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5 Winter Outfits for Cold Weather

It’s not getting hot in here – it’s getting cold. That’s what we’re here for – today we’ll show you the best winter outfits for the cold days, so that you are always top styled and can really enjoy the Christmas season!

Faux Fur Leather Jackets

Unpack your fur leather jackets from 2018; they are in again!

The faux fur keeps you super warm and looks cute at the same time! Especially with black leather pants and Chelsea boots you are well prepared for the cold days!

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Knitsuits & Trench Coats

Everyone should have noticed that knitwear is really trendy again this year. For the particularly cold days, the knitted suits are best combined with a trench or a leather coat.

Thick Sweaters Over Shoulders

Extra thick sweaters for over the shoulders are perfect for the cold days. This doesn’t look super stylish, it also keeps you warm like a scarf and, if in doubt, you can even pull it over it. It’s best to put on a thick coat underneath.

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Leave The Trousers In The Closet – Instead Choose Jeans

Jeans are known to be made of thicker material and are therefore less breathable. But make sure that you put on high boots so that you don’t freeze your ankles, because if air comes in, it can get quite cold.
Alternatively, if you don’t like jeans, you can also wear trousers with a high percentage of wool. The material keeps you better warm than, for example, polyester.

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