35 Almond Gel Nails You’ll Love this Fall/Winter

Almond Gel Nails: Nails in a beautiful almond shape are THE nail trend of the last few months if not the last years – and also this fall the trend is not to be imagined away from the Pinterest boards as well as the Instagram and Tiktok feeds.

The short shape is a variation and a great development as I think. Not only are they much more practical and easier to handle in everyday life or on an exciting summer vacation, but they are also much more elegant and chic, which is why the trend is currently being worn up and down, especially in Paris, London and Milan.

That’s why you can look forward to more than 30+ Almond Gel Nails now, which you will not only see up and down with the influencers and celebrities this fall/winter, but you should also try them out yourself!

35 Almond Gel Nails All Influencers Swear By Right Now

1. Classic Brown Nails

2. Minimalist White Flourishes

3. White Fine Lines

4. Almond Shaped White Fine Lines

5. Square-Shaped Fine Line on the Left

6. Hailey Bieber Glitter Nails

7. Light French Square-Shaped Nails

8. Micro Glitter French Nails

9. Minimal White Square Points

10. Micro Black French Nails

11. Forest Green Nail Flourishes

12. Zebra Dots

13. Playful Fine Lines in Pastel Tones

14. Burgundy Red Fine Flourishes

15. Pastel Yellow Border

16. Minimal White Fine Lines

17. Chocolate Brown Details

18. Brown Flourishes

19. Almond Shaped Brown Nails

20. Different Brown Shades

21. Short Almond Flourishes in Brown

22. Brown Heart Detail

23. Almond Shaped White and Brown Tips

24. Fine White Border Around the Brown Tip

25. Black French Tip Nail Design

26. Orange Flourishes

26. Fine White Border Around the Black Tip

27. Green Almond Shaped French Tips

28. Short Emerald Green Nails

29. Blue French Nails with Ibiza Blue Border

30. Playful Blue Flourishes with Green Accents

31. Khaki Green Flourishes

32. Classic French Nails

34. Khaki Gold Glitter Details

35. Thick Blue Line

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