Angelcore Aesthetic 2024: How to Get this Dreamy Style

In search of a fantastical and otherworldly style for your fashion and lifestyle? The Angelcore aesthetic is just what you’ve been seeking. This modern trend draws its inspiration from angelic symbolism and impressions, offering a divine celestial vibe that encapsulates the elegance and flawlessness of angelic beings amidst us.

Angelcore aesthetic is all about creating a world of possibilities and visually reproducing the ethereal and natural symbology of angels from renaissance and neoclassical art in contemporary images and mood boards. The aesthetic trend is fantastic because it allows you to create your own world of possibilities and has a huge symbolic appeal. With its pastel colors, fluffy clouds, and majestic creatures, angelcore is a trend that will capture your imagination and transport you to a world of beauty and serenity.

Angelcore Aesthetic: Origins and Influences

If you’re a dreamy and ethereal aesthetic fan, you’re probably already familiar with the angelcore aesthetic. Angelcore is a contemporary aesthetic inspired by imagery and depictions of angels and is adjacent to devil core. It is very similar in vibe to the Rococo style of the 18th century. Some of the old paintings with cherubs you find on Pinterest are Rococo.

Angelcore takes its essence and inspiration from classical Baroque and Renaissance paintings of angels. Because of its association with angels and divine imagery, it’s not uncommon for angelcore to adapt aspects of Catholic iconography. The soft and girly aesthetic has its roots in the early 2010s, emerging around the same time as a handful of female photographers began making glossy, subversive, and hyperfeminine images and artworks.

Angelcore is also influenced by the European stereotype of angels, which is a far cry from the non-European angel aesthetics found in other cultures. In European art, angels are often depicted as beautiful, winged creatures with long robes and flowing hair. They are seen as pure, benevolent, and spiritual beings close to God. This image of angels has been perpetuated in art and literature for centuries and has become a part of our cultural consciousness.

Neoclassical art also plays a role in the development of the angelcore aesthetic. This art movement was characterized by its interest in classical Greek and Roman art, and its emphasis on simplicity, elegance, and harmony. Neoclassical art often featured images of angels and other mythological creatures, and these images have influenced the angelcore aesthetic in subtle ways.

Visual Elements of Angelcore Aesthetic

Color Palette

The color palette of Angelcore aesthetic is characterized by soft, pastel hues. Pink, white, baby blue, and gold are commonly used to create a delicate and angelic atmosphere. Brown is also used to add a natural and earthy touch to the aesthetic. Transparent elements are often incorporated to create a dreamy and whimsical feel.


Angel wings, cherubs, fluffy clouds, flowers, hearts, harps, and halos are all common iconography used in angelcore aesthetic. These symbols represent the heavenly and ethereal nature of the aesthetic. Mirrors and reflections also add depth and create a dreamy atmosphere.

Patterns and Textures

Patterns and textures create a soft and delicate feel in Angelcore aesthetic. Fluffy clouds, glitter, and roses are often used to add texture and dimension to the aesthetic. Lace and delicate fabrics also create a soft and romantic feel.

In conclusion, the visual elements of angelcore aesthetic are what make it so captivating and unique. The soft color palette, angelic iconography, delicate patterns, and textures all create a dreamy and ethereal vibe. Whether you’re creating an angelcore mood board or incorporating elements of this aesthetic into your daily life, these visual elements will inspire and enchant you.

Fashion and Personal Style


Angelcore fashion is all about embracing a feminine and delicate look. Think lace, fluffy dresses, and pastel pink tones. Cottagecore and shabby chic styles are also popular within the angel core aesthetic, so don’t be afraid to incorporate some vintage romantic clothing into your wardrobe.

To fully embrace the angel core aesthetic, consider adding some goth and emo elements to your outfits, such as black lace or velvet. Cupid and cherub motifs are also a great addition to any angelcore outfit, whether it’s a necklace or printed on a dress.


Accessories are an essential part of any angelcore outfit. Pearls, satin ribbons, and opulent barrettes are all great choices. You can also add some angelic elements, like wings or halos, to your accessories to fully embrace the angelcore aesthetic.


When it comes to makeup, the angelcore aesthetic is all about keeping it natural and light. Stick to neutral tones and avoid heavy contouring. A touch of blush and some shimmery eyeshadow can help create a soft and dreamy look.

Angelcore in Media and Pop Culture

Angelcore Aesthetic


Angelcore has influenced many musicians and their work. Lana Del Rey is one such artist who has incorporated the angelcore aesthetic into her music videos and album artwork. Her music often features innocence, nostalgia, and melancholy, all associated with the angelcore aesthetic. Other musicians influenced by angelcore include Holly Henry, Sufjan Stevens, Nicole Dollanganger, Billie Marten, and Flower Face.


Anime has also embraced the angelcore aesthetic. Shows like Angel Beats! and Miss Angel and Miss Devil Asterisk feature characters with angelic traits, such as wings and halos. Haibane Renmei is another anime that explores the concept of angels. It features characters with wings and a halo-like aura, and the show’s themes of redemption and rebirth align with the angelcore aesthetic.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Pinterest, Tumblr, and TikTok have become hubs for the angelcore aesthetic. Users share images and videos that feature angelic motifs, such as wings, halos, and cherubs. Instagram is another platform where the angelcore aesthetic has gained popularity. Users create visually stunning feeds that feature soft, dreamy images with a pastel color palette.

Related Aesthetics


Cherubcore is an aesthetic that centers around cherubs, tiny, winged angels typically depicted in art from the Baroque and Rococo periods. Like angelcore, cherubcore often incorporates pastel colors, clouds, and other dreamy, ethereal elements. However, cherubcore tends to be a bit more ornate and extravagant than angelcore, focusing on opulent decor and intricate details.


Putti are similar to cherubs in that they are small, winged figures often depicted in art. However, putti are typically depicted as young children rather than angels, often associated with love and fertility. Putti can be found in art from various periods, including the Renaissance and the Baroque.


Babycore is aesthetic celebrates all things cute and innocent, focusing on childhood nostalgia and childlike wonder. Like angelcore, babycore often incorporates pastel colors, fluffy clouds, and other whimsical elements. However, babycore is more focused on childhood toys, clothing, and other objects, rather than religious iconography.

Angelic Aesthetic

The angelic aesthetic is similar to angelcore in that it celebrates the beauty and purity of angels. However, the angelic aesthetic is less focused on contemporary imagery and more on traditional religious iconography, such as stained glass windows and illuminated manuscripts.


Goblincore is an aesthetic that celebrates the beauty of nature and the outdoors, focusing on earthy colors and textures. While goblincore may seem like an odd fit for a list of related aesthetics to angelcore, it’s worth noting that both aesthetics share a love of natural beauty and a reverence for the spiritual realm.

Angelcore Lifestyle and Decor

Angelcore Aesthetic

Room Decor

To create an angelcore room, start with a color scheme of soft pastels like light blue, pink, and yellow, mixed with metallic gold accents. Add fluffy clouds, butterflies, and cherubs to your walls and bedding for a dreamy effect. You can also include shabby chic romance elements like vintage lace and distressed furniture to add to the ethereal vibe.

Here are some specific items you can use to decorate your angelcore room:

Butterfly Wall DecalsThese delicate decals add a whimsical touch to your walls.
Angel Wing PillowA plush pillow in the shape of angel wings adds texture and interest to your bedding.
Chiffon CurtainsSoft, flowy curtains in pastel colors add a dreamy touch to your windows.
Fallen Angel StatueA statue of a fallen angel adds a touch of melancholy to your decor.
Cloud Shaped RugA fluffy white rug in the shape of a cloud adds a cozy touch to your floor.

Personal Items

In addition to your room decor, you can also incorporate the angelcore aesthetic into your personal items. Here are some ideas:

  • Nightgowns: Look for nightgowns made from soft, flowing fabrics like chiffon or silk in pastel colors. Add lace or ruffle details for a romantic touch.
  • Jewelry: Look for delicate pieces with angel or wing motifs. Gold or silver finishes work well.
  • Stationery: Use stationery with cherub or butterfly designs to add a touch of whimsy to your letter writing.
  • Bags and Purses: Look for bags and purses in soft pastel colors with metallic gold accents. Add angel or butterfly charms for a personalized touch.


What is the angelcore aesthetic?

Angelcore is a contemporary aesthetic inspired by imagery and depictions of angels, characterized by pastel colors, fluffy clouds, rainbows, and majestic creatures.

What is the opposite of angelcore?

The opposite of angelcore is devilcore, which draws inspiration from spooky and creepy motifs and can even have a slightly seductive angle. 

How to dress angelcore?

Pastel colors, flowing fabrics, and angelic motifs such as feathers, wings, and halos characterize angelcore fashion. Dresses, skirts, and blouses with ruffles and lace are standard, as well as accessories like angel wings and floral headbands.

What is Devilcore?

Devilcore is an aesthetic that draws inspiration from spooky and creepy motifs, and can even have a slightly seductive angle. It often features occult or Satanic imagery, such as inverted pentagrams and the Leviathan Cross, and uses disturbing or graphic imagery and text.

What are the top 7 aesthetics?

The top 7 aesthetics in 2023 are Cottagecore, Dark Academia, E-Girl/E-Boy, Grunge, Minimalism, Soft Girl/Boy, and VSCO.

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