Bridgerton Aesthetic The 20 Most Magical & Inspirational Images of the Series

Bridgerton Aesthetic: The 20 Most Magical & Inspirational Images of the Series

Bridgerton Aesthetic: Do you also feel that the popular Bridgerton series has immediately hooked you?

Woah, I don’t know what this series did to me, but something about it captivated me so much that I binge-watched it one weekend.

The attraction between Simon and Daphne just hooked me from the beginning. Then there are the exclusive living conditions of London high society in 1813, with the eight siblings of the well-heeled Bridgerton family trying to find their one true love. Simply a captivating, wonderful series that has wormed its way into our hearts in no time, hasn’t it?

And since I devour this series so much and already look forward to the next episode every evening after work, I would like to sweeten your day now with these wonderfully inspiring and magical images that beam us all for a little moment into a wonderful dream world.

So get cozy for some beautiful, heartwarming moments that are just yours. In which you can just let all the impressions work on you and let your soul dangle like at an art exhibition.

I wish you a lot of fun with these magical Bridgerton pictures and at the same time I look forward to seeing you in the comments, where we can exchange ideas about the series (just swipe all the way down and feel free to add your two cents ;)).

But for now, let’s continue with the most inspiring images of the wonderful series…

Bridgerton Aesthetic: The 20 Most Magical & Inspirational Images of the Series

1. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Baby Blue is Daphne’s Color

Of course, we wouldn’t be Streetstylis if we wouldn’t also discuss are the clothing and impressions of the characters and figures.

Daphne develops over the course more and more into a seasoned woman with style and class, who discovers passion and also a certain authority and responsibility in herself.

Her clothing style hardly changes in this respect, except that we are enchanted with new wonderful, feminine clothes on her every time – and light blue is obviously her favorite color, which also looks simply beautiful with her complexion, eye, and hair color.

2. Fuego, Fuego, Fuego.

Eagle owl, we like to see that! Passion and fire increasingly seem to become her/their element.

Thank you, Simon!

3. Bridgerton Aesthetic: The Typical Family Photo

Even though they don’t always have the best relationship, it’s nice to see the two of them together every now and then.

4. Magical Moments

One ball on the other and each is always clenched full of energy and immense attraction.

Simply better than any love movie!

5. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Looks Say More than a Thousand Words

6. Natural Beauty

Daphne’s natural beauty always makes me feel more accepting and appreciative of myself again.

A wonderful realization as I find! Do you have similar thoughts about her beautiful naturalness? Feel free to write it in the comments below!

7. Bridgerton Aesthetic: She also looks Beautiful in White

8. Bridgerton Aesthetic:

9. Bridgerton Aesthetic: What We’re Doing Rn

10. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Love This Scene

They did manage to get a great picture of themselves painted after all after the two just couldn’t sit still 😉

11. What am I feeling right now?

12. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Family is Everything

13. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Oops

14. Beautiful Dress, Beautiful Woman.

15. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Timeless Elegance

16. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Dream Couple

17. Bridgerton Aesthetic: ‘Make a Woman laugh and You Got Her Heart’

18. Cold Days

19. Bridgerton Aesthetic: Who is The One for Me?

Can we please talk about her dress for a moment? This color, this pattern, this fabric = a masterpiece!

20. Feeling Like a Princess for Once

This is all our greatest desire, or not? To feel like Cinderella, a princess, or even Daphne for once in our lives.

The picture gives me that vibe of how I would get out of a carriage if I could experience it hihi. 🙂

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