Anna Bey Husband, Their Wedding, Her Net Worth, And More Facts

Anna Bey Husband: Anna Bey has risen to considerable fame over the years. However, unlike most celebrities, you rarely see her with her significant other. This may have got you wondering who Anna Bey’s husband is.

Anna Bey is married to Joseph Hallit, who is a mid-level employee at the Lebanese Bank in Geneva. This is quite unusual since high-profile celebrities like the School of Affluence founder typically get involved with public figures. The couple got married in January 2021 and are yet to have any children.

Read on to find out more about Anna Bey’s husband, wedding, net worth, ethnicity, and more.

Who Is Anna Bey?

Anna Bey is a Swedish online personality and influencer. She specializes in elegance, fashion, and etiquette training for women. In fact, she founded a fully-fledged online finishing school in 2018 named School of Affluence.

She also engages in fashion blogging through her personal website ( and her blog (

Additionally, she has a highly successful YouTube channel and is very active on Instagram.

Who Is Anna Bey Married to? Anna Bey Husband

Anna Bey Husband, Their Wedding, Her Net Worth, And More Facts

As a public figure with a considerable level of fame, you may expect Anna Bey to be married to a celebrity.

In reality, this isn’t the case. Anna Bey’s husband is Joseph Hallit, a mid-level employee at the Lebanese Bank in Geneva, Switzerland.

The couple met in 2016 when Anna and her friend went on a double date with Hallit and his friend. After being in a long-distance relationship for over two years, Bey and Hallit got engaged in mid-2019.

Hallit is in his mid-30s and is your typical average joe in terms of his lifestyle and income. However, the world-renowned blogger’s husband is no slouch. The bank he works at is a prestigious one. Therefore, his salary is likely to be quite impressive.

Since the couple only recently tied the knot in January of 2021, they still haven’t had any children together. They’re likely to have held off on that matter due to the instability caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether or not the couple is planning to have kids in the future isn’t currently known.

Anna Bey Age

Anna Bey was born on March 29th, 1986 in the Swedish capital of Stockholm. Therefore, she’s currently 36 years old.

Her mother is half-Estonian and half-Russian, while her father is Finnish.

Anna Bey Wedding

You may be wondering why Anna Bey and Joseph Hallit waited so long to tie the knot after they got engaged. The answer to that question is the pandemic.

As it did for people all over the world, the uncertainty of the pandemic completely jumbled their wedding plans. In the end, they decided to go for a small, elegant civil wedding as soon as the lockdown protocols eased up a little bit.

Anna followed her astrologist’s advice and went for a January wedding since this suited her Aries star sign. The wedding took place at the central townhouse in the Swiss capital of Geneva.

Due to the nature of the ceremony, Anna Bey decided to wear a Christian Dior skirt suit for the festivities. She felt that a full-blown wedding dress wouldn’t be suitable for the occasion. As an elegance and fashion coach, she resisted the temptation and opted for the skirt suit instead.

Anna Bey Instagram

Anna Bey Husband, Their Wedding, Her Net Worth, And More Facts

One of Anna Bey’s most prominent platforms is her Instagram page.

The online star has just under 500K followers that get to see her post pictures of her travels around the world and of her daily life in Geneva, Switzerland.

In contrast, her husband Joseph Hallit isn’t active at all on Instagram or any other social media platform.

Furthermore, his wife rarely posts photos with him on her social media pages. This makes Hallit quite a mysterious enigma. The justification for Anna Bey not showing her husband publicly is to keep his life simple and to maintain the anonymity he desires.

Anna Bey Net Worth

Anna Bey’s exact net worth isn’t known. However, the highly successful internet personality is estimated to have accumulated a net worth north of $1 million over the years.

Her main sources of income are earnings from her YouTube channel (which has almost 1.5 million subscribers), Instagram page, and fashion blog.

Other significant sources of income for Bey are her brand endorsement deals, different business ventures, and her online school.

Anna Bey Ethnicity

Although it’s common knowledge that Anna Bey was born in Sweden and was raised there, her ethnic background is actually more diverse than you’d think.

This is due to the aforementioned fact that both of her parents aren’t of Swedish descent. As a result, Anna Bey’s ethnicity is a mix of Estonian, Russian, and Finnish.

On the other hand, the internet sensation’s significant other was born and raised in Geneva, where the couple currently lives.

Since there isn’t much information out there about Joseph Hallit’s personal life, his ethnic background and early life experiences aren’t public knowledge.

Anna Bey Dancer

Anna Bey Husband, Their Wedding, Her Net Worth, And More Facts

Due to her current status as an icon of elegance and affluence, you may not peg Anna Bey as much of a dancer.

However, dance has been a part of Anna Bey’s life since her high school days. Bey was a competitive dancer at that time and took part in numerous contests.

Additionally, after Anna Bey left Sweden and started traveling the world, one of her stops was working as a go-go dancer at a club in Ibiza, Spain.


Anna Bey’s husband isn’t a celebrity as you might expect. The well-known internet star is married to Joseph Hallit, a regular guy she met in 2016 who works as a mid-level employee at the Lebanese Bank in Geneva, Switzerland.

Bey and Hallit got married in January 2021 amidst the pandemic, currently live together in Geneva, and are yet to have kids.

Anna Bey and her husband prefer to keep their relationship and personal life private, which is why you won’t see her post pictures of him on social media.

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