Faure Le Page vs Goyard 2024: My Personal Experience & In-Depth Comparison

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If you’re in the market for a luxury leather bag, you may have heard of Faure Le Page and Goyard. These two French brands are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and timeless designs. But which brand is better? In this in-depth comparison, we’ll look closely at Faure Le Page vs Goyard to help you make an informed decision.

In this comparison, we’ll look at factors such as price, exclusivity, resale value, quality, and brand style to help you determine which brand fits you.

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What’s the Difference Between Faure Le Page vs Goyard?

The main difference is that Faure Le Page offers a more affordable pricing strategy, while Goyard is known for its more luxurious and expensive products. Faure Le Page also offers a wider range of colors and patterns on their canvas, while Goyard has a more iconic and recognizable design.

Faure Le Page vs Goyard: History

If you’re looking for a luxury leather good, you’ve probably come across Faure Le Page and Goyard. Both French brands have a rich history and reputation for quality craftsmanship.

Founding of Faure Le Page

Faure Le Page was established in Paris in 1717 as a firearms manufacturer. Founder Louis Pigny opened his first store in the 1st arrondissement of Paris and soon received a royal warrant to make firearms for King Louis XV. The brand eventually transitioned into leather goods, creating bags and accessories with their signature canvas and leather materials.

Founding of Goyard

Goyard was founded in 1792 by François Goyard as a trunk maker. The brand quickly gained a reputation for quality craftsmanship and was appointed the official trunk maker for the French aristocracy. The brand still creates trunks, luggage, bags, and accessories today.

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Craftsmanship and Quality of Faure Le Page and Goyard

Faure Le Page and Goyard are known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. Faure Le Page uses a unique canvas material that is water-resistant and scratch-resistant, making it perfect for everyday use. Goyard’s signature material is a coated canvas that is lightweight and durable. Both brands use high-quality leather for their bags and accessories.

Regarding reputation, both brands have a loyal following of customers who appreciate their unique designs and quality craftsmanship. While Goyard may be more well-known, Faure Le Page has gained popularity in recent years for their unique designs and affordable prices compared to other luxury brands.

Design and Style

Regarding luxury bags, design, and style are as important as quality and durability. In this section, we’ll take a closer look at the design and style of Faure Le Page and Goyard bags and their latest price developments, including their canvas material, handles, logo and exclusivity, ecailles scale motif, y-shaped goyardine motif, and monogram print.

Canvas Material

Both Faure Le Page and Goyard use canvas material for their bags, known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. However, there are some differences between the two brands regarding their canvas material. Faure Le Page uses a unique “armored canvas” with a thicker feel compared to Goyard’s canvas, which is sometimes criticized for having a plastic feel.


The handles of a bag are an essential design element, as they can affect both the look and feel of the bag. Faure Le Page and Goyard offer various handle options, including leather and canvas. However, Goyard is known for its signature leather handles, made from cowhide and in various colors.

Logo and Exclusivity

Both Faure Le Page and Goyard are known for their iconic logos, often seen as a symbol of exclusivity and luxury. Faure Le Page’s logo features a crossed musket and quiver, while Goyard’s logo features the Y-shaped goyardine motif. Both logos are instantly recognizable and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Ecailles Scale Motif

The ecailles scale motif is a unique design element exclusive to Faure Le Page. This intricate scale pattern is screen-printed onto the canvas in a demanding process that requires a virtuoso’s hand. The result is a beautiful, eye-catching design that distinguishes Faure Le Page from other luxury brands.

Y-Shaped Goyardine Motif

The Y-shaped goyardine motif is a signature design element of Goyard bags. This motif comprises three interlocking Ys and is often seen as a symbol of luxury and exclusivity. The motif is screen-printed onto the canvas and available in various colors, including black, brown, and grey.

Monogram Print

Both Faure Le Page and Goyard offer monogram prints for their bags, which allow customers to add a personal touch to their purchases. Faure Le Page’s monogram print features the crossed musket and quiver logo, while Goyard’s print features the Y-shaped goyardine motif. Both options are stylish and sophisticated.

Product Line

Faure Le Page vs Goyard

If you’re looking for a new luxury bag, you might wonder which brand to choose between Faure Le Page and Goyard. Both brands have a wide range of products, but which offers the best selection of tote bags, handbags, satchels, and luggage? Let’s take a closer look.

Tote Bags

Regarding tote bags, both Faure Le Page and Goyard have plenty of options. Faure Le Page offers the Daily Battle Tote in three sizes: 27, 32, and 37. This tote is perfect for everyday use and is made from durable canvas with leather handles. Goyard’s most popular tote is the St. Louis, which comes in two sizes: PM and GM. It’s made from Goyardine canvas and features leather handles and trim.


Faure Le Page’s Anjou Tote is an excellent option for those looking for a stylish handbag. It’s made from canvas with leather trim and features a unique diamond pattern. Goyard’s Calibre Leather Handbag is another popular option. It’s made from leather and features a sleek, minimalist design.


Regarding satchels, Faure Le Page’s Parade Soft Leather Handbag is a standout. It’s made from soft leather and features a unique buckle closure. Goyard’s Artois Tote is another excellent option. It’s made from Goyardine canvas with leather trim and features a detachable shoulder strap.


Faure Le Page’s Coffret Bijoux and Coffret Vendome are stunning options for those needing luxurious luggage. The Coffret Bijoux is a small jewelry case made from canvas and leather, while the Coffret Vendome is a giant suitcase made from canvas and leather. Goyard’s most popular luggage piece is the Saigon Bag, made from Goyardine canvas with leather trim.

Price and Value

Faure Le Page vs Goyard

Regarding luxury brands, price is always a factor to consider. In this section, we will compare the price points of Faure Le Page and Goyard and their resale value and investment potential.

Price Point

Faure Le Page offers a range of bags and small leather goods at a more affordable price than Goyard. For instance, a Fauré Le Page wallet ranges from €295-325 Euros, about $340-USD 370, while Goyard wallets start at around $700. Similarly, a Fauré Le Page Daily Battle Tote costs between $1080-$1250, while Goyard’s Saint Louis tote begins at $1,620 for the PM size and goes up to $1,890 for the GM size.

Resale Value

Both Faure Le Page and Goyard have a reputation for holding their value well, making them potentially good investments. However, Goyard bags have a higher resale value than Faure Le Page bags. This is likely due to Goyard’s long history and more established reputation in the luxury market.


If you’re considering investing in a luxury bag, it’s essential to consider factors such as brand reputation, rarity, and demand. Goyard bags are generally considered safer due to their higher resale value and more established reputation. However, if you’re looking for a unique piece that is less common, a Faure Le Page bag may be a better choice.

It’s also worth noting that the price of luxury goods can be affected by VAT (Value Added Tax), which can vary depending on the country you purchase the item in. Be sure to factor in any additional costs when comparing prices between brands.

Comparison of Faure Le Page and Goyard

If you’re in the market for a luxury bag, you’ve probably come across Faure Le Page and Goyard. Both brands are known for their unique prints, water-resistant canvas material, and hand-painted designs. However, there are some significant differences between the two brands that you should consider before making a purchase.

Differences in Design and Style

Regarding design and style, Faure Le Page and Goyard have distinct differences. Faure Le Page’s bags are characterized by their repeating motif, which is inspired by the brand’s gun shape. In contrast, Goyard’s bags feature a more classic design focusing on trunk-inspired shapes and wood accents. Additionally, Faure Le Page offers bags in special colors, while Goyard’s color scheme is more limited.

Craftsmanship and Quality

Both Faure Le Page and Goyard are known for their high-quality craftsmanship. However, Faure Le Page uses a canvas material that is more durable and water-resistant than Goyard’s canvas. Faure Le Page’s bags are hand-painted, while Goyard’s are machine-printed. Faure Le Page bags have a unique finish, but Goyard bags are more consistent in their design.

Distribution and Availability

Faure Le Page has a limited distribution network compared to Goyard, which can make it more difficult to find and purchase their bags. However, this also means that Faure Le Page bags are more exclusive and can be seen as an investment piece. In contrast, Goyard has a wider distribution network, which makes their bags more widely available.


Both Faure Le Page and Goyard offer personalization options for their bags. However, Faure Le Page offers more customization options, including choosing different materials and finishes. Goyard, on the other hand, has a more limited selection of personalization options.


Both Faure Le Page and Goyard bags are designed to be durable and long-lasting. However, Faure Le Page’s canvas material is more water-resistant and less likely to show wear and tear over time. Goyard’s canvas material is still durable but may require more maintenance to keep it looking its best.


Is Fauré Le Page more expensive than Goyard?

No, Fauré Le Page is generally less expensive than Goyard. A classic bi-fold wallet from Goyard runs approximately 555 euros, which is about USD 620 if purchased in Paris, while Fauré Le Page is much cheaper.

What is comparable to Goyard?

Brands comparable to Goyard include Faure Le Page, Louis Vuitton, and Moynat. Additionally, several Goyard-inspired tote bags, such as the Tory Burch Gemini Link Tote and the Coach City Signature Tote, are available.

What is the best seller of Fauré Le Page?

Fauré Le Page’s best seller is their Daily Battle tote bag, which is made of canvas and leather and comes in various colors and sizes.

What does Fauré Le Page mean?

Fauré Le Page is the name of a French firearms manufacturer (arquebusier and fourbisseur) established in Paris in 1716. The name comes from the founder’s last name, Louis Pigny, and the name of one of his successors, Jean Le Page.

What is the most expensive French brand?

Louis Vuitton is the most valuable French brand, valued at over 20 billion euros.

Is Fauré Le Page handmade?

Yes, Fauré Le Page products are handmade in their workshop in Paris by skilled artisans using traditional techniques.

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