5 Expensive-Looking Pieces that'll Make you Look Expensive on a Budget

5 Expensive-Looking Pieces that’ll Make you Look Expensive on a Budget

To look expensive on a budget these days is not as easy as many think. Karl Lagerfeld once said that looking rich today is simpler than ever. That’s true – but only with a lot of effort and a lot of time invested.

I personally have been shopping like this for YEARS! But what really sucks about it is that with ever-increasing material and production costs, the prices for simple garments have also risen sharply in recent years – and especially in recent months. On top of that, there’s the icing on the cake: The materials used by most brands and fashion houses – no matter in which price segment – are increasingly getting worse and worse.

Savings are being made – everywhere. But most likely in the materials and in the processing.

Therefore, it is now incredibly costly and extremely time-consuming to find high-quality treasures that 1. you like at first, 2. are well processed and 3. which were processed with durable, high-quality materials.

With that being said, it was a special concern to me after my many years of research in cheap fashion houses to look for high-quality items to share with you today.

Because I can tell you one thing: Once you have found a high-quality piece, which is then also inexpensive, you stay with it and buy it in every conceivable color and shape – and that’s what I’ve been doing for years.

However, if you would like to start your own search in the future, I strongly recommend you to follow the following tips, otherwise, you will quickly fall for any advertising promises, which are not only disappointed but also broken again and again.

Nowadays, the marketing measures of most fashion houses are so sophisticated that it is – especially online – difficult to recognize which piece it really is and whether it is really durable as well as high quality.

Here are my best tips from years of experience:

How to find REALLY Expensive-Looking Pieces these days:

1. Look Expensive on a Budget: Look very carefully at the item descriptions and material compositions:

Not all that glitters is gold – this applies not only to the fake life on Instagram but also to the embellished fashion shopping world.

Acquire a basic knowledge of high-quality fabrics that are adapted to the seasons and disregard short-term fashion trends. For example, high-quality fabrics for summer are linen, silk, cotton and viscose; for winter are wool, cashmere and leather.

Of course, nowadays there are hardly any items made of these pure materials, but there is increasing use of fabric mixes, which are simply cheaper in production for the manufacturer – so always look at the largest proportion and make sure that a high proportion or at least a minimum proportion of these fabrics are included in your piece that you would like to buy.

2. Look Expensive on a Budget: Order the piece and try it on:

Sure, this is an obvious tip, but one that is really important. Because even the highest quality fabrics can look unflattering when worn and put you in a bad light.

Therefore, pay close attention to the smallest production errors such as incorrect seams or lint. In case of tears, bulges, or wrinkled pieces, you should immediately become alert and send the part back or give it away – because you won’t be happy with it in the future.

Especially linen and polyester are known to wrinkle very quickly. While, for example, good virgin wool hangs itself out again (a good indicator of a high-quality item), such materials, unfortunately, crumple even after extensive ironing again and again – you have to like that.

But now let’s get more specific…

5 Expensive-Looking Pieces that’ll Make you Look Expensive on a Budget:

1. Look Expensive on a Budget: H&M Men’s Blazers

As I’m sure most of you know by now, because we’ve reported so many times about these great blazers: We swear by H&M’s men’s blazers* because they’re made of a much sturdier viscose than their counterparts from the H&M women’s department.

The soft yet sturdy fabric is simply brilliant, as it ensures that the blazer stays in its usual shape even after years of wear and doesn’t start to wrinkle or shrink like so many other blazers on the market, which are usually made of a lot of polyester. This makes it a piece that can make you look super expensive in no time – without being so.

Another advantage of the blazer from the men’s department is that it sits so nicely oversized, making it totally stylish and modern.

I myself have actually had this model for years and now in pretty much every color – and none have ever disappointed me! They still sit as the first day and are faithful companions that can definitely keep up in quality with my virgin wool blazer, which just as little creases or falls apart somehow.

A heart recommendation for all blazer lovers!

2. Look Expensive on a Budget: Button-Down Shirts by COS

Everyone needs high-quality button-down shirts in their closet for the warm days, because the classics can be super casual simply pulled over a top or also buttoned up just always look super elegant.

But since here too, unfortunately, in most fashion stores more and more synthetic fibers such as polyester are mixed, these look super fast totally cheap.

Therefore, it is essential to rely on high-quality button-down shirts made of 100% linen, viscose, or cotton – and those of COS always are*.

In addition, they offer great shirts in many different colors and patterns – so there should be something for everyone.

3. Look Expensive on a Budget: Trench Coats by Mango

Mango is my all-time favorite when it comes to good jackets and coats* for small money.

But in particular, I swear by the trench coats because they come from a large cotton and viscose content, which makes them pretty high quality.

In addition, I really all jackets and coats that I have so of Mango, wear for years and am always fully satisfied! For this I love the brand – it brings me namely every year a new through colder days or colder evenings.

Feel free to stop by there and be sure to check out their outerwear!

These are my favorite trench coats of theirs for spring/summer:

4. Look Expensive on a Budget: Leather Shoulder Bags by COS

The perfect longtime friend.

5. Look Expensive on a Budget: Leather Shoes

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