30+ Short Almond Nails You’ll Love

Short Almond Nails: Nails in a beautiful almond shape are THE nail trend of the last months if not the last years – and also this summer the trend is not to be imagined away from the Pinterest boards as well as the Instagram and Tiktok feeds.

The short shape is a variation and a great development as I think. Not only are they much more practical and easier to handle in everyday life or on an exciting summer vacation, but they are also much more elegant and chic, which is why the trend is currently being worn up and down, especially in Paris, London and Milan.

That’s why you can look forward to more than 30+ Short Almond Acrylic Nails now, which you will not only see up and down with the influencers and celebrities this summer, but you should also try them out yourself!

30+ Short Almond Nails We See All Over Pinterest

1. Neon Blue

2. White Squiggles with Purple Fillings

3. Short Almond Nails: Pink French Nails

4. Y2k Pink & Orange Squiggles

Beam yourself into the 2000s with this exciting design and experience an unforgettable hot girl summer!

5. Short Almond Nails: French Nails with Orange Tips

6. Yellow/Orange French Nails

Can’t get enough of the warm, bright sun? Then why not just wear its color on your nails?

7. Short Almond Shaped Nails: Blue French Nails

8. Minimal Light Pink French Nails

Planning a romantic, dreamy vacation with your boyfriend or husband? To feel really feminine, you must try this cute, minimalist chic nail design!

9. Short Almond Acrylic Nails: Purple Tips

10. Rainbow Triangles with Pastel Colors

11. Basic Ibiza Blue

You like it simple, practical and you love the trendy color Ibizia Blue? Then why not go with an overall blue look?

12. Light Blue Tips

Spending your summer by the sea? Then your nails should be made with the color of the ocean! Here is the perfect design for an unforgettable summer at or in the sea. 😉

13. Short Almond Acrylic Nails: Brightly Colored Tips

Girl strip, big parties, and lots of fun? Then this design is just right for you – and the looks are guaranteed to you!

14. Want Some Cherries?

What could be better than always having a delicious refreshment with you – aka on your nails?

15. Neon Green Tips

A real eye-catcher that is sure to attract all eyes!

16. The Black Universe

17. Short Almond Shaped Nails: Minimalist Milky Design

18. Cute Short Almond Nails: Minimalist Almond French

Hi, “that girl” says hello.

19. Light Green with Daisies

20. Purple with Daisies

21. Minimal Light Pink Design

22. Cute Short Almond Acrylic Nails: Milky + Daisies

Spring sends its regards…

23. Light Green

24. More Cherries?

25. Cute Short Almond Nails: Y2k Orange + Pink

26. Cute Black Hearts

27. Almond Nails Short: Blue + Light Blue = Love

28. Pastel French Nails with Minimal Daisies

You enjoy nature to the fullest? Picnics, relaxing days at the lake or beach, spontaneous road trips? This cute design is guaranteed to get you in the mood!

29. Dreamy Clouds

Dreamy, playful, a little bit crazy. A perfect mix for an unforgettable summer, if you ask me. 😉

30. Fine Flourishes

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