Bag Trend Alert: These Are The Ultimate Bag Trends 2023

The big bag trend alert is here: Today we show you how the Hollywood starlets and celebrities combine the hottest bags of the year and where you can easily re-shopped the models.

Just about every woman loves and wears them: The special companion of every woman, which is simply indispensable from any female arm: it’s all about the handbag. Who would have thought it 😉

And this year, too, there are exciting new trends when it comes to our favorite companion: from extravagant to simple and timeless, everything is there – so we can be excited. Here, fashion houses are increasingly focusing on the unexpected and on ways to change things up to create looks that feel completely new.

Bag Trend Alert: These are the Latest Bag Trends 2022

1. Chloe Tote Bag

The new must-have bag for every trendsetter? It’s this neutral tote bag from the beloved French fashion brand Chloé*.

Made in Italy, this bag has taken the new season fashion world by storm – our Instagram and Pinterest feeds are full of this must-have tote bag.

It comes in multiple sizes to cover every need. But all sizes have one thing in common – they are all made of leather-trimmed cotton canvas, which makes the bag not only the eye-catcher of the season but also a companion for years to come due to its high-quality material.

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2. Bag Trends 2022: Coach Tabby Bag

This cutie is also an absolute bag must-have, which you have certainly encountered on Instagram or Pinterest more often.

And let’s all be honest – you can’t help but love these bags!

In particular, the bag called “Tabby” is characterized by its minimalist style, which makes it very suitable for everyday use and pleasant to style.

3. Bag Trend Alert: Cleo Prada Bag

It is a variant of the trend bag of 2020 – the Hobo Mini Bag.

As a leather bag, it is thus the high-quality big sister of the smaller and still leaves incredibly many combination options open.

We love it for its minimalist side.

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4. Bag Trend Alert: Chanel Flap Shoulder Bag

What would Instagram be without this bag? What would Paris be without it?

Probably nothing.

It is and will always be the most iconic bag of all time, so of course, it will dominate again this season and enchant us with charming outfits.

The high-quality bag has been increasing in value for years, so many influencers now call it a real investment.

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5. Bag Trend Alert: Louis Vuitton Duffle Bag

Planning a weekend trip to a wellness hotel or visiting your friends from further away? Then this spacious, super casual chic bag is just right for you!

Through its spacious storage space, you can take everything with you without sacrificing and still look expensive.

A must have also as a sports bag for tennis or the gym.

6. A Minimalistic Jute Bag


A minimalist jute bag is spacious and super suitable in the summer as a beach bag or even as a school bag.

In addition, the timeless bags look good with any outfit, because they are kept so beautiful and minimalist, so they fit aesthetically into every outfit.

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