37 High Quality but Affordable Spring Pieces you Must Have (Under $50)

37 High Quality but Affordable Spring Pieces you Must Have (Under $50)

37 Affordable Spring Pieces Under $50: You don’t have to break the bank to stay in style this season. Just shop from my list of 37 affordable spring pieces that you have to have under $50. And since these brands carry timeless pieces, you can wear them on different occasions for years to come.

As you know, we put a lot of emphasis on durable, high-quality pieces that you can wear for a long time and they will faithfully stand by you as loyal, minimalist companions.

Therefore, here are our most important tips on what you should pay attention to so that your new favorites remain faithful to you for a long time.

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The most important tips to keep your new favorites beautiful for a long time:

  1. While shopping, make sure that the pieces you have chosen are made of good quality fabric, so that they do not quickly wrinkle – as is the case with polyester, for example – or lose their color and shine after just a few washes. It is also important for the upcoming spring/summer that you choose high-quality fabrics such as linen, cotton, silk, or viscose because with these fabrics you do not start to sweat as quickly as with synthetic fibers.
  2. Wash your new favorites according to the washing instructions that you can find in the tag of the pieces. If the temperature is too high, the fibers may shrink and your piece will be smaller than before – also, your piece will lose color intensity, which would be very stupid, especially with this year’s color trends. Because this season applies above all: the more colorful, the gaudier the better! So if the color disappears there more with each wash, the beauty of the part also disappears. :/
  3. Hang your pieces instead of folding them in your closet. Personally, I’m a huge fan of hanging my clothes because it makes them much less wrinkled and not as prone to unsightly wrinkles. Plus, hanging them up has an additional super practical benefit: the wrinkles that are already there from wearing them just magically hang themselves out. In particular, thinner fabrics that we wear more in the summer are much more prone to wrinkling and unsightly wrinkles, while thicker fabrics in the winter, such as thick woolen or knit sweaters, can hardly wrinkle at all.

I know you’re already all excited about the pieces we all absolutely need this spring, so we’re not going to faff around:

37 High Quality but Affordable Spring Pieces you Must Have (Under $50)

1. Affordable Spring Pieces: UO Crossroads Ribbed Halter Top

The perfect halter top you’ve been looking for.

2. Affordable Spring Pieces: COS Puff-Sleeve Top

An extravagant basic top that just about everyone needs this spring.

3. Affordable Spring Pieces: Ibiza Blue Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

The perfect long-sleeve in this season’s trendiest color. Influencers and fashion insiders just can’t get enough of the hip Ibiza Blue.

4. Affordable Spring Pieces: Fitted Tank Top

The best-ribbed tank top you’ve ever seen. Only the highest quality cotton – and without paying much.

5. Affordable Spring Pieces: Ibiza Blue Ribbed Tube Dress

The dream of a spring dress.

6. Affordable Spring Pieces: Gold Link Ring

An absolute must-have ring – and that without ever losing its radiant golden color.

7. Affordable Spring Pieces: Ball Pendant Hoop Earrings

The perfect earrings for aesthetic spring/summer outfits.

8. Affordable Spring Pieces: Check Tweed Skirt

Tweed suits are a huge trend this season. Together with extravagant, eye-catching colors, this style becomes the eye-catcher par excellence.

9. Affordable Spring Pieces: Emerald Green Satin Dress

Emerald Green is THE trend color this year. On a satin dress, the powerful color really comes out and gives you a minimalist, stylish appearance.

10. Affordable Spring Pieces: Striped Shirt Dress

The perfect dress for the warmer days, as it will not let you sweat so quickly high-quality cotton and just always looks classy, feminine.

11. Affordable Spring Pieces: Wide-Leg Suit Pants

These lightweight suit pants not only look incredibly feminine and modern in the upbeat red, but it’s also super elegant and instantly upgrade your look.

12. Affordable Spring Pieces: Wideleg Knit Pants in Ibiza Blue

Yep, the Ibiza Blue color again. Because next to Emerald Green it is simply a very popular trend color this season.

Also as a knitted suit, the color may not be missing. Although the pants are very comfortable, you can combine them super easily also very elegant and chic.

13. Affordable Spring Pieces: Wideleg Pleated Trousers

A must-have piece for minimalist, aesthetic Parisian style looks. Also available in several colors.

14. Affordable Spring Pieces: High Waist Straight Jeans

Absolute must-have pair of jeans that celebrities and influencers just can’t get enough of. Easy to combine, always stylishly elegant.

15. Affordable Spring Pieces: Knitted Cropped Top

Simple. Easy to combine. Cute.

16. Affordable Spring Pieces: Low-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans

Y2k is back: and so are the popular low-rise jeans that are too stylish, especially in the summer.

17. High Waist Straight Jeans

This classic jeans model is available in many different colors for every occasion and every look. A jeans classic that every woman needs!

18. Affordable Spring Pieces: Polarizing Sunglasses

A basic sunglasses must-have.

19. Another One

Another sunglasses must-have.

20. Affordable Spring Pieces: Double-Breasted Blazer

A beige basic blazer is just what every woman needs this spring! With it, any look looks directly a thousand times more chic and stylish, trust me.

21. Black Basic Oversized Blazer

Do we still need to explain this basic piece? By now everyone knows that a black oversized blazer simply belongs in every closet!

22. Affordable Spring Pieces: Jacquard Pattern Handbag

A handbag-basic for every occasion. A dupe to the Dior Book tote bag.

23. Organic Cotton Thong Bodysuit in Blue

A cute bodysuit classic.

24. Affordable Spring Pieces: Lace Corset

A seductive underwear must-have.

25. Basic Tank Top

Especially beautiful for aesthetic and casual spring /summer outfits.

26. Affordable Spring Pieces: Cute Pink Hoodie With Zipper

Easy to combine. Always cute.

27. Recycled Ribbed One Shoulder Bikini Set

A cute must-have bikini for unforgettable pool and beach moments.

28. Ribbed Square Neck Midi Dress

Create aesthetically minimalist spring looks with this must-have dress.

29. Affordable Spring Pieces: Ribbed Knitted Tie Front Cardigan

We just can’t get enough of this basic top.

30. Boucle Knitted Scoop Neck Bralette

Paired with an oversized blazer or cardigan, this top is a really cute companion.

31. Quilted Mini Bag

Goes with everything and instantly upgrades any outfit by quite a bit.

32. Affordable Spring Pieces: Relaxed-Fit Wool Sweater

The perfect sweater for colder spring evenings.

33. Striped Oversized T-Shirt

The perfect alternative to the basic striped sweater in winter.

34. Fitted Tank Top

Add some color to your wardrobe with this beautiful tank top.

35. Linen-Mix Wide-Leg Pleated Shorts

Bermuda shorts are THE big trend this season.

36. Chain-Link Bracelet

A beautiful, minimalist bracelet, which always keeps its beautiful golden color.

37. Teddy Cap

The cutest teddy cap you’ve ever seen.

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