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Can’t Style My Hair – Avoid THESE 5 Mistakes!

Don’t you know it- you get up in the morning, want to look good today because you’re going to meet the hot colleague in the office, and you just think: “I CAN’T STYLE MY HAIR!!!”?

That is by far the worst moment! Especially when you then frantically try to save your hairstyle somehow, but it just ends up in a Bad Hair Day

We don’t even have to be plagued by a bad hair day, average-looking hair alone is not only boring in the long run but can also chip away at our self-confidence if we simply don’t like our hair.

BUT – luckily there are small, simple tricks that you can implement immediately to never again feel stuck when it comes to styling your hair.

Bad hair days can be eliminated just as well as boring hair.

Here are the absolute top tips of our editors after chatting with several hairdressers on the topic:

Can’t Style My Hair – Avoid Doing THIS!

1. Wrong Products

Products make a lot of difference in styling because on the one hand they are responsible for the longevity of your hairstyle and on the other hand they either make your hair shine or cause the opposite…

So, to style a beautiful hairstyle, first of all, we should pay attention to the right products: Here it is especially important that they are high-hold products and thus give long stability so that your hairstyle does not fall apart again after an hour.

If you have already tried classic styling products such as gel and wax and they have not achieved the desired effect on you, you might want to try pomade, styling clay, hairspray, spray wax, or styling cream.

Often this simple switch to the right product can work wonders.

2. Bad Tools

If you use heat, it is of course first and foremost important here that you also rely on the right products – good heat protection is an absolute must-have here!

Especially cheap styling tools often have a cheap coating, which can put a lot of strain on your hair, if not break it. Hair breakage is no exception!

So if you have had the experience that styling with heat nevertheless did not achieve the desired effect or was already gone after a short time, you should consider whether you also use a high-quality, certified device.

And this applies not only to curling irons, straighteners, and co. – the quality of your hairdryer can also make a significant difference to the result.

For example, I notice a dramatic difference every time I get my hair blowdried with a Dyson hair dryer* at my hairdresser’s, or do it myself at home with a lesser quality hair dryer. Even with the same technique, you’ll never get that clean, shiny result here because the air dries the hair in a much more targeted way.

That’s why I decided to invest in a luxurious Dyson blow dryer* myself a little over a month ago.

3. Old Heat Styling Tools

That not only cheap styling products can harm your hair, but especially too old devices should I think times self-explanatory.

The risk that the devices still have old coatings or other properties that unnecessarily stress your hair, you should not disregard.

I myself straightened my hair for years with an old, very cheap straightener, and every time afterward I had the feeling that my hair falls out and is super strawy… I’ll never do that to my hair again!

Refreshing your tools every few years should be standard – especially if the tools aren’t exactly high quality.

4. A Wrong Technique

Also, the improper technique of your styling tools can not only make your hair look flat but also severely damage it!

Therefore, always make sure that you properly comply with the intended use and do not directly copy all TikTok trends that may look good without questioning. This can quickly backfire!

At the moment, the trick is going viral that you should use the hairdryer* attachment of the Dyson Airwrap*, which is sold out everywhere and is super popular worldwide, in a different way than it was actually intended – namely, you put your hair into the opening of the oval-shaped attachment. But the problem here is that this is ultra damaging to your hair!

Can’t Style my Hair – Instead, Do That:

  • Check The Products You Use
  • Make sure You’re Using High-Hold Products
  • Check Your Tools
  • Check Your Styling Technique
  • Use a Blowdryer* for More Volume

More Tips for Freshly Styled Hair like From The Hairdresser:

Can’t Style My Hair – Here’s what I recommend to keep your hair up all day:

1) Wash your hair. Unwashed hair is not only not clean, but also more difficult to style than washed hair. Washed and clean hair is in its natural place and easier to style.

2) Leave your hair damp and work some sort of paste into the hair (Old Spice Pomade, Filler, and AXE Control Cream all work great. Try different products to see what you like best, but make sure they are pastes and not sprays, lotions or gels; these are all too thin).

3) Blow dry your hair while it is still dampened with water and product (not wet). Hold the hair where you want it and blow-dry until your hair stays in that rough shape when you stop holding it. Now comes the magic:

4) Move your (now dry) hair to the desired spot with your hands. If you want a more conservative hairstyle, you can wet it again with your fingers and comb it. Once your hair looks the way you want it, spray the entire hairstyle with a harsh spray.

The hair spray is the magic. Done right, it doesn’t change the look of your hair at all (other than making it a little shinier); it just magically holds it in place.

All of this takes practice. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t figure it out in the first few weeks or maybe even months. Just keep trying different products and techniques, and you’ll get there 🙂

Can’t Style my Hair – Why Does my Hair Never Stay Styled?

This is often due to the structure of the hair. Women with thinner hair in particular often complain that their hair quickly becomes frizzy or falls back into its original shape, even with lots of hairspray and wax.

This can be annoying.

Why is my hair not setting? This can have the following reasons:

  • Thin hair structure
  • No good styling products
  • Bad hair styling tools

Bad styling products and hair styling tools can also cause your hairstyle to fall apart again after just a few hours or even minutes. So to prevent this from happening, as we also mentioned above, you should go for good products and styling tools that you will ultimately get the most out of.

How Can I Make My Hair Easier to Style?

It all depends on the hairstyle you want to do. For example, if you want to make a sleek bun or braid, it works better with hair that has not been washed for 2-3 days, because it is firmer and more manageable.

To wear your hair loose, freshly washed hair is best, as your hair will be softest and easy to blow dry. Also, you have the advantage of not having to deal with greasy hair and letting your hair shine with a natural shine.

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