52 Brands Like Weekday You Will Love 2023

Many fashion enthusiasts gravitate towards brands like Weekday regarding minimalist, stylish clothing. These brands perfectly blend modernity with function, offering a casual yet elegant aesthetic that appeals to many shoppers. If you’re a Weekday fan, you might wonder which other brands share similar characteristics and styles.

In this article, we’ll explore 52 brands that closely resemble Weekday in terms of design, quality, and overall vibe. Whether you’re seeking affordable alternatives or want to diversify your wardrobe, this comprehensive list will help you discover new favorites. So, let’s dive in and uncover these must-know brands like Weekday.

Affordable Alternatives

If you are searching for brands like Weekday that offer minimalist and affordable clothing, we have compiled a list of 20 alternatives for you.

MonkiA sister brand of Weekday, Monki offers affordable and trend-driven clothing with a focus on sustainability.
ASOSAn online retailer with a wide variety of brands, ASOS offers minimalist and affordable clothing options for both men and women.
H&MA well-known global brand that provides affordable and fashionable clothing for all ages, including minimalist designs.
ZaraWith an emphasis on functional design, Uniqlo offers affordable minimalist essentials built for comfort and simplicity.
UniqloAn ethical fashion brand that provides high-quality, minimalist clothing at a reasonable price point.
EverlaneOffering modern and functional clothing with a minimalist approach, COS designs fashionable and affordable pieces.
COSGap is a casual and comfortable clothing household name, offering versatile minimalist options for men, women, and children.
GapMangoA brand is similar to Zara in style and price; Mango provides chic and minimalistic clothing items that are perfect for various occasions.
Old NavyOld Navy offers affordable minimalist clothing options for the whole family as a budget-friendly alternative to Gap.
MangoA brand is similar to Zara in style and price; Mango provides chic and minimalistic clothing items that are perfect for various occasions.

Sustainable Choices

Brands Like Weekday

As we continue our exploration of environmentally conscious brands, let’s focus on 20 sustainable options similar to Weekday. These brands are committed to eco-friendly practices and offer a variety of products for the aware consumer:

  • Stella McCartney – A luxury fashion brand focused on sustainable and ethical practices, offering clothing and accessories made with innovative materials.
  • Pact – Known for its organic cotton basics, Pact creates stylish and affordable clothing while prioritizing fair labor practices and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Everlane – This brand emphasizes transparency in its supply chain, offering high-quality apparel made from eco-friendly materials like recycled polyester and responsibly sourced wool.
  • Girlfriend Collective – Creating activewear from recycled materials like post-consumer plastic bottles, this brand is dedicated to sustainability and ethical production.
  • Reformation – Focused on reducing waste and using eco-friendly materials, Reformation offers stylish, sustainable clothing for special occasions and everyday wear.
  • DL1961 – This denim brand uses water-saving techniques and ethically sourced materials to create high-quality, eco-conscious jeans.
  • Amazon Aware – Amazon’s sustainability-focused line offers affordable, eco-friendly clothing from organic and recycled materials.
  • Knickey – Focusing on organic cotton and ethical manufacturing, Knickey creates comfortable and sustainable underwear.
  • Klean Kanteen – A 1% for the Planet member committed to reducing plastic waste, Klean Kanteen offers reusable drinkware made from stainless steel.
  • Grove Collaborative – A carbon and plastic-neutral company, Grove Collaborative offers eco-friendly cleaning, personal care, and household items.

The following additional brands are also making strides in sustainable living:

  • Patagonia – Outdoor clothing and gear focusing on environmental activism and sustainability.
  • Eileen Fisher – Women’s clothing made from organic and sustainable materials with transparent supply chains.
  • Veja – Eco-friendly sneakers made from ethically sourced materials and produced with fair labor practices.
  • ABLE – Beautiful fashion accessories created by women who have overcome, supporting fair wages and working conditions.
  • People Tree – Pioneering fair-trade and organic fashion, People Tree creates eco-conscious clothing for men and women.
  • Tentree – Planting ten trees for every purchase, this brand offers sustainable apparel and accessories made from eco-friendly materials.
  • Alternative Apparel – Creating casual clothing from sustainable fabrics like organic cotton and recycled polyester.
  • Cotopaxi – Outdoor gear and activewear made from sustainable materials and incorporating ethical production practices.
  • Thought – Responsibly sourced and sustainably produced clothing made from natural, organic, and recycled materials.
  • ThredUp – An online thrift store offering pre-loved clothing and promoting circular fashion to reduce waste.

Luxury Picks

If you’re looking for luxurious alternatives to Weekday, you’re in luck! This list features 20 high-end brands adored for their minimalist and classic styles. These designer labels cater to a more upscale demographic, offering high-quality materials and sophisticated designs.

1. Chanel: Known for its timeless craftsmanship and iconic logo, Chanel is a prestigious fashion house offering a range of minimalist clothing, accessories, and fragrances that exude luxury.

2. Alexander McQueen: Flaunting dramatic and expertly tailored designs, Alexander McQueen is a British luxury brand that leaves a lasting impression with its dark romanticism and avant-garde aesthetics.

3. Giorgio Armani: A symbol of Italian elegance, Giorgio Armani is a high-end brand specializing in minimalist clothing and accessories that radiate sophistication.

4. Celine: A French luxury brand, Celine is known for its chic and minimalist clothing that accentuates clean lines and modern silhouettes, perfect for the refined contemporary woman.

5. Stella McCartney: As an ethical luxury brand, Stella McCartney combines minimalism with sustainability, producing fashionable clothing and accessories without compromising the environment.

6. Acne Studios: Hailing from Sweden, Acne Studios is a respected luxury brand that designs elegant and minimalist clothing made from high-quality materials, focusing on neutral palettes and contemporary patterns.

7. The Row: Founded by the Olsen sisters, The Row is a luxury American fashion brand focused on creating simplistic, high-quality garments made from premium materials, such as cashmere and silk.

8. Jil Sander: A German luxury fashion house, Jil Sander is famous for its sleek and minimalistic designs that feature clean lines, understated elegance, and meticulous attention to detail.

9. Helmut Lang: Austrian fashion designer Helmut Lang’s eponymous brand is recognized for its minimalist yet edgy designs, reflecting the perfect blend of elegance and contemporary style.

10. Maison Margiela: A French luxury fashion brand, Maison Margiela is known for its unconventional, deconstructed designs and dedication to exploring the connection between fashion and art.

These are just a few luxury picks for those who adore minimalist and high-quality clothing. Explore these brands for an elevated take on Weekday’s classic aesthetic.

Emerging Brands

Brands Like Weekday

As the fashion industry evolves, several emerging brands have surfaced, offering fresh perspectives and unique styles. Here are 20 brands like Weekday that have gained traction in recent years:

  • Our Legacy – A Swedish brand focusing on contemporary and minimalistic designs for men and women.
  • Fjällräven – Known for its durable outdoor apparel and iconic backpacks, this Swedish brand combines style and functionality.
  • Tretorn – Originally a footwear brand, Tretorn has expanded to include a wide range of clothing and accessories, drawing inspiration from the Swedish coastal lifestyle.

Furthermore, several other brands are making a splash in the fashion world:

EverlaneEthically-produced basics and essentials for men and women, focusing on quality materials and sustainable practices.
GanniA Danish brand is featuring playful, feminine prints and designs that nod to Scandinavian aesthetics.
AllbirdsAmerican footwear company uses sustainable materials such as merino wool, eucalyptus fibers, and sugarcane-based foam, offering comfortable and eco-friendly shoes.

The remaining emerging brands offer a diverse array of styles and fashions for different tastes:

  1. Rains – Minimalistic rainwear and weatherproof clothing.
  2. Satta – Earth-minded streetwear with a focus on sustainability.
  3. Stutterheim – Swedish outerwear that blends classic design with modern touches.
  4. Kowtow – A New Zealand brand with ethically-sourced organic cotton and fair trade practices.
  5. Veja – Sneakers made with environmentally friendly materials and fair labor standards.
  6. Elk – An Australian brand committed to sustainable and ethical practices, offering unique accessories and apparel.

These brands offer an exciting change of pace for consumers who are seeking alternatives to mainstream retailers as they provide fresh styles, sustainable practices, and unconventional designs.


Who are Weekdays competitors?

Weekday’s competitors include other fashion retailers that offer similar styles and price points, such as ASOS, H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters.

What type of brand is weekday?

Weekday is a Swedish street/fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style. The brand offers a unique retail experience and a carefully curated mix of women’s, men’s and accessories assortments, as well as a small selection of external brands. 

Is weekday owned by hm?

Yes, Weekday is owned by H&M Group, which owns other fashion brands such as H&M, COS, & Other Stories, and ARKET.

What sites are similar to NA-KD?

Sites similar to NA-KD include fashion retailers that offer similar styles and price points, such as ASOS, Boohoo, Missguided, PrettyLittleThing, and Nasty Gal.

What company owns weekday?

Weekday is owned by H&M Group, a Swedish multinational clothing-retail company that owns other fashion brands such as H&M, COS, & Other Stories, and ARKET.


In conclusion, we have explored a variety of brands like Weekday that are influenced by youth culture and street style. These brands offer unique retail experiences and carefully curated collections that speak to the preferences of today’s fashion-forward consumers.

From established labels to up-and-coming brands, our list showcases a diverse range of styles and price points, ensuring there is something for everyone. As we have seen, many of these brands share a commitment to sustainability and ethical production practices, which is increasingly essential in today’s fashion industry.

The brands we have highlighted in this article demonstrate the endless possibilities of design and creativity within streetwear and youth culture. Whether you are a seasoned fashion enthusiast or simply looking for some inspiration, exploring these brands will provide a fresh perspective on what the world of streetwear has to offer.

Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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