10 Beautiful Summer Hair Colors You’ll Love

Summer Hair Colors: Summer is the perfect time to switch up your hair color and try something new. From bright and bold to subtle and sun-kissed, the options for summer hair colors are endless.

In this blog post, we will showcase 10 beautiful summer hair colors that you’ll love. From playful pastels to rich, warm tones, these shades are sure to make you feel confident and stylish all summer long.

Whether you’re looking to make a big change or just add a subtle pop of color, there’s something for everyone on this list.

So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by these stunning summer hair color ideas!

10 Beautiful Summer Hair Colors You’ll Love

1. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Your Natural Hair Color

You didn’t think we’d start with this so controversial, always hotly debated hair color? Neither did we.

But as we also told you in our article about the hottest insider hair trends for this summer, natural is back in full force!


Because that finally means we don’t always have to rely on tons of silver shampoo (but if you’re still looking for a very good one, here’s our favorite silver shampoo* that we’ve sworn by for years!) to keep freshly bleached hair from turning orange, yellow or even red.

On the contrary, we let our hair this summer just breathe.

But so that your natural hair color still does not look brittle or even dry, you should pay particular attention to the right hair care.

Therefore, we have often told you about our absolute favorites, without which we can no longer for years! Because with these two products, your hair will never lose its shine and bounce! A little more expensive, but super long-lasting (I just have my products for over a year and I use them every day).

2. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Beach Blonde Balayage

This beautiful and equally natural blonde variant will probably be the most popular hair color for beach vacations of all time – and not only that, the hair color simply peps up everything, always looks timelessly elegant, and gives your complexion new freshness.

3. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Cool Ice Blonde

What a wonderful color that just looks bombastic in any season.

But despite its beautiful appearance, this particularly delicate hair color requires quite a lot of care – especially if you treat it with silver shampoo.

Because silver shampoo is really a must for this hair color, as it is super susceptible to discoloration. Therefore, you should prevent this in advance with the right silver shampoo*.

Since the popular shampoo with the purple shimmer but unfortunately is not particularly good for our hair and dries them out quickly, you should also pay attention to intensive care, otherwise, they quickly become brittle and then break off.

Here are our favorite products that you should definitely have at home in addition to a good silver shampoo*:

4. Orange is NO Longer an Embarrassing Hair Fail!

You can hardly believe it and I wish I had been told to my 15-year-old self earlier that this color will one day be one of the hottest ever!

Because after several months that I had spent convulsively with tons of silver shampoo, several visits to the hairdresser, and dozens of nervous breakdowns to finally get the orange stitch out of my hair, I was left with the only option of growing out and a brown tint, with which I looked from then on like a corpse – yep, youth sins are called that today.

Therefore, I am – as probably many of you – incredibly happy about this new trend, which brings back so much normality – and also looks incredibly good.

Since I almost wish my orange hair back hahaha…

5. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Brunette Balayage

This is of course the equivalent of balayage with blonde hair. Because brown hair also looks incredibly good with lighter highlights.

6. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Striking Bright Highlights

If a natural balayage is too boring for you, you can also make use of this hair trend and conjure up bright highlights in your hair that are a bit too bright.

This gives the hair directly new volume and makes it look fuller. We love it!

7. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Red Red Wine

It’s always been my dream to dye my hair red – and now it’s even trendy! Gaudier, more colorful, louder is this year’s motto in the summer!

8. Summer 2022 Hair Color Trends: Dark Grey

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