5 Leather Jacket Outfits

How to style a leather jacket? We are going to show you the 5 best Leather Jacket Outfits for winter/fall season 2021!

The leather jacket is now available in many variants, shapes and colors. And since we are aware that the more the selection increases, so does the confusion, so today we’re going to show you the best styles and outfits for everything to do with leather jackets!

Leather Blazer

Blazers are an absolute hit this year! Because the chic jacket not only looks elegant and always well made, it also keeps you warm! When it comes to warm leather jackets, the leather jacket cannot fool anyone – perfect for this winter!

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Pau Dictado shows how: She combines the trend piece with a black top, black shorts and high leather boots.

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Sabrina Lopez, on the other hand, relies on an overall brown look. Her boots, her top, her blazer and even her mini skirt are brown. Perfect autumn look!

Fur Leather Jacket

These popular jackets have been trendy for years and for good reason: They not only look ultra stylish, they also keep you nice and warm!

Louise combines the trend coat with combat boots and a Marc Jacobs tote bag.

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Sinead Crowe prefers the more casual look with Chucks, blue mom jeans and a Balenciaga bag.

Biker Leather Jacket

The trendy biker jackets are finally back this year! How to style them today:

Especially new are brown and beige biker jackets, which are particularly autumnal / wintry.

Leather Coat

Of course, no coat should be missing from our best leather jacket outfits for this winter, because this trend piece not only keeps you ultra warm, it also looks super chic!


Leather Puffer Jacket

Puffer jackets are available in all colors and variants – now also in leather! We love this variant because it is something different to the standard models and thus stands out!

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