How to Style Linen Blazer 2023: 10+ Genius Ways to Look like a French It-Girl

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If you’ve ever dived into the world of varied fabrics and their characteristics, you’ll understand their significance in creating a high-end outfit that makes you feel like a chic French IT girl.

Linen is a light, high-quality fabric that is worn by fashion-conscious French women and fashion lovers from all over the world, especially on warmer days.

Because the big advantage is that linen is not only soft, but it also has temperature regulating properties that will keep you cool even on the warmest summer days and won’t make you sweat due to its ability to wick moisture away from your body.

Now if that isn’t a game-changer!?!

But the cool thing is that this property also works the other way around: Even in winter, the fabric will keep you warmer than some other fabrics.

So as you can imagine now, the linen blazer is perfect for any season, but especially in the summer, this staple piece is just an absolute gamechanger. Its great linen properties ensure that we can wear it even on the warmest days without fear of sweating too much. We love it!

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10+ Genius Ways to How to Style Linen Blazer:

1. Linen Blazer With a Black Midi Dress

On warmer days, we’re mostly in the mood to wear dresses and skirts.

With a linen blazer on top, this look becomes a highlight that simply looks timelessly classic and super elegant for any occasion.

2. White Knitted Suit with a Linen Blazer

We all love the comfy knit suits that make our everyday life easier and more comfortable in no time.

We just feel at home anywhere in these soft, cozy pieces – perfect for not-so-hot spring or summer days.

3. How to Style Linen Blazer: Casual Outfit + Blue Jeans

Jeans are also the hit of charming fashion-conscious French women in everyday life.

Paired with a linen blazer, they get that chic, elegant touch that just about every Parisian woman has about her.

4. Linen Blazer With a White Midi Dress

Since we have already presented the outfit above with a black midi dress, of course, its white counterpart can not be missing either.

Especially in summer, white dresses (preferably also made of linen) are very suitable for an elegant outfit without messing it up with sweat stains. 😉

5. How to Style Linen Blazer: The Light Beige Suit

6. The Short Suit

As we already told you in this year’s summer fashion trends, Bermuda shorts are THE trend on this year’s hot days.

It’s getting warm and you want to stroll through the city? Unpack this outfit and the day is saved – certainly without excessive sweating!

7. The Sage Green Co-Ord Suit

8. The Beige Co-Ord Suit

An outfit to fall in love with!

What could be more beautiful than a co-ord suit in an elegant beige? Right, nothing!

9. White Shorts + Beige Linen Blazer

10. Beige Linen Blazer + Jeans + Linen Button-Down Shirt

11. Cream Jeans + Knitted Sweater

Cream-colored jeans are always a highlight and a super elegant alternative to blue jeans.

As a monochrome outfit, this look is a real eye-catcher and gets its spice from the linen blazer. A beautiful everyday look that is suitable for almost any occasion and always looks chic!

12. The Hailey Bieber Shoulder Pad Look

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