One of the Best Trench Coats for Women

These 3 Are The Best Trench Coats for Women

Best Trench Coats for Women: The popular trench coat was invented by Thomas Burberry, who developed the gabardine fabric in 1879 and patented it the same year. During the First World War it was worn by British and French officers. And almost 150 years later, it’s still cutting-edge and trending every year – that’s why we’re going to present you the best trench coats for women today and how you can best combine the classic piece.

1. Best Trench Coats for Women: In Leather Look

Leather is the trend material this year! From pants to jackets and coats, everything is now in the popular leather look.

So now take a look at our favorite Leather Trench coat outfits:

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2. Best Trench Coats for Women: The Classic Beige Trench

The classic trench coat simply goes with everything – whether with casual mom jeans or a chic, elegant look in earthy tones, it always looks good, makes the outfit look more sophisticated and feminine. And because it is so easy to combine, it belongs in every wardrobe!

These are our favorite looks:

These are our Favorite Classics:*


3. Best Trench Coats for Women: Wool Trench Coat

The trench coat with a high percentage of wool is the perfect invention for winter – because, with the otherwise rather light and thin coat, it can get cold quickly in winter.

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These Are The Trendiest Trench Coat Outfits for Winter

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