32 Hot Girl Summer Nails That We All Wear Right Now

32 Hot Girl Summer Nails That We All Wear Right Now

Hot Girl Summer Nails: From Elle Fanning to Kim Kardashian, we’ve noticed that all celebrities, influencers – and our community (and us too, of course ;)) – are wearing the same “hot girl summer” nail looks in different ways – and that’s definitely got us curious, which is why we’ve gone straight on the hunt for the trendiest designs for this unforgettable hot girl summer.

Well, curious now? Then treat yourself now to a whole portion of inspo filled with 32 of the hottest nail designs. 😉

Are you ready? Okay, let’s go!

32 Hot Girl Summer Nails you Can’t Get Around this Summer:

1. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Fine Red Lines

A simple, minimalist design that just goes with everything.

2. Motley

This summer will not only be hot, but it will also be exciting and playful – the perfect nail design to attract all eyes at the next pool party.

3. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Blue Waves

You fly to the sea with your friends and you have the time of your life? Then how about this beautiful blue design?

4. Fine Pink Lines

I never thought I would love pink as much as I do this year – but here we go. Because the wonderfully feminine color is one of the top trend colors this summer ever!

5. Pastel Almond French Nails

Pastel colors for the win!

6. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Light Pink

A simple, chic design that just goes with everything and looks so classy.

7. Pastel Squiggles

An exciting design that is sure to turn the heads of all men!

8. Wavy Pink Lines

A beautiful alternative to the design with the pastel squiggles that will make you shine.

9. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Y2k

10. Pinky Dinky

Simple and beautiful!

11. Pastel Tones

If we had to limit ourselves to one design that we could wear all summer and always be cutting edge, this would be it. Because looks with pastel colors are by far THE trendiest designs in this hot girl summer.

12. Orange Lines

13. Pink Fires

14. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Blue Almond French

Goes with everything. Simple. Incredibly stylish.

15. Pastel Tones with Flowers

The design that really makes you want summer and sun, isn’t it?

16. Pink Y2k

You like it flashy? Then you have to try this design!

17. French Nails with Red Hearts

Valentine’s Day was yesterday, today we wear hearts all year round!

18. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Orange French Nails

19. Blue French Nails

Influencers just can not do without this simple and totally beautiful nail design!

20. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Pastel French Nails

Arguably the classic we see all over TikTok and Pinterest!

21. Red Flames

Uhhh, it’s getting hot!

22. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Y2k French Nails

23. Almond French + Flower

24. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Pastel French Nail with Flowers

If this design does not just put you in a good mood, then I do not know what does…

25. Light Green with Daisies

26. Light Pink

A nail design that makes us fall in love!

27. Hot Girl Summer Nails: Y2k Pink

28. Orange French Nails

If you love orange or yellow, you should not leave this beautiful look untried!

29. Hot Girl Summer Nails: White + Pink

30. Red Cherries

What could be sweeter than this design that will attract all eyes?

31. Blue Gradients

The sea is made for this gorgeous design that will really get you in the vacation mood.

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