuous and also often very restrained, relying on timeless, minimalist pieces.

Those who are forced to look rich often tend to want to show very obviously what they have:

This can be through (fake) watches or other designer pieces that very obviously show the brand’s logo.

Nevertheless, there are less obvious signs that tell you that a woman is wealthy.

  • Well-groomed hands
  • Manicure and pedicure (not too long nails, well-groomed!)
  • Natural make-up or none at all (NO full-face make-up!!)
  • Shiny, voluminous hair
  • Fresh scent (not too heavy perfume!)
  • Never without a little souvenir when she’s invited
  • Better overdressed than underdressed
  • Decent jewelry (she never overdoes it!)
  • The colors of the outfit match her complexion & hair color
  • Shaved
  • Well-groomed (no bad breath, no smell of sweat!)
  • A valuable watch
  • She takes care of her figure (healthy diet, sports!)
  • She doesn’t drink (much) alcohol
  • Natural tan (no solarium or self-tanner!)
  • She’s friendly & smiles a lot

15 Rich Girl Summer Outfits that Automatically Make You Look Wealthy

1. Oversized Sunglasses with Gold Trim

Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from bright sunlight but also have the advantage of covering large parts of your face.

No, you aren’t ugly and shouldn’t cover your beautiful eyes! But it can be a huge benefit on days when we don’t feel so comfortable in our skin, for example.

Plus, oversized sunglasses are stylish accessories that can add more sparkle and glamour to your outfit.

Little extra tip: If you wear oversized sunglasses with gold details, make sure you go for expensive-looking gold jewelry in the rest of your outfit.

2. Rich Girl Outfits: Statement Designer Handbag

Designer handbags without a monochrome pattern or too obvious, large logos are in most cases beautiful and durable companions for several years.

As elegant bag classics are considered, for example:

The Chanel Flap Bag or the Hermés Birkin and Kelly Bag

3. Linen Pants

3. Rich Girl Outfits: High Heels

4. Skintight Fitted Dress

5. Rich Girl Outfits: Pearls

6. Gold Jewelry

7. Shearling Coat or Jacket, Real or Faux

8. Rich Girl Outfits: The Color Ibiza Blue

9. The Classic Blazer

10. Rich Girl Outfits: The All-White Look

11. The Classic Cocktail Dress

12. The Monochrome Look

15. A Tweed Skirt Suit

Takeaway: You can dress in the rich girl aesthetic without necessarily spending a fortune on your clothes and accessories.

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