how to style a puffer jacket

How to Style a Puffer Jacket: 4 Ways in the Glamorous Designer Edition

Puffer jackets are a must-have piece in winter, but while they do a great job of keeping you warm, it’s not that easy to combine them in a stylish and modern way as they can quickly look chunky and therefore manly. So that you can still get through the cold season in style and combine your beloved ones in a modern way, we will show you today how to style a puffer jacket stylishly and elegantly.

How to Style a Puffer Jacket:

1. How to Style a Puffer Jacket: Belt it

Puffer jackets don’t have to be old-fashioned. Create a more elegant look by adding a belt that gives the jacket’s voluminous silhouette a much-needed shape.

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2. How to Style a Puffer Jacket: Contrasts Your Silhouettes

Keep your look in balance by styling pieces with contrasting silhouettes together. If your coat fits oversized, wear tighter pants or leggings to it. If you prefer a wider leg, choose a slim-fit jacket or tie your coat with a belt.

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3. How to Style a Puffer Jacket: Make it Sporty

Nothing is more attractive and comfortable than a sporty look that is elegantly combined at the same time. This one is simply a must-have outfit for going to the gym, on relaxed school days, or a stroll through town with your best friend.

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4. How to Style a Puffer Jacket: Colorful Details

Make your everyday look more interesting by daring yourself to do something from time to time by treating yourself to one or the other eye-catching pieces: These can be fancy accessories, but also a larger piece like a puffer jacket. Ibizia blue is also currently extremely popular and very stylish. Look for yourself!

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