35 Stores Like Zumiez 2024 You Need to Know This Year

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Stores Like Zumiez: From a single store in Northgate Mall in Seattle, Zumiez became one of the largest online retailers in the snowboarding and skateboarding industries.

Sure, the website has a wide range of products. Yet, it’s only normal to check out what the competitors offer before filling up your cart.

In this post, we’ll review a list of the top stores like Zumiez and see where each one shines!

The Best 35 Stores Like Zumiez

Maybe you’re looking for retailers specializing in board sports. Maybe you’re just shopping for new clothes that reflect a young, fresh, and active aesthetic.

Either way, there are a lot of alternatives to Zumiez to consider for your next shopping spree:

1. Skate Warehouse (The Best One)

Like Zumiez, Skate Warehouse started as a single store and became a major online retailer with multiple branches.

One of the things to love about this store is the sleek interface on the skateboard customization page. However, it’s also known for its great deals!

2. Warehouse Skateboards

This might be a bit confusing, but Skate Warehouse and Warehouse Skateboards are two different retailers.

While Warehouse Skateboards doesn’t cater to snowboarding gear, it does have a surfing collection. Remember that, typically, you won’t find surfing gear on Zumiez.


ASOS* is a London-based retailer with a target audience similar to Zumiez’s targeted segment, age-wise.

However, it doesn’t focus as much on sports apparel. The company also has its clothing lines, which you cannot find on Zumiez just yet.

4. Tactics

Stores Like Zumiez

Tactics stores are focused on the skate and snow industries. So, the company’s categories are highly similar to Zumiez.

However, Tactic’s price matches according to its lowest-price guarantee, making it more appealing to skaters scouring for great deals.

5. RebelsMarket

Like the name implies, RebelsMarket markets itself as the place to go for alternative clothing. Its catalog runs from biker fashion and street-preppy styles to edgy denim looks.

RebelsMarket does have a skatewear collection, but it’s not as extensive as Zumiez.

6. The House

Ironically, The House markets its product to outdoorsy people who enjoy skating, watersports, skiing, biking, and camping.

This makes its selection wider than the one on Zumiez. Plus, The House has a price-matching policy.

7. Grind Store

You won’t be able to pick up a skateboard on Grind Store’s website like you would with Zumiez, Tactics, or other similar sports retailers.

However, Grind Store does have a wide selection of alternative-style clothing that could be just what you need to complete that edgy skater look!

8. Billabong

Billabong might be your store if you’d rather hit the beach than skate. It carries a new selection of swimwear and snow apparel.

You can find some of Billabong’s products on Zumiez, particularly the snow collections.

9. SoCal Skateshop

Stores Like Zumiez

SoCal Skateshop takes pride in its knowledgeable and dedicated staff. So, in a way, you’re getting more than gear or accessories; if you visit their brick-and-mortar store in California, you’ll also get some nifty tips.

All in all, the store carries products from pretty much all the major skate-related brands out there. However, the company doesn’t price match.

Who knows? If you time your order right, you might get free promo items (decals, magazines, or posters)!

10. PacSun

PacSun offers a neat selection of denim that matches Zumiez’s young and active vibes.

Don’t expect to find skateboards or other sporting gear, though.

You can, however, pick something from the “pre-loved” section of the website if you like to keep your shopping green. You can even trade in your old items and get PacSun credit in return.

11. Tillys

Tillys’* primary specialty is casual wear, but it does have an active section. You can find gear and apparel for biking, snow sports, skating, surfing, and yoga there. Of course, the skate selection covers a limited range of brands compared to Zumiez.

Yet, it’s worth mentioning that the company supports academic initiatives. Win-win!

12. Recess

Stores Like Zumiez

If you want to balance between supporting local skate stores and the convenience of online shopping, you might want to consider Recess.

Recess is an independent store in North Carolina that ships nationwide through UPS or USPS.

Remember that the store has its own “label” products, and they do rentals and repairs. However, you can still find some gear by major skating brands in the catalog.

13. Black Sheep Skate Shop

Black Sheep is yet another North Carolina-based skate shop.

The store has been in business since 2003. So, it’s older than Recess (established in 2009). It’s also more focused on skating vs. being a skate/snow store in one.

14. Champs Sports

While Champs Sports has an apparel selection, it mainly focuses on sports footwear. That makes a lot of sense when considering that its parent company is Foot Locker.

However, it doesn’t cater to specialty skating/snow gear as Zumiez does.

15. Journeys

If you’re in the market for skate shoes, you can give Journeys’* website a shot.

Like Zumiez, the store has products from Converse, Vans, Fila, Reebok, and other major footwear brands.

16. Rockabilia

Rockabilia’s aesthetic differs from Zumiez’s active vibe; the store focuses more on music-related themes in apparel, accessories, novelty items, and home decor than sportswear or skating gear.

However, the target audience for both stores intersects at some point. After all, they mostly attract younger generations looking to express themselves through fashion.

17. Hurley

This California-based store focuses on beach apparel (wetsuits, in particular) and has a decent selection of sports gear. Hurley has everything from skateboards and paddleboards to electric bikes and scooters.

Of course, the store is best known for its NASCAR collaboration. That’s why it could be the right fit if you want to show off your passion for all things racing!

18. Salty Peaks

Salty Peaks’ brick-and-mortar location in Salt Lake City is considered the first “snowboard specialty shop” in Utah.

Like Zumiez, you can shop the store’s website online for skate and snow gear, but they don’t focus as much on apparel. On the plus side, Salty Peaks does repairs and rentals.

19. Hot Topic

You might know Hot Topic* for its graphic tees, but it also sells skateboards with licensed pop-culture themes.

So, you can pick a deck with exclusive designs, like The Night Before Christmas Oogie Boogie* or Yu-Gi-Oh’s Dark Magician.

20. Karmaloop

Karmaloop has a streetwear collection but is not a skate or snow specialty store.

The store’s reward program (through purchases and reviews) keeps some customers returning.

21. CCS

Much like Zumiez, CCS specializes in skating and carries a similar selection of brands. However, you can also find some shop decks on the website, which can be a convenient option if you’re shopping on a tight budget.

If you tend to buy a lot of sports gear, consider a CCS+ membership with faster shipping. Maybe you’ll win some skate gear in a giveaway, too!

22. Hibbett

Hibbett is a generalized sports shop. It doesn’t have a wide selection of skateboards like Zumiez, but it does have a skate footwear collection.

23. Surfdome

If you’re looking for a skate, snow, and surf gear retailer with sustainable practices, you might appreciate Surfdome’s green initiatives, including:

  • Decarbonization
  • Plastic-free packaging
  • Pow pledge
  • Fur-free schemes

24. Switch Skate and Snow

Switch (established in 2005) is a Canadian Skate and Snow store that ships all over North America.

The store’s categories include boards, clothes, accessories, and shoes. However, Switch’s website doesn’t have a section dedicated to kids as Zumiez does.

25. Pure Boardshop

Pure Boardshop has been running as a specialty skate and snow shop in Annapolis, Maryland, since 2005.

It’s a relatively small shop, though. So, you might not find a huge selection on the website. Still, you can always contact the owners and see if they can set up a particular order.

26. Gap

If you can’t find clothes that match your style on Zumiez, you might have better luck at Gap. The general style is American-casual, but the store doesn’t focus on sports gear.

27. RVCA

RVCA (pronounced rew-ka) is a sports apparel store that takes pride in how its style is “free from passing trends.”

So, this store might fit you if you’re looking for sleek and timeless designs in your skater aesthetic. Zac Efron wore RVCA’s products on his show, “Down To Earth!”

28. Attic Skate Shop

Attic started as a full-service skate shop in Costa Mesa, California, but expanded its catalog to include snow apparel and gear.

Today, the store’s website offers gear from significant skate and snow brands alongside some of Attic’s shop decks.

29. Daddies Board Shop

One of the top appeals about Daddies Board shop is its fast shipping guarantee; most items will be shipped out on the same day!

That said, there are some major brands (Nike, Volcom, RVCA, Vans, Capita, etc.) that the store won’t ship internationally.

30. ParadeWorld

ParadeWorld* is a UK-based marketplace that gathers independent skate stores with contemporary clothing brands under one umbrella.

Aside from the usual categories, the website has a lifestyle section for home decor, water bottles, and magazines. This way, your home can look just as cool as your outfit!

31. Quicksilver

If you’re a sport-loving healthcare worker/first responder, you might want to grab the 30% “hero discount” from Quicksilver.

The company’s catalog ranges from wetsuits to board shorts, so you’ll probably find something for your chosen sport.

32. Vans

You can grab some Vans on Zumiez, but the options range there will never be as comprehensive as Vans’ official catalog.

The downside? Vans don’t specialize in skateboards (or any other boarding gear, for that matter).

33. Shein

This one isn’t a sports store, but it’s still worth mentioning on our list.

After all, Shein is a suitable place to find cheap clothes and accessories that match current trends. Just don’t expect to find any pro-level gear.

34. Evo

Since its launch in 2001, Evo has been a sort of one-stop shop for outdoorsy people.

Today, its catalog ranges from water sports to skating gear, which makes it a bit more diverse than Zumiez.

35. Volcom

Volcom creates apparel and accessories for board sports (surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding).

The company is also known for its eco-friendly approaches, including the Farm to Yarn initiative and the Water Aware program.


Who are Zumiez’s rivals?

According to Smilarweb, Zumiez has around 3.8 million total visits. If we go by how well the website is doing overall, the store’s top five rivals would be:

– Tactics (973.4K visits)
– The House (2.7 million visits)
– Tillys (3.8 million visits)
– Champs Sports (6.6 million visits)
– Hibbett (7.9 million visits)

Just keep in mind stores like Blue Tomato and Fast Times aren’t rivals for Zumiez. Instead, they are the same company operating under different names.

What shops are similar to ASOS?

Boohoo, Rokit, Depop, Urban Outfitters, Beyond Retro, Topshop, Thrifted, and Zalando are all similar in vibe to ASOS’ marketplace.

Is ASOS cheaper than Shein?

Generally speaking, Shein is cheaper than ASOS.

Shein’s “cheap and fast” approach to fashion is the reason behind the store’s massive traction on social media these days—for both positive and negative reasons!

What is similar to Shein?

Fashion Nova, ASOS, Zaful, PrettyLittleThing, and Misguided are common alternatives to Shein.

However, Romwe is the closest match to Shein in range, quality, and price points. After all, they’re both owned by the same parent company.

What stores are like Gap?

Some of the top stores in the same retail category as Gap are J.crew, Zara, H&M, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Levi’s.

Remember that Gap Inc. owns other brands like Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta.

What kind of style is Zumiez?

Zumiez’s selections are a blend of streetwear and sports apparel. So, all in all, you can expect to find a laid-back surfer-style and in its catalog.

Who is Zumiez’s target audience?

Zumiez mainly focuses on younger generations interested in extreme sports. For instance, the items you’ll find fit skateboarding, BMX, and snowboarding enthusiasts.

Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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