Copenhagen Style 2024: Latest Trends from the Fashion Week

Copenhagen style is all about effortless, understated elegance. From the sleek, minimalist architecture to the chic, sophisticated fashion, this Danish city has a unique sense of style that’s captured the attention of trendsetters worldwide.

In this article, we’ll explore the key elements of Copenhagen style and show you how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe and home decor. Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Scandi style or simply looking for some fresh inspiration, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive in!

Roots Of Copenhagen Style

Brief History

You might be excited to know that the roots of Copenhagen style can be traced back to Denmark’s long-standing tradition of craftsmanship, minimalism, and sustainable design. Danish designers gained international recognition in the 19th and 20th centuries for their clean lines, organic forms, and functionality.

Copenhagen Influence on Paris Fashion

It’s thrilling how the Copenhagen style has made its mark on even the biggest fashion capitals like Paris. Scandinavian design principles, such as simplicity, functionality, and a focus on natural materials, have been embraced by French designers and often make an appearance on Parisian runways. Copenhagen’s influence can be seen in Parisians’ love for timeless pieces and sustainable fashion choices.

Signature Elements Of Copenhagen Style

Copenhagen’s street style is all about looking effortlessly cool yet comfortable, reflecting the city’s walkable and bike-friendly nature. You’ll notice a lot of Copenhagen-y manner of dress that includes relaxed fits and layering, which are perfect for everyday wear and casual outings. Embrace this trend by incorporating oversized silhouettes, fluid fabrics, and versatile pieces into your wardrobe.

The Minimalist Influence

The Scandinavian design influence is evident in Copenhagen fashion, with a focus on simplicity and functionality. Expect to see neutral and monochromatic color palettes featuring warm whites, black, tan, and colors rooted in nature. Pops of color are used as accents to spruce up the minimalist look. Incorporate this influence in your style by choosing well-made, timeless pieces with clean lines and minimal embellishment.

Love for Prints

Copenhagen style isn’t just about minimalism; residents also have a soft spot for prints and patterns. From mixed prints to candy-colored coats, adding a touch of print to your outfit can instantly elevate your look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints or experiment with vibrant colors—remember to keep the overall aesthetic balanced and cohesive.

Style Du Monde

Another prominent aspect of Copenhagen style is the “Style Du Monde” (Style of the World), which refers to the way fashion-savvy Copenhagen residents combine elements of different cultures and styles. This melting pot of fashion influences allows for creative outfits, making the city’s street style truly unique. To embrace this trend, fuse elements from various styles, such as pairing a traditional Scandinavian sweater with a bold African print skirt, or mix in accessories from different cultures to create an eclectic, global look.

Copenhagen Fashion Week 2024


This season, you’ll witness a shift to a more Neo Nordic vibe, as Copenhagen Fashion Week showcases a delightful fusion of traditional and modern looks. Get ready to be inspired by innovative silhouettes that breathe new life into Scandinavian fashion.

One of the standout moments this season includes the vibrant and eye-catching sunflower motif that will surely brighten up your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to experiment with this bold and cheerful trend!

At the Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Spring 2024 shows, you’ll see several emerging trends you won’t want to miss. Look out for unique and intriguing outfit ideas, such as:

  • Monochromatic ensembles that showcase various shades and textures within the same color family.
  • Unexpected layering combinations that offer a fresh spin on traditional outfits.
  • Functional yet fashionable outerwear perfect for the unpredictable spring weather.

Check out these 10 Street Style Trends you can incorporate into your own wardrobe for a stylish twist!

Rising Designers

Copenhagen Fashion Week is an excellent platform for discovering up-and-coming talent in the fashion world. This season, keep an eye out for the following rising designers who are pushing the boundaries of style and creativity:

  1. Josephina Alopaeus: With her minimalistic approach to design, this young designer is making waves with her sustainable and versatile collections.
  2. Hannah Börreson: Focusing on gender-neutral designs and eco-friendly materials, Hannah is proving that fashion can be both stylish and responsible.
  3. Krista Suurpere: Creative use of textures and unconventional materials have earned Krista recognition in the Copenhagen fashion scene.

Leading Copenhagen Designers

Copenhagen style has become well-known and represents an exciting, innovative, and modern fashion scene. This section explores some of the leading designers in Copenhagen, showcasing their unique styles and contributions to the fashion world.


Ganni, a top Copenhagen brand, delivers a fresh and exciting take on fashion for the modern, independent woman. Their playful prints and must-have designs on wardrobe classics have transformed Ganni into a cult favorite. With Ganni’s innovative approach, you’ll never have a dull moment when it comes to your wardrobe choices.

Stine Goya

Stine Goya is a name synonymous with bold color, unique textures, and experimental silhouettes. Known for her lively personality and signature style, Stine Goya pushes the envelope, allowing you to express your daring and adventurous side. Get ready to turn heads in one of her vibrant and unexpected creations.

Baum und Pferdgarten

Step into a world of contrasting colors, patterns, and materials with Baum und Pferdgarten. This Copenhagen-based brand offers a playful, edgy collection that challenges traditional Scandinavian minimalism. Be prepared to make a statement in one of their standout pieces, combining fashion-forward design with a daring attitude.

Cecilie Bahnsen

Cecilie Bahnsen is a designer who focuses on elegance and romance in her designs, creating a dreamy aesthetic that leaves a lasting impression. With her intricate detailing, voluminous silhouettes, and delicate craftsmanship, you can immerse yourself in a world of enchanting and ethereal beauty.

Lovechild 1979

Forging a path in the fashion industry with timeless designs and a hint of nostalgia, Lovechild 1979 captures the essence of the modern woman in their creations. Committed to sustainability and utilizing quality materials, they have risen to prominence and maintain a steadfast dedication to providing a versatile wardrobe that transitions seamlessly from day to night.

Copenhagen’s Fashion Impact

Copenhagen, the Danish capital, has made a significant impact on the global fashion scene, particularly in the realm of sustainable and comfortable style. In this fashion-forward city, you’ll discover unique designs that go beyond the runway and seamlessly blend innovative Scandi-style with the practical needs of modern life.

Fashion Beyond Runway

Copenhagen’s commitment to sustainable fashion is evident not only in their stunning runway shows but also in the everyday clothing choices of their residents. Bike-friendly outfits, eco-conscious brands, and a focus on comfort have made Copenhagen-style more than just a fashion statement – it’s a way of life. The city’s designers are setting new trends with their cutting-edge creations that prioritize both style and functionality. Don’t be afraid to explore the world of Copenhagen fashion and infuse your own wardrobe with the vibrant energy of this trailblazing city.

Scandi-Style Influence Globally

Your appreciation for fashion can’t help but be heightened by the global influence of Copenhagen’s Scandi-style. This unique aesthetic combines clean lines, muted colors, and minimalist design elements, creating a look that’s equal parts stylish and versatile. Influencers worldwide have taken note, fully embracing the effortless cool vibe associated with Copenhagen’s fashion scene and making it more accessible than ever before. By incorporating the Scandi-style principles into your own fashion choices, you’ll be contributing to the global impact of Copenhagen’s remarkable fashion culture. So, go ahead and immerse yourself in the world of Scandi-style – it’s time to enhance your wardrobe with the captivating charm of Copenhagen’s fashion impact.

Notable Elements In Copenhagen Street Style

Get ready to update your shoe game with Copenhagen’s street style trends! One notable element of their style is the prominence of sneakers in versatile colors and styles. From classic white kicks to vibrant patterns, you’ll find a sneaker for every occasion. Apart from sneakers, shoes with chunky soles and platform heels are also making waves on the streets of Copenhagen. Embrace the trend and elevate your outfit with these statement-making shoes.

Accessory Styles

Copenhagen fashion is also known for its eclectic and unique accessory styles. Bags play a significant role in completing their street style looks. Whether it’s a minimalist tote or a funky crossbody bag, you’ll find the perfect companion for your outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual materials and eye-catching color combinations – the more creative, the better!

Another popular trend is layering necklaces of varying lengths and materials. Mixing metals and textures elevates your ensemble and adds a touch of sophistication. Don’t forget to add a few rings and bracelets to complement your look.

As the temperature drops, it’s essential to stay warm while looking stylish! Jackets are an integral part of Copenhagen street style, and there’s no shortage of trendy options. From oversized denim jackets to sleek leather numbers, each piece is a statement on its own.

Another popular choice is the belted jacket, which cinches at the waist for a flattering silhouette while keeping you cozy. If you’re looking for a more relaxed vibe, try a bomber jacket or an oversized blazer layered over a sweater or hoodie.

Favorite Copenhagen Brands

Henrik Vibskov

If you’re looking for something unique and avant-garde, you’ll love Henrik Vibskov. This Danish designer is known for his vibrant colors and quirky prints that are anything but boring. Step into the world of Vibskov and indulge your senses with outstanding pieces that truly set you apart!

By Malene Birger

By Malene Birger offers a mix of affordable and luxury pieces inspired by Copenhagen style. Their clean lines and timeless silhouettes are perfect for any occasion. From elegant dresses to chic office wear, you’ll find all you need to elevate your wardrobe.

Rabens Saloner

Add some bohemian flair to your style with Rabens Saloner. This brand is all about embracing your inner free spirit while staying chic and polished. Their collections feature floaty dresses, bold prints, and a laid-back aesthetic that’s perfect for making a statement.

Samsøe Samsøe

In search of Scandinavian minimalism? Look no further than Samsøe Samsøe. They offer a range of understated, high-quality pieces that are both functional and stylish. Easily transition from day to night with their versatile selection, and never sacrifice comfort for fashion.

Saks Potts

Inject some fun into your wardrobe with the colorful and eclectic designs of Saks Potts. Known for their outerwear, including statement-making coats and jackets, this brand is beloved by celebrities and everyday fashion enthusiasts alike. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and step out confidently when wearing Saks Potts!


What is Copenhagen fashion style?

Copenhagen fashion style is characterized by a minimalist, individualistic, and practical approach to dressing. Professional-wear staples include button-down shirts, tailored pants, and stylish sneakers, while street style includes chunky hiking boots, utility jackets, and soft suiting. Copenhagen Fashion Week showcases a kaleidoscope of designs and head-turning hair accessories.

What is street style Copenhagen fashion week 2023?

Street style at Copenhagen Fashion Week 2023 showcased a mix of minimalist and maximalist looks, featuring leather jackets, layered outfits, chunky boots, and colorful accessories. The fashion week’s street style scene was a reflection of the city’s practical and individualistic approach to dressing.

What to wear to Copenhagen?

When visiting Copenhagen, pack comfortable and practical clothing that can be layered for changing weather conditions. Opt for stylish yet functional pieces such as warm woolen sweaters, long-sleeve tops, thick socks, and waterproof outerwear. Bring comfortable walking shoes and stylish sneakers, and avoid heels for cobblestone streets. 

Is Copenhagen Fashion Week big?

Copenhagen Fashion Week has gained international recognition as a leading fashion event, attracting industry insiders, influencers, and fashion enthusiasts from around the world. The event showcases sustainable and innovative fashion designs, making it a unique and influential platform in the fashion industry. 

What is Copenhagen fashion known for?

Copenhagen fashion is known for its minimalist and practical approach to dressing, showcasing a mix of classic and contemporary designs. The city is home to a growing number of sustainable fashion brands, making it a leader in the movement towards ethical and eco-friendly fashion. 

What’s fashionable in Germany?

Fashion in Germany is diverse and influenced by both traditional and contemporary styles. Classic and timeless pieces such as well-fitted jeans, white button-downs, and neutral-colored clothes are popular. Sustainable and ethical fashion is also on the rise, with many German brands focusing on eco-friendly and fair-trade practices. 

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