how to wear a puffer coat

How to Wear a Puffer Coat: The Best 4 Ways

When it’s cold in winter, most people wear long coats and thick jackets. The puffer jackets have dominated for years – in 2021, a new variant came up, that became more and more popular: the puffer coat. But since it can quickly look very masculine, today we’re going to show you the best four ways how to wear a puffer coat + where you can shop the best pieces.

How to Wear a Puffer Coat – the Best 4 Styles:

1. How to Wear a Puffer Coat: Make it Comfy

Who has something against a comfortable look in which you feel like you are at home? Probably nobody. Alicia Roddy proves that these variants also look very stylish.

A gray jogging suit not only looks super casual, but it also keeps you warm thanks to its thick cotton fabric – especially in combination with a puffer coat, you will not get cold with this outfit!

Dare to do something, dare to try something new. This green color is not only a super trendy color that you see everywhere at the moment, but it also just looks very good! So it’s worth a try.

2. How to Wear a Puffer Coat: Belt it

Just because you wear a puffer coat, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your silhouette and your natural curves. Belt it, if you want to look feminine too in this type of coat.

3. How to Wear a Puffer Coat: Make it Monochrome

Uniform, monochrome looks have never harmed anyone – on the contrary, they make you look much more fashion-conscious, elegant and stylish. Look for yourself!

4. How to Wear a Puffer Coat: Hang a Sweater Over Your Shoulders

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