The Best 5 Festive Christmas Outfits - Luxury Edition

The Best 5 Festive Christmas Outfits – Luxury Edition

Christmas Outfits: Choosing the perfect Christmas outfits can be tricky because of the different dress codes in families and the expectations that come with them. To bring every custom together, we took great care to choose some statement pieces together, which you can wear on other festive events, too. So it makes sense to invest in some high-quality pieces that get you joy for a few years.
Whether you’re the more chill person who only wants to sit in with their pajama, we got you. But when you’re more the person who loves to go chic, we got you too! Just choose whatever suits you best.

1. Christmas Outfits: Lunch

The launch is there to start very calmly in the day with your family, to interchange the latest news, to discuss other events, and just to enjoy the time with your loved ones. For that, it’s great to wear something comfy but at the same time something chic to show your respect on that beautiful day. This outfit could be the perfect choice for that occasion:*

2. Christmas Outfits: Lounging

But it goes the other way too: If you like to wear comfy clothes until noon, feel free to do so but make sure it’s a chic one. Olivia Von Halle’s are perfect for it because they are made from luxurious silk-satin and finished with white contrast piping, so very high-quality. A padded headband is a playful touch – especially in festive emerald-green velvet.

Insider Tip: High-quality pajamas also are super for gifting.

3. Christmas Outfits: Dinner

The Christmas dinner is, in most countries, the summit of the whole festive day. So make sure it’s chic enough but at the same time comfy to enjoy the time to the fullest.

We have chosen the best glam-but-comfortable Christmas dinner party look for you:

The belted blazer is the statement piece in this outfit, while the wide-leg trousers are made from lustrous, body-skimming black satin – enhance the floor-sweeping hems with a pair of sliders.

4. Christmas Outfits: Another Dinner Outfit Variant

This outfit is super extravagant, classy but also comfortable to wear. The flowing silk wide-leg trousers are super comfy to wear and look at the same time elegant. Paired with flat slippers the look is comfortable enough to wear it a whole evening.

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