Cute Sweatpants Outfits for School – 6 Styles

Whether sweatpants, track pants, or joggers – no matter how you want to call the fashion trend frowned upon by Karl Lagerfeld: We love sweatpants – whether in everyday life, at work, or school! For a long time now they have not just been essential in the gym, they have blossomed into what is probably the most comfortable it-piece ever. So today we present you 6 cute sweatpants outfits for school.

In this style guide, you will find the most beautiful trend items of the season and the coolest street style looks as inspiration for your next school sweatpants outfit.

These are 6 Cute Sweatpants Outfits for School

1. Cute Sweatpants Outfits for School is a Must-have: Gray Sweatpants

What we used to only wear to relaxed Netflix evenings is now considered one of the most important fashion trends: gray sweatpants. Style icons style the leisure trousers in a style break with blazers and mules. But looks with sneakers and hoodies are no longer only seen in the living room. The highlight: the outfits are upgraded with eye-catching jewelry (e.g. wide link chains and large hoop earrings).

2. Cute Sweatpants Outfits for School: Leather-Look Sweatpants

The trendy material leather proves that sweatpants have long since left their days as mere training pants. Of course, the jogging pants keep their loose fit and the elastic waistband, but they shine in a leather look. The slightly shimmering effect turns the sporty pants into stylish companions that are even suitable for going out in combination with a blazer and heels. As a cute school outfit, the eye-catching trousers are best paired with white sneakers and an oversized blazer.

3. Cute Sweatpants Outfits for School: Elegant Wide-Leg Track Pants

Sweatpants lose their sporty look and are presented in high-quality materials such as satin. The cut is similar to flared jeans and ends with a wide hem. This sweatpants model is perfect for everyday wear with an elegant yet comfortable look.


5. Cute Sweatpants Outfits for School: Gaudy Sweatpants

Classic sweatpants in white, gray and black never go out of style. We think it’s all the cooler that jogging pants in bright colors are being spotted more and more often. The pioneers: joggers in pink, purple and blue. To spice up the comfortable trousers, we combine them with an elegant blouse or choose high heels.

Caution: too many colors make the look too sporty.


How to combine Sweatpants?

If you want to wear sporty pants outside of the gym, you should consider a few things when combining them. To help you achieve the athleisure look (without upsetting Karl), we’ve collected cool jogging pants outfits and the best styling tips for you.

Sweatpants with a Blazer and Heels

The absolute favorite duo among fashion icons: sweatpants and blazers. Even if the two parts couldn’t be more different at first glance, they fit like a glove. The sporty charm of the sweatpants becomes a very special eye-catcher thanks to the elegance of the blazer. With high heels, the look can even be worn in the office.

Casual with a Shirt and Sneakers

For perfect nonchalance, we combine our sweatpants with a blue blouse or shirt. The top should be tucked loosely into the waistband at the front to create the necessary portion of coolness. In addition, a pair of sneakers and – for the extra eye-catcher tennis socks.


Tone-on-tone Sweatpants Looks

Sweatpants lose their sporty image if you wear them in a classy tone-on-tone look. It is best to choose a muted color such as dark blue or beige. A matching blazer upgrades the outfit a little further.

Tip: You get a nice balance between casual and chic if the individual pieces are cut slightly oversized.

Combine Sweatpants in a Sporty Way

The combination of sweatpants, t-shirt, and sneakers is our favorite leisure look. Models made of cotton are super comfortable and make strolling around for hours much more pleasant. If the sweatpants outfit is too relaxed for you, you can spice it up with chic accessories: A pretty handbag, a scarf or eye-catching jewelry make it look much more feminine.

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