Blue Prom Dresses: The Most Beautiful Ones – Under $200

Blue is the color par excellence when it comes to elegant dresses. Because the color stands – according to color psychology – for trust and security as well as serenity. Furthermore, it is precisely that calm, gentle aura that a woman exudes in a dress of this color that makes her an elegant feast for the eyes – exactly what we want for a well-balanced, unforgettable evening. So that you don’t have to dig too deep into your pocket for this special experience, we’re going to show you the best blue prom dresses for under $200 today.

1. Blue Prom Dresses: Feel like Cinderella for once

What woman doesn’t dream of wearing a Cinderella dress once in her life? This dream finally comes true with this breathtaking dress*.

The V-neckline together with the figure-hugging ball gown silhouette creates a wonderfully elegant and timelessly beautiful look. A dream of every woman!

2. Blue Prom Dresses: Dark blue eye-catcher

This figure-hugging dress in a chic dark blue transforms every woman into a self-confident, charismatic eye-catcher.

3. Blue Prom Dresses: Long, simple & elegant

Aren’t you the extroverted, quick-tempered type? No problem! This dress is for you! With its timeless, simple, and at the same time elegant cut, it is perfect for all women who feel a little more reserved than being directly involved in the action and sweeping others away. It’s worth a try!

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