Balaclava Hat This is How Influencers Style the Trend-Piece

Balaclava Hat: This is How Influencers Style the Trend-Piece

That’s why the balaclava hat is now conquering the fashion capitals:

This headgear is taking the fashion world by storm – the balaclava! This does not mean a black face covering with peepholes, but a fashionable and practical variant of it. The accessory is known as a balaclava hat among influencers and co. The term is synonymous with the balaclava and refers to hats knitted during the Crimean War to withstand the Russian winter.

The hat is reminiscent of a hood and warms not only your head but also your neck. The interesting shape makes the accessory the it-piece of winter and especially a favorite for layering. Today we will show you the best combinations that we are now looking at from influencers.

Monochrome-Looks with a Balaclava hat

Rule number one for the layered look: contrasts. But fashion rules are there to be broken. With monochrome combinations, you make a statement and create harmony. The monochromatic styling succeeds with the same color tone or the same material.

In keeping with the wintry temperatures, fashionistas rely on the classic material knitwear. The trend combinations are the first to be viewed on Instagram. The trendy knitted hat* goes perfectly with the knitted jumper*. The icing on the cake: arm warmers*. These give the outfit that certain something and complete the layering.

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Balaclava hat: The Head is The Focus this Winter

With the balaclava hat* you put your head in the limelight. After all, the balaclava completely frames your face. It is worth paying attention to the color here – look for harmony with your complexion and eye color. Play it safe with models in black or beige. These are timeless and universally combinable.

Tip: You can take advantage of the focus steering thanks to Balaclava. A few more accessories (please don’t overdo it here!) on the face create an eye-catcher. In addition to large earrings, fashionistas wear statement sunglasses* on sunny days.

Balaclava hat and Quilting: We Focus on Contrasts

Anyone who regularly looks around on Instagram has probably not been able to avoid this combination. Marie Jedig shows the styling for winter 2022: she pairs the trend hat with a belted puffer jacket*. The combination not only prepares the influencer for cold weather, but also looks stylish.

That’s why the duo works: Here you rely on contrasts. These ensure you a meaningful look. The combination of very different items of clothing proves your fashion awareness.

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Balaclava hat: the New Trend Piece of The Season?

Well, has the balaclava hat also taken your heart by storm? You wouldn’t be the only one with the balaclava presence on Instagram. Of course, you don’t have to follow every trend, but the hat enables new silhouettes and innovative combinations. That’s why the alternative to beanies & co. is worth a try.

Whether in a knitted outfit, with other accessories, or with the classic puffer jacket – the balaclava hat is here to stay. Fashionistas guess: this fashion wave has only just begun.

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