Spring 2022 Will be Revolutionary Strange to Say it BUT Furry Slippers are Back!

Spring 2022 Will be Revolutionary: Strange to Say it BUT Furry Slippers are Back!

Furry Slippers are back: Strange, I’d never have thought that I say that again. Because as you may know, the shoes made famous by UGG* were again and again sharply in the criticism, so that they were for a long time not only frowned upon but also out. This spring/winter, however, they celebrate their comeback – and what one… It remains exciting!

But after so long in hiding, you’re probably wondering how the hell to combine the new brown/beige trend – and it’s easier than you might think.

We show you here the best Furry Slippers Outfits:

1. Bomber Jacket + Sweatpants + Furry Boots

This, too, is a big sensation in recent months: We never thought the comeback of the hyped bomber jacket would be celebrated after such a short time – but here it is, and we love it. Together with oversized sweatpants and furry boots, the look is perfect for anyone who likes to be comfortable and casual in their everyday life.

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2. Fur Leather Jacket + Suit Pants + Furry Slippers

An outfit to fall in love with. A brown, furry leather jacket by Celine with pleated pants with pinstripes, a white blouse, and the beloved Celine furry slippers. An outfit that keeps you warm and looks unbeatable elegant at the same time.

3. Oversized Blazer + White Suit Pants + Furry Slippers

Oversized blazers are not only a huge trend of last and this season, but also super elegant. The Furry Slippers from UGG are best combined with a brown blazer and then neutral pleated pants – such as here in white.

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4. Oversized Blazer + T-Shirt + White Jeans

Timelessly beautiful, elegant, and chic – at the same time perfect for everyday life. An outfit that we just can not get enough of!

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5. Oversized Wool Coat + Beanie + Furry Slippers

This is an outfit we love on cold or windy days. The wool coat keeps you warm and gives you a super comfortable look. This effect is enhanced by the furry boots, which keep your feet warm.

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6. Teddy Coat + Sweatpants

We also love teddy coats because they are so nice and cozy, and their beige/brown color makes them a great match for Ugg slippers*. Together with comfortable oversized sweatpants, this casual look is complete and great for everyday wear.

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7. All Black Everything + Brown Furry Slippers


All black everything outfits are an easy way to put together an outfit because only one color is used – and that’s black. Pop of color we achieve through the brown slippers that make the look so comfortable and casual.

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8. Jogger Suit + Furry Slippers

This is probably the height of convenience. A look that is great for home but also for a quick shopping or the briefly take out the trash haha.

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9. Elegance meat Comfy Slippers

This classy look just doesn’t top anything. Because at first glance we would think that the Ugg boots would ruin the outfit more than spice it up – but exactly the opposite is the case. The Ugg boots fit perfectly with this chic outfit. Whereby the creamy outfit of course unfolds its full effect only really in the snow because it fits it just visually wonderful.

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