30+ Trendy Nail Ideas 2023 That Will Takeoff This Year

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Trendy Nail Ideas: Whether you’re a beautician or just someone who likes to play with their nails from time to time and enjoys trying out new designs, it’s undeniable that nail art has become a huge trend that’s hard to imagine today without it.

Because on Instagram, Pinterest, and co. not only do celebrities like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner present their stylish nails for this year but also more and more influencers and content creators follow this trend.

On Tiktok, we are almost spammed by videos with tutorials or aesthetic inspiration videos – which of course makes the appeal of looking for the latest nail trends yourself all the more interesting.

So today we present you the 30+ most beautiful and hottest trendy nail ideas 2022 that will take off this year.

30+ Trendy Nail Ideas 2022 That Will Takeoff This Year:

1. Trendy Nail Ideas: Pastel Flowers

This design is guaranteed to get you in the mood for summer and bring you plenty of memorable moments on warm evenings outdoors.

Because no other design screams lighthearted, warm spring/summer moments like this sweet, fresh nail design.

2. Short Brown Y2k Nails with Flowers

A super cute design, which goes with everything and also makes you really in the mood for warm summer days.

3. Trendy Nail Ideas: The Orange/Red Y2k Comeback

Now it’s getting crazy and wild.

As we’ve announced several times, the Y2k trend is making its big comeback this summer and of course, we’re celebrating not only with low-rise jeans, belly chains, and mini skirts but also with eye-catching patterns and colors – even on our nails.

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful orange/red, you should definitely try this eye-catching design this season!

4. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Flowers Everywhere

This beautiful design is guaranteed to attract many eyes! Due to the flowers arranged next to each other, this refreshing nail design makes a really good mood – perfect for an unforgettable spring/summer.

5. Fine Blue Lines

Fine lines in an almond shape cannot be missing here either, of course, because just like the super popular and totally trendy French nails, they look super minimalist and beautiful and just go with everything.

Here, there are just as few limits to your imagination in terms of colors as there are in the arrangement of the fine lines.

6. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Minimal Flowers

In contrast to flashy, large flowers, we can of course also serve you with the slimmed-down version, which Parisians in particular love because the design is so minimalist chic and simply goes with everything.

The nail design is not at all intrusive like some others and gives you timeless elegance.

You want to be or become “that girl” this spring/summer season? Then you need this design!

7. Trendy Nail Ideas: Minimal Y2k Pink Design

8. Fine Lines with an Almond Shape

9. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Minimal Pink French Nail Design

10. Neutral Pastel French Design with Flowers

11. Trendy Nail Ideas: Minimalist flourishes

12. Dark Green Almond Shape Design

13. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Minimalist French Design in Cloud Pattern

14. Natural Design with Rhinestones

15. Trendy Nail Ideas: Neutral Design with Cute Hearts

16. Cute Red Love Design

17. Trendy Nail Ideas: White with Black Hearts

18. French Nails with Black Tips

19. A Classic Valentines Day Design you Can Wear all Year Round

20. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Long Pastel Nails

21. Wild Y2k Design

22. Colorful Squiggles

23. Blue French Nails with Flowers

24. Green Squiggles

25. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Pink Y2k Waves

26. Want some fresh cherries?

27. Trendy Nail Ideas 2022: Black French Nails in an Almond Shape

28. Pastel Squiggles

29. Checkered French Nail Design

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