20 Steps How to Be The HOTTEST Person in the Room 2024

I am thrilled to impart my advice on becoming the most attractive individual in any setting, using your self-assuredness and exuding an aura that definitely catches people’s attention.

As someone who prides themselves as the queen of glow-ups, I’ve gathered all the tips and tricks to help you look phenomenal.

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How to Be The HOTTEST Person in the Room – The Rules:

Rule #1: Believe You’re the Hottest Person in the Room

Kim Kardashian once said, “People stare at me like they’ve never seen a walking goddess.”

Embrace this mindset – believe you are a walking goddess, and others will see you that way.

Rule #2: Embrace YOLO (You Only Live Once)

While the term might sound cringe, living by YOLO can boost your confidence.

Remember that you only live once, so embrace every opportunity and leave a lasting impression.

Rule #3: Always Be Nice, Kind, and Smile

Be the hottest person by smiling a lot
IG: amelie_weissenberger

A resting face won’t make you stand out positively.

Keep a smile on your face; it radiates happiness and beauty. Being approachable and friendly will always work in your favor.

Rule #4: Master Eye Contact

Hold eye contact during conversations.

It exudes confidence and leaves a lasting impression.

Rule #5: Wear Clothes That Suit Your Body Type

Understanding your body type and dressing accordingly is key. Find clothes that accentuate your strengths and make you feel confident.

Rule #6: Dress to Impress

Be the hottest person in the room by Dressing to Impress
IG: justine__va

Looking your best equals feeling your best. Dressing well enhances your confidence and attractiveness.

Dare to wear more extravagant outfits or looks that really make you feel like “that girl”. Enjoy the looks and walk like they’ve never seen a goddess before.

Feel it, live it.

Rule #7: Enhance Your Outfit with Jewelry

Find out whether you are more of a gold or silver girl. For me, it’s definitely silver. And then match them together and never forget: you can’t overdo it with jewelry.

Rule #8: Wear a Perfume That Turns Heads

Have a signature scent.

A fragrance that people associate with you, that makes you stand out, and for which you receive lots of compliments.

Whether it’s a sweet floral scent for a cute and pretty vibe or a strong vanilla scent for a sexy allure, your fragrance should make a statement.

The trick here is not to tell anyone what it is and to use one that is neither hype nor worn by many.

You want to stand out, let them ponder.

Rule #9: Wear a Hairstyle That Suits Your Outfit

Choosing a hairstyle that complements your outfit is crucial.

Always choose hairstyles that suit your face shape, ensuring a harmonious and flattering look.

Rule #10: Always Contour Your Nose

Nose contouring is a game-changer.

Whether using bronzer or eyeshadow, a well-contoured nose enhances your overall appearance.

Rule #11: Enhance Your Features

Natural-looking makeup with a pop is the goal.

Aim to look effortless yet radiant. Applying minimal product is key for a flattering and confident appearance.

At the moment I love using lots of bronzer and blush for a dramatic yet cute look. A good highlighter then gives your makeup the rest of the glow – the pop.

Rule #12: Make Your Skin Look Natural

hilda sigurdsson with grey winter outfit
IG: hildasigurdsson

Choose products that provide coverage while maintaining a natural glow. Blend onto your neck to avoid a cakey line, and extend a bit onto your chest if wearing a tube top.

Rule #13: Always Blend Onto Your Neck

To avoid a strong contrast, you should blend your make-up seamlessly on the neck. This ensures a harmonious and natural look.

Do not forget: Also blend properly at the hairline and avoid bronzer streaks.

Rule #14: Set Under Your Eyes

Using a powder puff to set under your eyes ensures a flawless finish.

This is my ultimate insider tip on how to always look fresh and awake.

In addition, a good setting powder gives you a softly blended in real life filter look.

We love it!

Rule #15: Enhance Your Natural Eyebrows

Whether you prefer thick or natural eyebrows, enhance what feels right for you.

With an eyebrow glue (my favorite is the one from got2b) you can give yourself a browlift every morning. Oh, I love it!

Rule #16: Choose Eyeshadows That Suit Your Eye Color

Refer to a color chart to select eyeshadows that complement your eye color.

I like to use brown or light pink shades as my everyday makeup, which gives me a fresh, awake glow.

Rule #17: Make Your Eyes Seem Bigger

Highlighter or white kajal at the front of the eyes makes them look bigger and fresher.

Rule #18: Create a Smokey Wing

A smokey wing adds a touch of sexiness to your eyes. Use a flat brush and black eyeshadow to follow your lash line, blending it out for a natural lift.

Rule #19: Wear a Lip Color Slightly Darker Than Your Skin Tone

A lip color slightly darker than your skin tone adds dimension to your look. Experiment with different shades to find what makes you feel confident and beautiful.

Pro tip: Red always works. And believe me, red lips are by far the sexiest lip color you can wear.

Step #20: Wear Red Nails

According to the red nail theory (I haven’t worn any other classy nail color for years), I can confirm that men absolutely love the color red.

And red nails are not only timelessly elegant, but they also show off your feminine, classic side and make you look luxurious.

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