Is Princess Polly Fast Fashion? Brand-Check and Alternatives

Princess Polly offers affordable and trendy clothing for young women. The brand is becoming increasingly popular among millennials, but is Princess Polly fast fashion?

In this article, we’ll explore the origins of the term fast fashion and how that applies to Princess Polly.

We’ll also discuss brand-check criteria for fast fashion and list better alternatives for conscious consumers.

About Princess Polly

Princess Polly is a fashion brand that sells trendy and affordable women’s clothing.

The brand was started by a 19-year-old named Ashton Kutcher.

The clothing is designed in Los Angeles, California, USA.

What Do Fast Fashion Brands Do?

Fast fashion refers to brands that produce large quantities of clothing throughout the year and release large quantities of new collections and pieces on a weekly – if not daily – basis.

In doing so, these brands produce clothing at very low prices that are considered attractive opportunities for many consumers. But under the high price of poor working and environmental conditions and release of toxic chemicalshigh water consumption, as well as many other dramatic disadvantages.

This allows consumers to update their wardrobes very quickly and inexpensively, leading to overconsumption and causing that for every two fast-fashion pieces purchased, in reality only one is worn. The other is disposed of – without having been worn once.

Further Characteristics of a Fast Fashion Brand:

  • Trends that are already out after a few weeks
  • Poor quality that tears, threads, stretches, or discolors after a few washes
  • The items are often characterized by a strong chemical smell
  • Low transparency & poor working conditions
  • Mainly synthetic materials
  • Disposable consumption
  • High environmental impact due to pesticides and water consumption

Is Princess Polly Fast Fashion? 3 Reasons That Confirm This

1. Exploitative Conditions of Employment

As with any other fast fashion store, workers are mostly exploited for this under unfair conditions – sometimes even children.

Unfortunately, Princess Polly itself doesn’t disclose any information about suppliers’ policies and working conditions, or practices to ensure gender equality, forced labor, and freedom of association. There is also no indication that a living wage is paid in the supply chain. All of this suggests unfair working conditions.

2. Is Princess Polly Fast Fashion: Low Prices with Poor Quality

Due to the comparatively low prices, one cannot expect particularly good quality. This alone should make it noticeable that good working conditions are hardly feasible when the low prices mean that profit margins aren’t exactly high.

There are also many sales and discounts so that the products can be purchased at even lower prices. This is exactly the characteristic of a fast fashion brand, selling seasonal clothes at low prices.

3. Oodles of Synthetic Materials

In terms of fibers, many synthetic materials are used (polyester, acetate, “vegan leather”) and viscose without TENCEL.

Princess Polly doesn’t use eco-friendly materials overall, nor has it made much effort to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals or water in its supply chain.

While Princess Polly reports greenhouse gas emissions from its direct operations, it doesn’t bother when it comes to its supply chain.

Summary – Is Princess Polly Fast Fashion?

Since there are no clear indications about the suppliers and their working conditions, and it is clearly visible that quantity is more important to the brand than quality, it can be said unequivocally: Yes, Princess Polly belongs to the fast fashion brands.

Does Princess Polly Offer Good Quality?

Of course, Princess Polly also has one or another relatively high-quality piece with good materials.

So if you have enough time and look closely at the material composition, you have the chance to find relatively high-quality materials such as cotton.

Here, however, you shouldn’t have too much hope: Even if fast fashion brands like Princess Polly sometimes focus on high-quality materials, these are usually only contained in very small percentages in the garment. Anything else would simply be too expensive to produce…

If you care about optics and at the same time want to take care of the environment and your own health (microplastics and toxic chemicals in the clothing and so on), you shouldn’t even try it there and prefer slow fashion brands.

And the great thing about it is even that higher proportions of high-quality materials are much more durable, less likely to break down or wear out, and they certainly don’t discolor.

Does Princess Polly Have Child Labor?

The Princess Polly website does not state anything about child labor.

The brand does, however, source its products from overseas. This means that there is potential that child labor to be used in the production of Princess Polly clothing.

However, Princess Polly is a brand that is very transparent about its supply chain. So, if the brand were using child labor to make its clothing, it would be very easy to see.

The brand’s website gives a very clear breakdown of where their clothes are made. They also explain why they decided to produce their clothing in certain countries and what they are doing to make sure their workers are treated fairly.

Is Princess Polly the same as Shein?

Shein is a very popular and cheap online clothing store. In fact, a lot of people use Shein as a comparison when talking about Princess Polly.

They are very similar in the sense that they are both cheap clothing brands.

But beyond that, the brands have little in common.

Princess Polly is a vertically integrated company. This means that the company designs, sources, and manufactures its clothing in-house.

Shein, on the other hand, is a drop-shipping company that sources from China and resells on Amazon and its own website.

Princess Polly is much more upfront about what they use and how they use it. Shein, on the other hand, is extremely secretive about that.

What Does Sustainable mean to Princess Polly?

Princess Polly offers an environmentally friendly and sustainable clothing line called the Eco Collection.

The Eco Collection is made with high-quality materials, but they are produced in a more eco-friendly way.

The fabrics are sourced from water-saving facilities, the dyes are eco-friendly, and the garments are sewn in a sustainable and responsible way.

However, the products are more expensive than the brand’s other clothing.

The brand’s other clothing is made with good fabrics, but the garments are not produced in an environmentally friendly way.

The fabrics are often made with synthetic materials that take a lot of energy to produce.

Eco-friendly dyes are often more expensive and harder to source compared to harmful dyes. The garments are often sewn in the same way that they are on all of the brand’s other clothing.

Who is Princess Polly’s manufacturer?

Princess Polly’s manufacturer is very difficult to track down.

The brand outsources to different manufacturers across the world. They don’t disclose who makes their clothing.

They do, however, state where their clothing is made.

The brand’s policy is that they try to source from the USA and Europe when possible.

They also try to source from companies that have a sustainable supply chain. The brand’s website has a detailed rundown of what they look for in a manufacturer. Princess Polly’s manufacturer is almost certainly a giant factory in China.

This is the most likely scenario, especially if the brand is sourcing from Europe and the USA.

It’s expensive to source materials and make clothing in those regions. Chances are, if Princess Polly is sourcing from Western countries, they are buying their garments from China and reselling them with their own branding.

Is Princess Polly Carbon Neutral?

Princess Polly is a young and growing brand. As such, it is difficult to determine if they are carbon neutral at this point in time.

Since the brand is vertically integrated, they would need to make sure that their fabrics are sustainable and their garments are sewn sustainably. Princess Polly’s fabrics are made with good eco-friendly materials.

However, the brand is not carbon neutral. There are no certifications that prove this.

Better Alternatives to Princess Polly

When it comes to fast fashion brands, there are many better alternatives to Princess Polly. One of the most obvious choices is to choose clothes made from natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and wool. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better for your health! Natural fabrics breathe wick sweat and can be easily washed. They also come in a wide variety of styles and colors, so there is something for every body type and taste.

Other good alternatives include ethically sourced clothing from well-known brands like Patagonia, Eileen Fisher, and Everlane. You can also try ethical brands like Sailing Goods.

10 Affordable & Non-Fast Fashion Brands You Must Know

Our Fav

Reformation began by selling vintage clothing out of a small Los Angeles storefront in 2009.

They quickly expanded into making their own stuff, with a focus on sustainability. #

Today, Reformation makes effortless silhouettes that celebrate the feminine figure and pioneer sustainable practices, focusing on people and progress each step of the way.

  • They're Climate Neutral
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Natural and Recycled Materials
  • Compost organic wastes
  • They're Carbon-Neutral
  • Sustainable Clothes
  • Ethical Production
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
Your New Activewear Fav
Girlfriend Collective

Sustainable activewear created from recycled plastic bottles.

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Recycled Materials
  • Fair-Trade
  • Ethical
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Other Sustainable Brands:

  1. Organic Basics
  2. Tentree
  3. Toad&Co
  4. Outerknown
  5. Boody
  6. People Tree
  7. Everlane
  8. Thought
  9. Amour Vert

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