Hermes Price Increase in Fall 2024: Latest News & Update

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For those of you who have a passion for luxury fashion, you might already be clued in about the recent price hike from Hermes. Thinking about indulging in a coveted Hermès bag? It’s crucial to keep in-the-know about their pricing modifications.

According to recent news, Hermès has plans to raise its prices by 5% to 10% this year, much more significant than in the past. This increase is attributed to rising costs and currency fluctuations, affecting the brand’s exclusive offerings such as their iconic Birkin bags.

Despite these price hikes, Hermès continues to report strong sales and earnings, with a 23% increase in 2022, outperforming analysts’ expectations. As a fan of the brand, it’s crucial to keep yourself updated on these pricing trends and strategize your future luxury investments accordingly.

Is There a Hermès Price Increase this year?

Hermès, the French luxury goods maker, announced plans to raise its prices by 5 to 10 percent. This decision comes as a response to increased costs and currency movements, according to Hermès’ President of Finance, Eric du Halgouet. Typically, Hermès increases its prices by 1.5 to 2% annually in line with inflation. However, 2022 saw a 4% price increase, and the growth seems even more significant.

The 2023 price adjustments appear to be in the higher range of the projected 5-10% mark. For instance, the Hermès Kelly 25 now costs $10,900 in Retourne and $11,300 in Sellier. This price increase places the Kelly 25 in Retourne at a full thousand dollars more than its initial cost. At the same time, Hermès boasts record sales and earnings, with a 23% increase in 2022 that surpasses analysts’ expectations.

As a savvy luxury enthusiast, it’s crucial to stay informed about these price changes and adjust your shopping strategy accordingly. Consider visiting for a comprehensive price guide on Hermès bags.

When and What Were the Latest Hermès Price Increases in the Last Years?

You might have noticed that the Hermes price increase has been a hot topic lately.

Price Development of the Last Year

In recent times, Hermès has been raising its prices on average by 1.5 to 2% each year in line with inflation. However, 2022 saw a more significant increase of 4% for some products and is expected to bring an even more substantial price hike, ranging from 5 to 10% for some items.

For instance, purchasing a new Birkin or Kelly bag will cost you about 10% more than it would have in the previous year. If the price of a bag was $10,000 in December 2022, you can expect to pay around $11,000 now.

Regarding specific products, Hermès increased its prices in the United States twice in 2021, with the second increase in November being generally limited to silks and fashion jewelry. As of February this year, prices for Hermès’ small leather goods have increased, with confirmed new fees for quota bags also available.

Why Does Hermès Increase Its Prices?

hermes price increase

As you’ve probably heard, a significant Hermès price increase is coming in this year. But why does this luxury brand raise its prices? Let’s take a closer look at the factors behind these increases.

First and foremost, Hermès is known for its exclusivity and high product demand. By raising prices, Hermès can maintain its status as a luxury brand and ensure that its products remain desirable in the eyes of consumers. This also helps to create a sense of scarcity, further increasing the desirability of their items.

Another reason for the price increase is to keep up with inflation. On average, Hermès raises its prices by 1.5 to 2% each year in line with inflation. However, 2022 saw a 4% price increase, and this year is expected to see a rise of 5 to 10%.

Moreover, a rise in raw material, labor, and transportation costs can contribute to the price increase. As a brand that prides itself on using the finest materials and skilled artisans to create its products, Hermès needs to account for these additional expenses to maintain the quality of its offerings.

Lastly, the price increase adds value to the investment for those who already own Hermès products, particularly their iconic Birkin and Kelly handbags. Higher prices can potentially drive up the resale value of these items, further enhancing their appeal as investment pieces.

While the Hermès price increase may be a bit higher than expected, it’s crucial to understand the factors behind the decision. So, as you navigate the world of luxury items, remember these reasons when examining the ever-evolving prices of Hermès products.

What Other Designer Brands Increase Their Prices?

hermes price increase

The recent Hermes price increase has caught your attention, making you wonder if other designer brands are raising their prices. While there isn’t much information on price increases for specific designer brands, a few noteworthy examples can be found.

Louis Vuitton, for instance, has a history of regular price increases, often adjusting their prices by a few percentage points each year. Similarly, Chanel also tends to raise their prices annually, sometimes even twice a year. Keep your eyes on these brands, as they might announce their price increases soon.

It’s essential to remember that factors like currency fluctuations, inflation, and production costs often influence price increases among luxury brands. As these factors change, it’s not uncommon for other designer brands to follow suit and adjust their prices accordingly.

Stay informed about any potential price increases and market trends by watching industry news and updates. This will help you make well-informed decisions about when to invest in designer goods and anticipate any changes that might affect your luxury purchases.

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