Bikini Trends 2023: We Can’t Live Without These 15 Jaw-dropping Styles this Summer!

The warm spring days are not only just around the corner, they are already finally everyday life in many parts of the world, and also the long-awaited summer (vacation) is not far away.

So if you want to prepare yourself fashionably for this unforgettable upcoming bikini season, you should take a closer look at the bikini trends 2022.

In the past two years, many of us had to do without our well-deserved beach vacation and can therefore use a good mood summer in 2022 more than ever.

This year’s bikini trends are in line with this: there are no limits here from models with perforated embroidery, ruffles, and floral prints. Because as with this year’s summer fashion trends, this summer will be one thing above all: unforgettable, colorful, and whimsical.

The same applies to swimwear – it can be playful but also flashy and shrill – the main thing is to get you in a good mood.

Especially the following trends are among the hottest and are here to make your summer unforgettable – whether on the beach, in the pool, on vacation at a boisterous pool party, or even in the pool at home – no matter where you want to wear these bikinis, one thing is for sure: with them, you will be the hit of the day.

1. Lace-Up Bikinis

Have you ever walked through the bikini section of your favorite fashion house and wondered why the bands on some bikinis are actually so incredibly long?

This trend is the answer we’ve been waiting for and can be styled immediately with a few simple steps.

Because instead of lacing the individual bands at the back or side, as usual, these can be styled in the most diverse crossovers to many different styles, which immediately turn a plain bikini into an eye-catcher – simply ingenious!

And for those who don’t want to go through such a hassle before their next visit to the pool or beach, you can simply lace up the trendy bikinis in the classic way as shown in the picture – it’s much quicker than you might think.

2. Swimwear with Cutouts

Cut-Outs we have already seen this year at many fashion shows as a huge fashion trend and also in swimwear this summer we can not avoid the trend.

And that’s a good thing because there’s nothing cooler and more flattering than using the cut of your bikini or swimsuit to play with your feminine silhouette and your natural curves.

From plunging necklines to subtle flashes, the hottest styles have something for everyone and look great on everyone. So if you feel like playing with your natural curves this summer, be sure to pick up a piece with cut-outs.

3. Plain Swimsuits

Monochrome swimsuits are the hit of the summer in 2022 because the classic brings calm and is very easy to combine for once – so it stands out next to the other very extravagant trends on the beach and makes your look a minimalist eye-catcher.

And at the same time, you should not underestimate these beautifully simple models, as they bring a great eye-catching potential with them through a few details such as sporty cut-outs, variations of the straps, and cut-outs.

This trend also wears well off the beach with bright pleated pants, mom jeans, or a skirt.

4. Swimwear With Gold Details

In this minimalist beautiful bikini trend for this summer, the focus is on the detail, and to be exact on the gold-colored.

Decorative and also sometimes functional, the shiny and eye-catching accessories either have a function or no function – but in any case provide a good dose of bling and lots of looks.

With these models, going to the beach becomes a party, and especially monochrome bikinis or swimsuits with restrained cuts become the highlight.

5. Crochet Bikinis

Maybe not the most practical and comfortable bikini choice for swimming, but always an eye-catcher on the beach and a cool look at the same time!

Because crochet swimwear always looks insanely good! Important to note here, however, is that most bikinis of this type (if you do want to wear them for swimming) always give a little when wet.

To be on the safe side, you might want to wear this bikini trend only for sunbathing or the next pool party.

6. Swimwear with Halter Details

This trend takes the weight off our shoulders and at the same time conjures up a beautiful décolleté.

As a bikini or even as a swimsuit, this swimwear trend has the potential to be repurposed as a top and fashionably styled outside of the beach and sand.

The halter neck detail can also be easily styled by crossing the straps on the chest when putting it on and then closing them behind the neck.

7. Micro Pants Bikini

This trend can’t be missing from the bikini trends 2022 either because it has an important function: the bikini is perfect for those who want to get the most out of sunbathing.

True to the tight cuts that we are already accustomed to from the Y2K fashion for this season, the micro pants have been saved on every millimeter of fabric.

Perfect for summer temperatures and to put his natural curves with the shortcuts in the scene.

Some bikinis and swimsuits are just way too pretty to go swimming in. It’s great that bikinis and swimsuits are also super easy to integrate into your vacation wardrobe.

The best example here are models with embroidery or pearl details – they also look incredibly good as a top with loose fabric pants or Bermuda shorts at the next party.

9. Bikinis with Ruffles & Smocked Details

Things are a little more romantic with this beautiful bikini trend, which attracts all attention with its gathered details and ruffles.

The models with smocked fabric, either fixed with an elastic band or laid in several pleats, just always look incredibly good and are a contrast to the otherwise so clear cuts that we will see this summer.

10. Bikinis & Swimsuits in Bright Colors

Courage for color is the motto for bikini trends 2022, because there are models here in every imaginable color and pattern, all of which provide plenty of good humor on the beach.

Especially with tanned skin, rich tones look best and give us a full load of summer feelings – even at home in the outdoor pool or relaxed on your own balcony.

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