Glasses Trends 2022 We Wear these 4 Models Now

Glasses Trends 2022: We Wear these 4 Models Now

Très chic! Today we are going to tell you which glasses trends 2022 will give you the coolest perspective.

The Glasses Trends 2022

Wearing glasses is trendy! Because the once purely practical visual aids have long since been transformed into stylish it-pieces that we no longer want to do without in our fashion cosmos. This year’s new models are bolder than ever and simply give our outfits an extra portion of coolness – even without dioptres. Sounds promising, right? We introduce you to the most beautiful glasses trends 2022.

1. Glasses Trend 2022: Aviator Glasses

She’s back: the aviator glasses. Extreme, angular, and extravagant, it gives us the retro charm and film glamor of the 70s and 80s. Aviator glasses with metal frames in delicate metallic colors such as gold or copper are currently particularly popular among fashionistas. The glasses look beautifully feminine, are less conspicuous, and can be easily styled with everything.

2. Glasses Trend 2022: Future Features

A super cool trend that has developed due to longer screen times in the home office is the increased demand for glasses with blue light filters. The feature built into the glass ensures that the retina is less exposed to the blue light emitted by the display. So your eyes will feel less tired at the end of the day and your sleep will improve if you are still sitting in front of your laptop or mobile phone late at night. A recommendable technology – not only for people who wear glasses but for all fashion babes who spend a lot of time in front of the laptop or mobile phone.

3. Glasses Trend 2022: XL Glasses

No one has done it as well as the 100-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel: Oversized lenses are cool. With the XL glasses, you no longer have to hide your poor eyesight this year. Combined with wild shapes or massive plastic frames, this trend is all about drama, baby! And certainly offers you enough space for a clear, stylish perspective.


4. Glasses Trend 2022: Panto Glasses

They were once considered a typical companion of artists and intellectuals, today Panto glasses radiate their iconic image as a fashion piece. The iconic shape of the glasses offers an optimal field of vision, as it gently traces the path of your eyes: round at the bottom and flattened oval at the top. The temples are usually narrow, while a distinctive nose bridge connects the two lenses.

Which glasses shape suits my face?

If you feel comfortable with your glasses, those around you will notice. Glasses contribute to the well-known first impression and can be combined with different outfits as a visual highlight. In addition to your taste and your hairstyle and hair color, your face shape is particularly important for finding out which model suits you. If you are unsure, advice from a specialist will help. With us, you will already find the first points of orientation that can help you to find out which glasses harmonize with your face:

Glasses for round faces

Do you have a round face that already looks very soft? Then a rectangular shape of glasses will give you more contour. On the other hand, models that emphasize your face shape with round lenses and small frames are disadvantageous.

Glasses for square faces

With a square face, your face areas usually appear very distinctive. Glasses with rounder lenses, such as aviator or cat eyeglasses, give you a softer expression.

Glasses for oval faces

Do you have an oval face? Then you have it easy when looking for glasses. Many models look harmonious with your face shape. Only very narrow glasses do not fit optimally, as they optically stretch the face and can make it appear longer.

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