How to Dress like a Scandi Girl (and 3 Things to Avoid!)

What is Scandinavian Fashion?

You know when you watch a movie and can’t put your finger on what makes an actor look so cool? It’s not necessarily their clothes or their hair, but something about their demeanor. It’s like they’re just so cool and simultaneously so pleasantly relaxed that they don’t even have to try.

Well, Matilda Djerf has exactly that kind of charisma. She has a style that makes you feel like you want to be friends with her – even if she doesn’t even know who she is yet!

The Scandi girl style is just such an aesthetic that gives off that vibe.

It’s timeless and elegant, but casual at the same time. It usually combines a lot of oversized pieces together, resulting in a super comfortable look – and that’s what you radiate with these looks: A carefree, timeless, classically elegant yet fun unforgettable time.

It originally came as the name suggests from Scandinavia and has become known through Matilda Djerf and her casually elegant clothing style. And this trend is increasing every day.

The special thing about the style is that this nonchalance comes across as if you just put on whatever came to mind – with the only difference being that it’s always high-quality fabrics that naturally fit together incredibly well.

How Do I Look Scandi?

Since the Scandi girl style is characterized by its minimalism, it’s not that hard to dress according to the principles of this style.

Here are some tips that will definitely help you:

1. Focus on Neutral Tones

Neutral tones make up the Scandi girl style.

They also have the advantage that you can mix and match them in all sorts of ways, creating a variety of outfits from just a few pieces.

This is easy on your wallet, but also on your head because you don’t need so much time for your outfit creation.

2. Buy Only Classic, Timeless Pieces

Only buy pieces that you 1. know you can combine in many ways and 2. know you can wear for a long time.

Trendy pieces aren’t helpful when it comes to the Scandi girl style because it focuses on minimalist, timeless pieces.

And we’re talking about pieces like linen pants or button-down shirts that you’ll still be able to combine beautifully 5 years from now.

3. Create a Capsule Wardrobe

A Capsule Wardrobe consists of a few indispensable and classic pieces that are always recombined so that you can put together a variety of different outfits with just a few pieces.

In addition, the timeless pieces complement each other, which is why they are usually kept in neutral colors.

This makes putting outfits together much easier and, most importantly, faster.

But of course, it’s not about wearing only boring, monotonous pieces that you don’t like: Rather, it’s about limiting yours exclusively to clothes you love and feel comfortable wearing.

And trust me, once you’ve established a Capsule Wardrobe, you’ll never want to go back – because the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

A Capsule Wardrobe will also help you chase fewer trends and focus more on your timeless pieces, which you can mix and match in 1000 different ways. That way you’re guaranteed to stay on top of things!

4. Quality over Quantity

Look for quality fabrics that will not only make you look a lot better right away and make your outfit look a lot more timeless and high quality, but they will also save you a lot of money in the long run.

After all, the adage: “He who buys cheap, buys twice”, also applies here with this timeless style. Because always keep in mind that the style lives precisely from these high-quality fabrics. Without it would be just a cheap duplicate.

BUT: Quality doesn’t mean an expensive price tag.

Finding good materials isn’t that easy these days, but I’m sure you’ll still find some good, quality pieces if you always look for the following fabrics before you buy:


These are just a few examples of good materials that directly make a piece look and feel much more qualitative. So pay attention to them.

And great and affordable brands where you can find many such materials are for example:

What Should You Not Wear in Scandinavia? 3 Things to Avoid

To look Scandinavian, here’s what you should avoid wearing:

1. Gaudy, Glittery, or Neon Colored Clothing

Gaudy colors are just too repugnant to the minimalist Scandi girl style.

So if you want to dress more Nordic, rather go for more neutral colors like beige, white, gray or brown and black.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate colors into your outfits: Smaller color details are absolutely okay and can also be combined well with more neutral colors.

And luckily, the selection of colors that are popular in the north isn’t that small: Ibiza Blue, Emerald Green, pastel shades, and all shades of pink or lighter blues are simply loved by Scandinavians!

2. Avoid Synthetic Textiles

Natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and linen are more popular in Scandinavian countries than synthetic textiles.

And for good reason: synthetic fabrics not only have a major impact on climate change and global warming but also have many other disadvantages:

For example, they make you sweat much more and then release very nasty fragrances in the process. You’ve probably noticed this when you sweat with synthetic clothing (for example, sportswear) and then smelled unpleasant.

They also contain microplastics, and don’t let your skin breathe, which really boosts sweat production and thus the bad-smelling odor, and on top of that, the clothes made from these fabrics just usually look very cheap. This can quickly ruin your expensive-looking appearance.

And as we mentioned earlier, the Scandi girl style consists mainly of high-quality materials and well-made pieces, which not only last longer but also make you look a lot more glamorous. Moreover, natural fabrics like linen or cotton are guaranteed not to make you sweat so quickly.

3. Don’t Chase Short-Term Trends

Thrifting is also a big thing in Scandinavian countries. That’s because climate protection and future-oriented thinking are often fortunately more prevalent there than in comparatively other countries in Europe or in the West in general.

Younger people there in particular really like to buy secondhand and pay attention to their clothing consumption.

That’s why many Scandi girls detest short-lived fashion trends that can be worn for a maximum of 1-2 years. In their style, the motto “timeless pieces for several years” is always reflected.

This has the advantage that you no longer have to chase short-term trends, but can put together a small but fine collection of timeless pieces that you can and want to wear even in a few years.

In addition, you certainly have some items in your closet, which you can combine again in a new way and which you don’t have to replace with new pieces.

Be vigilant and think sustainable is the motto here! And the great thing is that we can wear a comfortable clothing style from minimalist outfits and protect the earth at the same time.

What are the Most Popular Clothing Essentials in the Scandi Girl Style?

If you had to describe the Scandi girl style with a few must-have pieces, I bet you would also think of these essentials first, right?

  • Button-Down Shirts
  • Wide-Leg Jeans
  • Comfy Linen Pants
  • Linen Shirts
  • Cute Basic T-Shirts
  • Silk Midi & Maxi Skirts
  • A lot of Gold Jewelry 

You just can’t do without them if you want to look nordic. 😉

What does Matilda Djerf have to do with the Scandi Girl Style?

If you’re a fan of Matilda Djerf, then you already know. The Swedish fashion icon is almost the pioneer of the unique style that is timeless, elegant, and casual at the same time – a mix of oversized pieces and comfortable silhouettes that originated in Scandinavia.

Djerf’s style is a great inspiration for the classic Scandi-chic aesthetic that focuses on minimalism and high-quality materials. This aesthetic is commonly associated with Scandinavian countries like Sweden and Norway, but it has also been adopted by international fashion brands looking to capitalize on this popularity.

Scandinavian fashion is characterized by muted colors like black and whiteneutral tones like gray and brown, muted prints like florals or stripes, and the absence of metallic or garish colors. Matilda Djerf wears all of these items on a daily basis (even if she doesn’t always wear them at the same time).

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