How to Be CONFIDENT 2024: Glow up & Become Magnetic

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The Secret to Being SELF-ASSURED: My pals often refer to me as the queen of transformation since I consistently innovate myself every couple of months, becoming increasingly appealing with every passing year – not just physically, but also mentally.

And that’s why today I want to share my absolute favorite tips with you on becoming magnetic and having the glow up of your life.

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How to Radiate CONFIDENCE 2024: Glow up & Become Magnetic

Start from Within: The Mindset Makeover

Confidence is not just about appearance; it begins with what we feed our bodies and minds. Reflecting on my own journey, I realized the profound impact of my habits on how I felt about myself.

Last year, I was mindlessly going through my days, neglecting the connection between what I consumed and how I felt. It was time for a change.

I started by prioritizing my diet, and increasing my intake of fruits and vegetables while cutting back on sugary and processed foods.

Moderation became key, and I even reduced my alcohol intake, recognizing the impact it had on both my physical and mental well-being. Swapping greasy takeout for healthier options like sushi or salads made a noticeable difference.

Hydration played a vital role too; drinking ample water flushed out toxins and boosted my overall well-being.

Visiting the doctor to assess my vitamin levels and incorporating supplements addressed any deficiencies. It was a holistic approach to nurturing my body from the inside, laying the foundation for a glowing exterior.

My underrated secret tips:

  • Celery juice: I drink my beloved celery juice every morning because it helps me detox, makes my skin glow and I no longer need coffee as it is a real refreshment bomb. It doesn’t taste good, but the benefits outweigh the negatives.
  • Dry brushing: Brushing the skin before showering helps to stimulate blood flow and circulation. It also refreshes me and ensures all the dirt is washed off my body in the shower. I love it and do it almost every day before the shower.

The Physical Power-Up: Exercise and Self-Care

How to have a glow up
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Beyond diet, physical exercise became a cornerstone of my confidence journey. Weight training at the gym, Pilates, yoga, and even regular walks contributed to my physical health and a surge in dopamine, enhancing my happiness.

I try to collect my 10k steps every day and go on a hot girl walk at least 2-3 times a day to clear my head and refresh my body. I love that at the moment.

Self-care went beyond superficial rituals; it became a holistic practice.

From skincare routines tailored to my needs to makeup that accentuated my unique features, I discovered the power of embracing my natural beauty. Even the simple act of having well-done nails and a flattering hairstyle elevated my confidence. It’s about paying attention to the details that make me feel put together.

The Inner Glow: Lucky Girl Syndrome & Mindset Shifts

Confidence is not just skin deep; it stems from our mindset.

Understanding the concept of the “lucky girl syndrome” or the law of assumption was a game-changer for me. Acting and thinking positively, assuming everything would work out for the best, became my mantra.

This mindset shift allowed me to believe in my capabilities, acknowledge my strengths, and embrace a growth mindset.

Engaging in activities that challenged me and stepping out of my comfort zone became instrumental in building confidence. Whether starting my blog or meeting new people, each experience contributed to my self-assurance. Positive relationships also played a role; surrounding myself with successful people who uplifted and supported me was crucial.

The Marilyn Monroe Effect: Creating an Alter Ego

Acting as if you are as confident as you want to be can manifest a transformative energy.

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Elisa Steffes
Elisa Steffes

Elisa Steffes reviews designer fashion brands and elegant pieces for a living. She also loves Old Money Brands and is passionate about writing about topics related to this classic style.
She has close to 3 years of experience in SEO and has taken the Streetstylis Pinterest account to one of the most popular magazines on Pinterest and Instagram.
When she's not working, you'll find her doing Pilates, dancing or hanging out with her friends in Malta.

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