How to Style Prada Loafers: Celebrities Swear by These 10 Styles

If you spend even 2 minutes on Pinterest, you’ll quickly realize that there’s no getting around one particular shoe – the Prada Loafer. That’s why in this blog article we asked ourselves the question: how to style Prada loafers? In doing so, we show you the hottest styles.

Originally known as “penny loafers”, Prada loafers with their thick sole and heel have become an absolute cult leather shoe in recent months and even years.

Not only do influencers and celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Elsa Hosk, and Bella Hadid swear by this easy to combine and always chic shoe, but also more and more of you from our community can’t live without it. We love this trend too – of course!

In addition, the college shoe plays a huge role in the world of fashion enthusiasts this year as well – who would have thought that? 😉

Prada loafers are the epitome of luxury and elegance. In fact, they’re so popular that celebrities swear by them as part of their everyday style.

We’ve rounded up 10 celebrity-approved ways to style your own pair of Prada loafers—from the casual to the fancy—so that you can look as good as they do while still feeling like yourself.

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How to Style Prada Loafers? Here Are The Most Stunning 10 Ways:

1. Back to Black

Josefine H. J. combines the cult leather shoe as a classically elegant look by wearing a black skirt with a black knit sweater – a super simple but brilliant option!
PS: Also great in slightly fresher spring-summer or fall days – you’ll love the look!

To upgrade her outfit and make it even more elegant, Josefine goes for a pearl necklace, which by the way is also very trendy this year, hoop earrings, and a timeless Kelly bag.

2. With a Trench Coat

The cult coats called trench coats will simply never go out of fashion and so it is the absolute classic among coats this year as well.

Combined with trendy Prada loafers, the look becomes a minimalist chic eye-catcher in everyday life.

Whether you’re going for a stroll in the city with your best friend or a romantic city break to Paris with your boyfriend, this outfit just goes all the time – and is perfect for an extensive stroll.

Tiffany Wang wears a short black dress, black tights, and a scarf with a trench coat.

A very chic, and at the same time comfortable outfit that is super suitable for many different occasions!

3. With Pulled Up Tennis Socks

Pulled-up tennis socks are THE trend this year.

A combination that could not be more comfortable! Especially in university or school where you have to sit for a long time, this look is a real game-changer.

PS: Of course, you can wear the combination in the office, just better clarify the dress code before. 😉

4. With a Wool Coat

Of course, wool coats are a must for colder days!
These warming coats can also be perfectly combined with the trendy Prada loafers. The two in the pictures have each combined the look with leather pants, which is an absolute classic this season!

Just throw a contrasting sweater over your shoulders and the classic, elegant look is ready!

Reading Tip: 5 Ways to Style a Leather Pants Outfit

5. How to Style Prada Loafers? With a Bermuda Shorts

In our blog article about the fashion trends this summer, we introduced you to the huge trend around the Bermuda shorts.

These shorts are characterized by the fact that they usually have the length of cycling shorts and thus cut a little longer. In addition, these are usually fabric pants made of linen or cotton, which are particularly suitable for warmer days.

With an oversized blazer on top and Prada loafers, this outfit becomes a chic classic that is great for everyday wear.

6. With a Leather Jacket

If we already pursue the question “how to style Prada Loafers” and have also already addressed the trendy leather pants, their counterpart – the leather jacket – of course, can not be missing.

Together with black tights, and a cute mini skirt, this outfit becomes a real eye-catcher! We love!

7. How to Style Prada Loafers? With a Short “Tennis Skirt”

8. With a Mom Jeans + Oversized Grey Blazer

The gray blazer is just like the black no longer imagine the fashion world without – and rightly so!

Because the oversized blazer makes every look expensive and much chicer!

Together with a pair of mom jeans and Prada loafers, this look becomes the perfect outfit for everyday life!

9. With Cream Jeans

Cream-colored jeans are a great chic alternative to regular blue jeans.

Also with the loafers, the jeans look just great and provide an elegant everyday look!

10. With a Knitted Sweater & a Black Tennis Skirt

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