Goblincore Music 2023: My All-Time Favorites You Need to Hear

You’ve probably heard about goblincore music, but might be wondering what it is. Well, you’re in for an exciting ride! Goblincore music combines daring instrumental trickery with a sharp sense of musical wit. This genre creates an innate mysterious and magical aura that truly captivates listeners. So, grab your headphones, and get ready to dive into the world of goblin core music.

Exploring goblincore music, you’ll notice its unique celebration of nature that’s often considered “ugly” or “dirty,” like soil animals and fungi. This genre’s distinct sound is influenced by acoustic-styled music, adding a fresh spin on traditional melodies. When you listen to goblincore music, you can’t help but feel a sense of connection to the wild and whimsical aspects of nature that are typically overlooked.

Goblincore music invites you to appreciate its enchanting melodies and engage with an entire aesthetic. Curious and unconventional, goblincore music has found a niche in the hearts of those seeking a musical experience that cherishes the untamed beauty of the natural world. Are you ready to find out more? Hold on to your adventure spirit, and let’s explore the alluring extravaganza of goblincore music together.

History and Origin

Online Beginnings

Goblincore music found its footing in the early 2000s through online communities like Tumblr. Its unique sound incorporating heavy bass, distorted synths, and drum machines started making waves in the dark and gothic subculture scenes.

Influence of Folklore

Drawing inspiration from the ancient folklore of goblins, goblincore music celebrates nature and natural ecosystems. This mystical connection brings rustic elements like animals, mushrooms, insects, and soil into the mix and a fascination for second-hand objects.

Connection to Cottagecore

Cottagecore, another trend that cherishes pastoral simplicity, shares some similarities with goblincore music. Both genres appreciate the beauty of nature and focus on creating a whimsical atmosphere for listeners to escape into.

Pandemic Influence

As the pandemic hit, goblincore music gained momentum as people looked for solace in this enchanting genre. With its soothing nature-inspired sounds and motifs, goblincore turned into a sanctuary for those experiencing isolation.

Subculture Emergence

Over the years, goblincore music has evolved into a vibrant subculture with its unique aesthetics and values. The forest-loving, nature-oriented community celebrates finding beauty in unlikely places while promoting a sustainable lifestyle, embracing the charm of second-hand treasures. Now, goblincore music continues to thrive, captivating fans around the world with its magical essence.

Goblincore Music Aesthetic

Goblincore vs Core Music

While goblincore is often compared to other “core” music genres like black metal and bluegrass, it stands out due to its focus on aspects of nature that are often overlooked. Instead of seeking polished, mainstream sounds, goblincore embraces the rawness found in elements like soil, animals, and plants. This unpolished musical style sets it apart from traditional core genres and creates an entirely different ambience.

Goblin Themes and Sounds

The thematic elements of goblincore music center on the celebration of typically “less beautiful” aspects of nature, such as soil-animals and eerie landscapes. Dark, mysterious, and sometimes eerie, goblincore tunes make use of second-hand instruments, unconventional melodies, and organic sounds like bird calls or rustling leaves. These unique sonic combinations help to showcase the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Influences from Nature

Nature plays a significant role in shaping the sounds and themes of goblincore music. Inspired by the beauty found in soil, plants, and animals, artists expertly weave these components into their compositions. The result is music that transports listeners to an entirely different world, celebrating the interconnectedness of all living things and highlighting the mysteries of the natural world.

Spotify Wrapped and Playlists

Goblincore Music

The Spotify Wrapped phenomenon shows that goblincore music is gaining traction as a popular genre. Many curated playlists tailored to the moods and themes of the genre are emerging. These collections offer listeners a convenient way to experience a variety of goblincore artists and styles in one place.

Importance of Music in Goblincore

While goblincore is more than just a musical genre (it’s an entire aesthetic), music plays a crucial role in forming the backbone of this movement. As an authentic expression of the goblincore ethos, the music promotes a sense of connection to the natural world and encourages listeners to find joy in embracing the unconventional. By celebrating what may otherwise be considered obscure or overlooked, goblincore music reminds us that there is immense wonder and beauty in the world around us – even in the most unexpected places.

Goblincore Fashion and Style

Clothing and Accessories

As a goblincore enthusiast, your wardrobe should reflect the earthy, mysterious vibes of the forest. Key clothing pieces include oversized, worn-in sweaters, leggings, or tattered skirts. Accessorizing with distinctive items like mushroom-shaped pendants or quirky animal brooches will help you make a stirring goblincore statement.

Colors and Textures

Think dark, moody hues when it comes to goblincore fashion. Colors like black, blue, and deep forest green can evoke a sense of mystery and enchantment. Textures like crochet, linen, and worn fabrics can enhance your goblincore style, giving it a lived-in and whimsical feel.

Thrifted and Second-Hand Pieces

One of the hallmarks of the goblincore style is its commitment to sustainability. Embrace this earth-friendly practice by seeking out second-hand and thrifted clothing, accessories, and home décor items. This not only adds to the unique charm of your aesthetic but also helps reduce waste and support your local thrift shops.

Nature-Inspired Elements

Goblincore fashion wouldn’t be complete without incorporating elements inspired by nature. Plants, animals, and even fungi make up the vibrant world of goblincore. Look for patterns featuring forest creatures or botanical designs, mushroom-shaped trinkets, and clothing adorned with patches or prints of your favorite plants and animals. These charming details will help you fully embrace the magical world of goblincore music and fashion.

Goblincore in Modern Media

Bitcoin and Goblincore

You might not expect the worlds of cryptocurrency and goblincore music to overlap, but lately, they have! With the rise of decentralization and digital currencies, some goblincore-themed NFTs have started making waves in the market. Your favorite forest-dwelling creatures are now brought to life in the digital space, adding a new, exciting dimension to goblincore.

NFL and Goblincore

This one may surprise you, but the NFL has also adopted goblincore elements in a unique way. Some teams have incorporated forest-inspired visuals and soundtracks during game breaks, providing you with an energetic, mythical atmosphere in the stadium. Fans now enjoy these immersive moments while watching their favorite teams play.

Visual Aesthetics

Goblincore music is reputed for its strong connection with nature and forests. This has led to the emergence of alluring visual aesthetics that will transport you to an enchanted realm. From music videos to album covers, you’ll find an array of enchanting visual elements that complement the sounds of goblincore. This perfect blend creates a powerful, immersive experience you’ll never forget.

Goblincore Online Communities and Privacy

Tumblr and Goblincore

Goblincore Music

Tumblr has always been a hub for niche communities and aesthetics, and it’s no exception for goblincore. Many goblincore fans choose to use Tumblr as their go-to platform to post pictures, share stories, and discuss their favorite goblincore musicians. The goblincore subreddit is another great place to connect with fellow fans of this unique genre and aesthetic. However, always review Tumblr’s privacy policies to ensure you know how your information is used and shared.


What is goblincore music?

There is no specific genre of music that defines goblincore. However, practitioners of goblincore may enjoy music that features themes related to nature, folklore, or fantasy.

What is the goblincore genre on Spotify?

The goblincore genre on Spotify refers to a curated playlist of various artists embody the goblincore aesthetic, which celebrates natural ecosystems and second-hand objects usually considered less beautiful by conventional norms. 

What artists are goblincore?

There is no definitive list of artists that are considered goblincore. However, some artists that may embody the goblincore aesthetic include Wardruna, Faun, and Loreena McKennitt. 

What is an example of goblincore?

An example of goblincore could be a fashion style incorporating earthy colors, natural textures, and second-hand clothing or accessories. Other examples could include home decor that features dried flowers, mushrooms, or other natural elements or a lifestyle that emphasizes living in harmony with nature.

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