COS vs Arket 2024: My Personal Experiences & Which One is Better

I’m dishing out my personal style diary on “COS vs Arket” to help you decide which brand reigns supreme in the minimalist fashion world.

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What’s the Difference Between COS vs Arket?

The main difference is that COS focuses on minimalist design with a higher price point. At the same time, Arket offers a broader range of products, including homeware and emphasizes sustainability with a slightly more affordable pricing strategy.

COS vs Arket

COS, owned by H&M Group, was launched in 2007 and offers reinvented classics and wardrobe essentials for men, women, and children. With a global presence extending to Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Australia, COS emphasizes modern design and sustainability in its clothing lines.

On the other hand, Arket focuses on minimalism and longevity, providing customers with simple, high-quality wardrobe staples at a reasonable price. Arket’s product range mainly consists of basics in popular colors and pieces made from organic cotton – an advantage in sustainability when compared to brands using a mix of fabrics, like Massimo Dutti.

Both COS and Arket prioritize sustainability in their design philosophy. COS, for instance, is known for its eco-friendly practices, such as upcycling leftover materials and using organic cotton in its collections. Likewise, Arket is committed to using responsibly sourced materials and ensuring ethical practices throughout their supply chain.

While there are similarities between COS and Arket, there are also some differences that set each brand apart. For example, COS is known for its more experimental and innovative take on design, often incorporating unique textures and unconventional shapes into their garments. Arket, meanwhile, leans more towards timeless, traditional designs that prioritize functionality and versatility.

In terms of pricing, Arket is generally considered reasonably priced compared to competitors like COS, Whistles, and Massimo Dutti. However, the price range within each brand can vary depending on the product type, with some pieces from COS potentially costing more due to their avant-garde aesthetic.

Product Offerings

When comparing the product offerings of COS and ARKET, it’s important to examine the types of products each brand offers and its target audience. Both brands are subsidiaries of the H&M Group, focusing on fashion and home items.

COS (Collection of Style) is a fashion brand known for its modern, minimalist, and timeless design. The company offers a wide range of products such as:

  • Men’s and women’s clothing
  • Footwear
  • Accessories
  • Kids’ clothing

The brand aims to create high-quality, functional, and stylish pieces meant to last. COS prioritizes quality materials and craftsmanship, resulting in versatile collections that can be effortlessly mixed and matched.

On the other hand, ARKET is a brand focusing on sustainable living and design. Its product offerings include:

  • Men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing
  • Footwear and accessories
  • Stationery and small home items
  • Cafés featuring sustainably sourced food and beverages

The brand aims to create well-designed, long-lasting, and environmentally friendly products. ARKET emphasizes transparency, providing detailed information on their supply chain and the origins of their materials.

Both brands showcase their dedication to sustainability through their choice of materials and production processes. However, ARKET focuses more on sustainable living, while COS is primarily concerned with creating design-led, long-lasting fashion.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Cos vs Arket

COS, which stands for Collection of Style, focuses on creating wardrobe essentials with a modern and sophisticated aesthetic. Their designs are minimalistic yet functional, ensuring every piece has a purpose in the wearer’s wardrobe. One factor contributing to COS’s reputation for quality is its choice of materials. The brand utilizes premium fabrics, such as cashmere and merino wool, to create luxurious and comfortable garments. Furthermore, COS implements intricate tailoring techniques, which result in a refined and polished finish, illustrating their dedication to craftsmanship.

On the other hand, ARKET is a brand that also prioritizes quality, sustainability, and design. Like COS, ARKET offers a selection of everyday essentials with a modern and functional aesthetic. The brand pays close attention to its materials, often sourcing them from sustainable sources or utilizing recycled options. Additionally, ARKET incorporates unique manufacturing techniques, such as the Brick Stitch, which improves their knitwear products’ durability and longevity.

Both brands acknowledge the importance of transparency in their respective supply chains, providing their customers with information about the production process and suppliers. This attention to detail and commitment to quality involves collaboration with artisans and craftsmen, ensuring that the products meet the highest standards. For instance, luxury brands often prefer artisanal manufacturing to achieve the level of craftsmanship that distinguishes them in the market.

Style and Design

At COS, the emphasis is on timeless pieces that combine innovative design with high-quality fabrics. The brand’s selections feature clean lines, structured silhouettes, and a neutral color palette, allowing for easy mixing and matching. The simplicity in their designs transcends trends, providing customers with versatile wardrobe staples that effortlessly adapt to various occasions.

  • Minimalist designs
  • Timeless pieces
  • Neutral color palette

Arket, on the other hand, embodies a more practical approach to fashion. Although still adhering to the Scandinavian minimalist aesthetic, the brand strongly focuses on functionality and everyday wear in its designs. This can be seen in their extensive range of wardrobe essentials, such as classic shirts, comfortable knits, and durable outerwear – all constructed to withstand daily use while maintaining a sense of style.

  • Utilitarian approach
  • Functional wardrobe essentials
  • Durable construction

What do these distinctions mean for their respective customers? COS might be the preferred choice for those seeking pieces that prioritize design and form. Arket may appeal more to those looking for practicality and functionality in their clothing without sacrificing style and aesthetic appeal.

In terms of fabric choices, both brands prioritize sustainability and quality. This can be seen in their eco-friendly materials, like organic cotton, recycled textiles, and sustainable modal. However, their fabric selections also set them apart. COS often chooses fabrics with unique textures and innovative blends, adding a touch of sophistication to their minimalist designs. Conversely, Arket’s fabric choices lean towards classic, functional textiles that complement their practical approach.

Sustainability and Ethics

Cos vs Arket

COS, a modern and mindful brand, makes a conscious effort to prioritize sustainability. They use eco-friendly materials and techniques in their products, such as organic cotton, Tencel, and recycled materials. COS is also dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint by employing energy-efficient stores and investing in renewable energy projects. Additionally, the brand aims to provide transparency in its supply chain and follow responsible sourcing practices.

ARKET, on the other hand, focuses not only on sustainability but also the durability and design of its products. With a mission to create simple, functional, and timeless products, ARKET incorporates sustainably sourced materials in its collections. These materials include organic cotton, recycled polyester, and responsible wool. Furthermore, ARKET is a signatory of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and follows the Higg Index to measure the overall sustainability of its products.

When comparing their approaches to sustainability, both brands share similar values and commitments, such as:

  • Using sustainable and eco-friendly materials
  • Reducing their carbon footprint and investing in renewable energy
  • Prioritizing transparency in their supply chain

However, there are differences in their approaches as well. For instance, COS focuses more on innovative, environmentally friendly design techniques, while ARKET emphasizes product durability to ensure a lasting lifespan, reducing the need for fast consumption.

But how do these brands address ethical concerns, such as labor practices and working conditions? COS and ARKET are part of the H&M Group, which has a comprehensive Sustainability Commitment addressing human rights, working conditions, and responsible practices throughout the supply chain. In addition to this commitment, the H&M Group has implemented the Fair Living Wage Strategy, which focuses on improving the wages and livelihoods of the workers in their supply chain.

Price Comparison

COS, a fashion brand known for its minimalist and modern designs, focuses on creating high-quality garments emphasizing form and function. Their prices typically reflect the premium materials and craftsmanship used to produce their clothing, with items ranging from moderate to higher price points. For example, a basic COS top can be priced around $45, while a more elaborate dress can cost $200 or more.

On the other hand, ARKET is a lifestyle brand that offers a broad range of products, from fashion to homeware. The brand emphasizes sustainability and responsible production, with a slightly more affordable pricing strategy than COS. For instance, a simple ARKET blouse may cost around $35, with a more elaborate dress priced at about $150.

While both brands offer high-quality products, their approach to pricing varies based on the value and production costs associated with their items. Analyzing the differences in their pricing can provide valuable insights for consumers looking for the best option for their needs and budget.

Product CategoryCOS Price RangeARKET Price Range
Tops$45 – $150$35 – $120
Dresses$120 – $400+$90 – $250
Bottoms$70 – $200$50 – $150
Outerwear$150 – $600+$100 – $450

Customer Experience

When comparing the customer experience of COS and ARKET, both brands strive to create a seamless and enjoyable journey for their customers.

Online Shopping: One of the key components of customer experience in today’s digital world is the ease and convenience of online shopping. Our research shows that brands with the strongest omnichannel customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers. COS and ARKET have user-friendly websites that make it easy for customers to browse and purchase products. They also offer responsive and mobile-friendly versions for a seamless experience across different devices.

In-Store Experiences: In addition to their online shopping platforms, COS and ARKET pay close attention to the physical experience of their customers in their brick-and-mortar stores. They invest in creating aesthetically pleasing store designs and providing a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers. Both brands also focus on offering a curated selection of products in their stores, ensuring that customers can easily find and explore items that align with the brand’s aesthetic and values.

  • Store Layout: Both COS and ARKET have well-organized store layouts that enhance customer flow and make it simple for shoppers to navigate and locate items.
  • Interactive Elements: Each brand incorporates interactive elements within their stores, such as ARKET’s in-store café, which contributes to the overall customer experience and encourages visitors to spend more time in the store.
  • Attentive Staff: The staff at both COS and ARKET are known for being friendly, knowledgeable, and attentive, helping customers with any questions or concerns they may have during their shopping experience.

Customer Support: Regarding customer support, COS and ARKET prioritize providing timely and efficient assistance to their customers. They offer multiple channels for customers to reach out, including email, phone, and chat options. Furthermore, their return and exchange policies are clearly outlined and easy to understand, reducing any potential friction for customers needing assistance.


Are Arket and COS the same?

Arket and COS are sister brands owned by the Hu0026amp;M Group, but they have different styles and target audiences. While COS offers modern and minimalist clothing focusing on clean lines and architectural shapes, Arket offers essential and timeless pieces focusing on sustainability and durability.

Is COS a UK brand?

COS is a fashion brand founded in London, UK in 2007. However, the brand has since expanded to offer its collections across Europe, Asia, North America, the Middle East, and Australia. The Hu0026amp;M Group currently owns it.

What is Arket sizing like?

Arket sizing is known to be true to size, focusing on classic and timeless silhouettes that flatter various body types. The brand offers a range of sizes, including extended sizes, and provides detailed size charts and fit information to help customers find the perfect fit.

u003cstrongu003eIs Arket high quality?u003c/strongu003e

Arket is known for offering high-quality clothing focusing on sustainability and durability. The brand uses high-quality materials and pays attention to detail in its design and construction, resulting in clothing designed to last. While it is not a luxury brand, it is a premium brand offering quality clothing at a higher price than fast fashion brands.

u003cstrongu003eIs Arket the same as Hu0026amp;M?u003c/strongu003e

Arket is a brand owned by the Hu0026amp;M Group, but it operates as a separate brand with its distinct style, target audience, and business model. While Hu0026amp;M is known for offering trendy and affordable clothing, Arket focuses on essential and timeless pieces with a focus on sustainability and durability.

Why is COS cheaper in Europe?

COS is cheaper in Europe because the brand is based in Europe and does not have to pay for import taxes and transportation costs to bring its products from Europe to other parts of the world. Pricing may also be adjusted based on local market competition and consumer demand.

My Verdict

In this final section, we’ve reached the end of our in-depth comparison between the Cos and Arket brands. Both brands have unique qualities and cater to different types of consumers. Let’s highlight some main takeaways from our analysis.

First, it’s important to note that Cos’ commitment to durable and functional designs has made it a favorite among fans of minimalist fashion. On the other hand, Arket appeals to those who seek fashionable, sustainable, and high-quality products for various purposes, from casual wear to homeware.

Throughout our comparison, we observed that Cos tends to focus on fewer collections per year, emphasizing quality and timeless style. Arket leans more towards offering a wider variety of items across seasons, incorporating new trends while maintaining a commitment to lasting design.

When it comes to sustainability, both brands make efforts to improve their environmental and social impact. However, Arket appears slightly more transparent and proactive in their sustainability initiatives.

Lastly, we saw that price points diverged between the two brands. Cos typically has slightly higher prices, focusing on functional fashion and high-quality materials. Arket, on the other hand, offers a range of prices for their wide product selection, making it more accessible for various budgets.

Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that we may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

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