Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage 2023: My Personal Review on Which One Is Better?

“When in doubt, wear blue,” or so the saying goes. Whether you’re looking to conquer the boardroom, impress your date, or simply smell amazing, you can’t go wrong with a blue fragrance.

Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are wildly popular blue fragrances from two iconic French fashion houses. These two fan favorites have been going head-to-head for years, and it’s time to settle the score.

We’re comparing these two heavyweights in terms of versatility, projection, longevity, compliment factor, and price. Find out which fragrance between Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage wins in this scent-sational showdown.

Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage Overview

First off, let’s take a trip down memory lane and learn about the histories of these two fragrance royalties. We’ll also break down their DNAs to understand the artistry behind each scent.

Bleu de Chanel

Chanel master perfumer Jacques Polge created Bleu de Chanel in 2010. Bleu de Chanel is the first homme masterbrand since 1990’s Egoiste.
Bleu de Chanel’s scent profile is woody and aromatic, and it was an instant hit when it premiered.

Fun Fact: Martin Scorsese directed a TV commercial for Bleu de Chanel starring French actor Gaspard Ulliel and Ingrid Sophie Schram.

Top Notes

Bleu de Chanel EDP bursts with the zesty combination of lemon, mint, and bergamot in the opening. There’s also a spicy kick from pink pepper and ginger.

The opening phase lasts around 20–30 minutes before the heart notes begin to emerge.

Heart Notes

As the citrusy tones settle in the background, the nutmeg blends with ginger in a hot-cold marriage.
Jasmine also lends a floral undertone to mellow down the sharp aroma.

Dior Sauvage

Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage

In 2015, Dior’s in-house perfumer Francois Demachy concocted the Wild West-inspired Dior Sauvage to resounding success. And we still have Johnny Depp’s brooding image from the Sauvage campaign burned into our memories.

At one point, the blockbuster scent dethroned Coco Mademoiselle as the UK’s best-selling fragrance.

Dior Sauvage puts a strong spin on a classic fragrance with its star ingredient, Ambroxan, taking it to new heights. Ambroxan is a synthetic substitute for the uber-rare ambergris, a digestive slurry from sperm whales.

Top Notes

Dior Sauvage EDT exudes gusts of citrusy Calabrian bergamot and spicy pepper for an unforgettable opening.

Heart Notes

The middle phase is a room filler, with Sichuan and pink peppers dominating the air.

Floral notes from lavender and geranium soften the scent around the edges, while patchouli, vetiver, and elemi give off earthy hints.

Base Note

Together with cedar and labdanum, the ambery notes of Ambroxan anchors the citrusy trails in a warm base.

Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage: Versatility

Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage

Wear Bleu de Chanel if you want to command attention and radiate sophistication in the office and at black-tie events.

It’s a scent for all seasons but performs better during breezy nights and cold weather. Besides, you can pull off this versatile scent without feeling out of place, regardless if you’re 20 or 50.

On the other hand, Dior Sauvage is the perfect scent for a date or a hard night of clubbing. It’s a grown-up luxury that can appeal to someone wild-spirited and carefree. Like Bleu de Chanel, you can enjoy it all year round.

Projection and Sillage

Projection and sillage are related but slightly different concepts that describe a scent’s behavior. Projection is how perfume lifts off your skin, while sillage is the scent trail you leave behind.

Dior Sauvage has a smoky trail that crackles in its wake, which can be a subjective preference. While you can also attribute sillage to the amount you apply, Sauvage has a darkly delicious scent that doesn’t overpower with a few sprays.

In contrast, you’ll only catch a whiff of Bleu de Chanel’s understated elegance with its subtle fragrance. Several hours after application, it matures into a skin scent that doesn’t attract too much attention.


Blue de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are designer fragrances with outstanding longevities.

You can enjoy Bleu de Chanel’s refined scent for 6–7 hours indoors and 3–5 hours in the open air. Meanwhile, Dior Sauvage has a sultry smell that can last all day and party all night. We mean 8–10 hours of staying power, making Dior Sauvage a clear winner on this front.

Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage: Compliment Factor

Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage

Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are signature scents that never fail to captivate the senses.
While both are guaranteed head-turners, Dior Sauvage edges out Bleu de Chanel in the compliment-fetching contest. Its sensual aroma can take away any woman’s breath without trying too hard.

Bleu de Channel makes a statement in the first few hours, but Dior Sauvage can earn you flattery throughout its lifespan.


Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage come in sleek packaging that encapsulates the timeless simplicity of their brands.

However, Dior Sauvage takes an eco-friendly approach, using cardboard boxes from responsible sources. Apart from that, the screwed-on cap makes the bottle reusable.


Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are top-tier fragrances with premium price tags within the same ballpark.

However, Dior Sauvage offers more bottles in different denominations to make the perfume available to a wide range of budgets. You can also buy a 300-mL refill for half the price.


Are Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage similar?

Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are both popular men’s fragrances, but they have different scent profiles. Bleu de Chanel is a woody and aromatic fragrance, while Dior Sauvage is a spicy and fresh fragrance. They may share some similarities in terms of their popularity and versatility, but they are not similar in scent.

Which perfume is better Dior Sauvage or Bleu de Chanel?

Whether Dior Sauvage or Bleu de Chanel is better depends on personal preference. Dior Sauvage has a fresh and spicy scent with strong projection and longevity, while Bleu de Chanel is a woody and aromatic fragrance with a slightly softer projection. Try both fragrances to determine which one suits your taste and needs.

What smells the same as Dior Sauvage?

Some fragrances that have been compared to Dior Sauvage include Armaf Ventana, Versace Dylan Blue, and Prada Luna Rossa Carbon. However, while these fragrances share some similarities in terms of their fresh and spicy profiles, they also have distinct differences in their scent compositions.

What does Bleu de Chanel smell like?

Bleu de Chanel is a woody and aromatic fragrance for men. It has a fresh and citrusy opening with notes of grapefruit, lemon, and mint, followed by a spicy heart of ginger and nutmeg. The dry down features a base of vetiver, cedar, and sandalwood, giving it a warm and masculine scent.

What is the best dupe of Sauvage Dior?

Some popular dupes for Dior Sauvage include Armaf Ventana, Versace Dylan Blue, and Nautica Voyage. However, whether a fragrance is the “best” dupe for Dior Sauvage is subjective and depends on personal preference. It’s best to try a few options to find the one that suits your taste and budget.

The Verdict

Bleu de Chanel and Dior Sauvage are the bluest of all blue fragrances. Both scents open to citrusy notes, then take opposite paths in the dry-down.

Bleu de Chanel follows the road to the woodlands, whereas Sauvage takes you on a stroll through a spice garden.

Chanel’s signature fragrance is refined and sophisticated, while Sauvage captures the modern man’s bold and adventurous spirit. That said, Sauvage offers better longevity, projection, and value for money. Not to mention, it’s such a powerful magnet for female compliments.

So, when it comes to the eternal debate of Bleu de Chanel vs Dior Sauvage, Sauvage gets the crown.

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