These Fashion Hacks Don't Cost a Cent & Change Everything

These 3 Easy Fashion Hacks Don’t Cost a Cent & Change Everything 2022

You don’t have any more ideas on how to combine your clothes? We have the solution. With three simple fashion hacks, you can create new, trendy looks, and best of all: It doesn’t cost you a cent.

Hardly any styling is more popular in winter and the transitional period than the onion look. Although it is super practical, it has many pitfalls, because the layered look is often not implemented perfectly. If you don’t want to think too much about possible combinations, materials, haptics and patterns, we have small but all the more sophisticated styling hacks that upgrade any outfit in no time at all.

Tuck-in: This is how you put your sweater in the limelight

Oversize cuts and thick wool sweaters are also very popular this winter. As cool as the styles may look in-store, sometimes you just don’t know what to do with all that fabric when you’re styling it for every day. Various tuck-in variants are suitable for avoiding thick bulges of fabric at the waist and hips.

  1. Very simple but effective: Wear a sports bustier under the sweatshirt and tuck the hem of the top into the bustier.
  2. Another option is two hair bands. Simply separate parts of the sweater at the side and fasten with a hair tie. Just turn the top inside out and you’re ready to go!
  3. The belt trick is arguably the fastest of them all. Simply wear a waist belt over the XL sweater and then slightly pull out the fabric over the belt.

Fashion Hacks: New sense of style with the sandwich look

Sandwich look? Another fashion hack whose name has something to do with food, and you only understand train station? Although you might think the sandwich look is a twist on the onion look, this styling method means something different. The latest trend describes nothing less than a color repetition in an outfit. It is crucial where this takes place. The sandwich look matches the color you wear closest to your head and your shoes. This creates a harmonious picture without much effort – what you wear in between is (almost) irrelevant.

The styling trick works with both casual street styles and elegant combinations. Bright colors don’t always have to be used for this, a light shade of cream may not be loud and flashy, but it does impress with its elegant understatement.

Fashion Hacks: This is how we combine blouses and sweaters this winter

A styling classic that we mainly know from business fashion is the blouse and pullover combination. But this winter, we are leaving the fine-knit office variant behind and giving the whole thing a modern twist. A combination of short and long makes the combination of XL blouse and thin knit sweater interesting. That’s how it works:

  1. Choose an oversized blouse
  2. Put a bustier over the blouse
  3. Finally, tuck the sweater into the bustier, creating two levels in your outfit

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