Aesthetic Beach Outfits: 6 New & Hot Pinterest Trends You Need to Know

Aesthetic Beach Outfits: 6 New & Hot Pinterest Trends You Need to Know

Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Summer is here and with it comes a whole new set of trends – some relevant, some not.

Pinterest is known for its aesthetic images that have captured not only teenage hearts but ours as well.

Today we’re going to show you what’s hot this summer (especially on Pinterest) – and also a few little tips on how to look your best this summer.

Summer is Here: Look Your Best

We spend more time outdoors, going to the beach, lake, or pool, wearing light clothes, having (if you don’t have white skin like me) tanned skin and our hair has sweet, light highlights that have been gently lightened by the sun.

On Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, the trend of “Hot Girl Summers” has been going on for many years – but that doesn’t mean you should/must undergo countless beauty ops and run from one hairdresser and beauty salon to the next.

Here are our favorite tricks that 1. are easy to implement and 2. don’t require a lot of money:

  1. Start getting your dream figure in time – because time is key. The important thing here is that you should not go on a crash diet or do any other radical sports or diets, but rather focus on a balanced diet, enough water and sleep, and 10,000 steps a day. Because these methods are not only more sustainable and healthier, they are also more fun and will give you the body you want in the long run – and not just for a week until the yoyo effect takes hold. In fact, in most cases, being in a slight calorie deficit and getting enough exercise while drinking and sleeping enough is quite enough – it’s not magic.
  2. Self-tanner is another little trick to get ready for the summer season and look good. Of course, it’s not for everyone, and many don’t like to tan – and that’s perfectly fine. But I know this personally too enough, because I am very bright, which is why I have to pay strong attention to which self-tanner I use so that I do not look unnatural. But I luckily found one years ago that I will never stray from either – my beloved St. Tropez self-tanner*. Anyways, I just have to say that – especially in the summer when I don’t naturally tan – I just love it! Because not only does it make your skin look 10x more nourished and clean, but it’s also more radiant and I feel much more comfortable overall with a nice tan.
  3. For all you blondies out there, put on silver shampoo and use it regularly on dry hair for 15 minutes (it’s more intense that way). This provides a particularly beautiful, cool blond for the summer.

But let’s move on to the hottest aesthetic beach outfits for this summer.

Aesthetic Beach Outfits: 8 New & Hot Pinterest Trends You Need to Know

1. Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Jeans + Top + Blouse

Yes, you should remember blouses for this summer – button-down shirts can be pulled over so casually like no other piece. A good shirt made of linen or cotton is never too warm and may even cool.

Especially in wild patterns and colors, classic shirts are very popular atm.

2. Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Cute Color Combos

The cute y2k pieces not only inspire Instagram and Pinterest models but also their followers – and we definitely count ourselves among them!

Even if we focus at Streetstylis rather on minimalist, chic fashion from Paris may not be missing these lively and colorful combinations – this summer, we can not get around these styles – and that’s quite good!

After all – after two years of the pandemic, we have finally earned the third summer in freedom and colorful variety.

So let’s go to the beach and enjoy our colorful summer outfits!

3. Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Backless Y2k Dresses

As we already told you in the article about this year’s fashion trends, this summer will be pretty colorful. And also the popular Y2k trend makes its comeback.

A nice, varied option is therefore these cute dresses, which you can wear great on the beach.

4. Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Floral Jeans & Basic Tops

Yep, we’re wearing the basic ribbed top in white this summer too – we love it! Because this top is simply a must-have, because it can be combined with everything, always looks good, and highlights your tan perfectly.

Also extravagant pants with flashy patterns may not be missing this year on the beach.

5. Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Bikini Top

Similar to the trend with button-down shirts, you can simply tie a scarf around your bikini bottoms instead. Very casual and beautiful!

6. Aesthetic Beach Outfits: Floral Dresses

What more can we say about this? In trend for years and hopefully, they will live for a long time – the floral dresses.

It will make you look 10x more feminine and cute.

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