30 Just Girly Things 2024: Latest Girly Girl Trend TikTok

Ahead of the latest TikTok trend? The Just Girly Things wave is sweeping across the app, with a multitude of users joining in on the fun! Still wondering what the Just Girly Things is all about and why it’s taking TikTok by storm? Don’t miss out!

In this article, we’ll dive into the trend’s origins, explore some of the best examples, and discuss why it’s captured the attention of millions of users. So, whether you’re a seasoned TikTok user or just getting started, read on to discover the world of Just Girly Things!

Just Girly Girl Things Aesthetics

If you’re searching for ways to embrace your inner girly girl, then you’re in the right place! Girly girl aesthetics celebrate everything that’s cute, fun, and feminine. With a focus on pastel colors, soft textures, and adorable accessories, you’ll fall in love with this look in no time.

Soft Girl Aesthetics

One of the most popular girly girl aesthetics is the Soft Girl style. Known for its sweet and gentle appearance, the Soft Girl aesthetic captures the essence of femininity and gentleness.

Pastel Colors: Soft girl aesthetics primarily focus on gentle, pastel colors like baby pink, lavender, and mint green. These colors help create a dreamy and tender vibe in your wardrobe and surroundings.

TikTok & Y2K: The soft girl aesthetic has gained significant popularity through platforms like TikTok, where users share their favorite soft girl outfits and makeup looks. You’ll often see elements of Y2K fashion incorporated into the Soft Girl style, such as mini skirts, hair clips, and oversized sweater vests.

Aesthetics: Achieving the perfect Soft Girl look goes beyond wardrobe choices—we’re talking about your entire environment! Decorate your room with fairy lights, plush pillows, and cute trinkets to create the ultimate girly getaway. Posters featuring your favorite soft girl icons can also serve as the perfect inspiration.

Soft Girl Essentials: To fully embrace the Soft Girl aesthetic, you’ll need a few key elements:

  • Cute hair accessories: Think pastel hair clips, ribbons, or scrunchies.
  • Comfy clothes: Your best friends are oversized sweaters, skirts, and soft fabrics.
  • Delicate makeup: Rosy cheeks, flushed lips, and a touch of sparkle on the eyes will create a beautiful Soft Girl look.

Just Girly Things to Love

Just Girly Things Pink Outfit to Love
IG: annaastrup

Finding Joy in Fashion

Dresses: Dresses are an essential component of a girly girl wardrobe. Whether it’s a cute mini dress with puff sleeves or a flowy maxi dress with a bold print, there’s a dress style for everyone. Step into your old money cocktail dress , spin around, and watch as your confidence soars.

Prints: Add some excitement to your fashion sense with playful prints. Incorporate floral, animal, or polka dot prints into your outfits to create a fun and lively aesthetic. Prints not only make a statement but also show off your personality.

Hair Clips: Hair clips are a charming accessory that can transform your hairstyle in an instant. Add pearl or beaded hair clips to an updo or secure a colorful claw clip to your high ponytail. This simple addition can elevate your entire look and add a touch of girly glamour.

Baguette Bag: A baguette bag is the perfect accessory to complete a girly girl outfit. These cute, compact bags are perfect for carrying your essentials and can be easily dressed up or down. Plus, they come in various colors and materials to match any outfit.

High-Waisted Denim: Embrace the high-waisted denim trend and experience the magic it brings to your outfits. High-waisted jeans or shorts create a flattering silhouette and can be easily paired with crop tops, tucked-in blouses, or oversized sweaters. The versatility of high-waisted denim makes it a must-have piece in your girly-girl wardrobe.

Accessorizing with Style

The Charm of Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are essential for showcasing your personal style and can instantly transform a simple hairstyle into something more polished and chic.

Hair Clips are a must-have for any girly girl. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, making them perfect for adding a pop of excitement to your locks. You can find everything from cute bows and flowers to more sophisticated geometric shapes and metallic designs. Plus, Pinterest and TikTok offer endless inspiration on how to style these versatile items.

Moving on to Hats, this accessory is not only functional but can also be a statement piece that elevates your entire outfit. A classic choice for girly girl aesthetics is the Bucket Hat. It has become incredibly popular on TikTok and Instagram, and you’ve probably seen numerous influencers rocking them. They can be found in an array of colors and patterns, allowing you to match your hat to any outfit and mood.

Shoes Every Girly Girl Needs

The Timeless White Sneakers

There is something undeniably special about a pair of white sneakers that adds a fun and fresh touch to your wardrobe. As a girly girl, you know the importance of having the perfect pair of shoes for every occasion. And what better shoe to have than the versatile and stylish white sneaker?

White sneakers are a must-have in your closet as they effortlessly blend with any outfit you have in mind. Whether you’re dressing up for a brunch date or keeping it casual for a day out shopping, these sneakers instantly elevate your look without overpowering your girly aesthetic.

Another fantastic thing about white sneakers is that they work well with a variety of fabrics and textures. They complement delicate floral dresses just as well as they do with a sleek leather skirt or a cozy cashmere sweater. The options are endless, and so is the fun!

Maintaining your white sneakers is crucial to keep them looking fresh and clean. Set up a routine that involves wiping them down with a damp cloth and using gentle cleaning agents when necessary. This way, your sneakers will last longer and remain a cherished part of your girly girl wardrobe.

Fashion Trends from Early 2000s

Are you ready to relive the good old days of Y2K fashion? Let’s dive into some iconic early 2000s fashion trends that will give you major girly girl vibes and have you scrolling through Pinterest and TikTok for inspiration!

Cargo Pants: Do you remember the time when cargo pants were everything? These baggy pants with large pockets were a must-have in every wardrobe, and they paired perfectly with cropped tops and chunky sneakers.

Juicy Couture Tracksuits: Velour has never been the same since Juicy Couture tracksuits took over the early 2000s. These plush, cozy sets in vibrant colors were a go-to for every girly girl and often spotted on celebrities like Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Denim was taken to new heights in the early 2000s with a variety of styles, including:

  • Low-rise Jeans: The lower the waist, the better! Low-rise jeans were everywhere, showcasing those fancy designer belts and daring you to go lower.
  • Denim Skirts: Paired with leggings or left bare, denim skirts were a staple in every wardrobe.
  • Denim Jackets: Denim jackets made a huge comeback, adorned with patches and embroidery for that extra touch of personality.

Butterfly Clips & Hair Streaks: Every girly girl needed her collection of butterfly clips and hair streaks. The more colorful and vibrant, the better – these accessories added a fun touch to any hairstyle.

Platform Shoes: When it came to shoes, you couldn’t go wrong with platforms. They were trendy, stylish, and oh-so-girly – from sneakers to sandals to boots, platform shoes were ruling the streets.

Chunky Jewelry: To complete your early 2000s look, you needed some chunky jewelry. Layered necklaces, oversized hoop earrings, and statement bracelets piled on in true Y2K fashion.

Girly Girl Vibe on Pinterest and TikTok

On Pinterest, you’ll find numerous boards dedicated to the girly girl aesthetic, like Girly vibes and Tiktok Girls. These boards are filled with beautiful images and inspiration for you to incorporate into your personal style, including:

  • Pink-themed rooms and decors
  • Makeup and beauty tips
  • Cute and fashionable outfits
  • Adorable accessories

So, go ahead and let your creativity run wild as you browse through these amazing pins and save your favorites to your personal board.

Next up, TikTok is another fantastic source for girly girl inspiration, with creators sharing their tips, routines, and even fashion hauls under popular hashtags like #girlygirl, #aesthetic_girl_vibe, and #pinterestgirl. Keep an eye out for some of these exciting video themes:

  • Morning routines with a hint of glamor
  • Room makeovers that scream girly
  • Fashion emulate your favorite stylish celebrities
  • Hair and makeup tutorials for all occasions

Not only do you get practical tips and insights, but engaging with other users who share your girly girl vibe creates a sense of community and supports your personal style journey.

Cardigans, Light Academia and More!

You might have seen the light academia aesthetic all over your social media feed. It’s a style that blends vintage fashion pieces with a modern twist, giving you an effortlessly chic look. Soft and neutral colors like crepe pink, buttercream yellow, powder blue, vintage grey, and dusty tan are essential to this aesthetic. Pair these colors with timeless staples like tailored trousers and flowy skirts, and you’ll transform your closet!

But what would light academia be without cardigans? They are the quintessential layering piece, perfect for adding a bit of warmth and sophistication to any outfit. From chunky knits to delicate buttons, cardigans come in an array of styles fit for every girly girl. Whether you’re drawn to outfits from popular brands like Anthropologie, Free People, or & Other Stories, don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces to create your unique spin on this fashion trend.

As an aspiring light academia enthusiast, you should also explore other ways to elevate your look. Consider incorporating vintage-inspired accessories like brooches, silk scarves, and pearl earrings. Not only will they add a touch of elegance to your outfits, but they’ll also make you feel like you’ve just stepped out of a classic novel.

Lastly, remember that light academia is more than just a fashion trend. It’s a lifestyle that celebrates literature, art, and the pursuit of knowledge. Embrace this by participating in book clubs, visiting museums, or just cozying up with your favorite novel while wrapped in your new cardigan. So go ahead, dive into this dreamy aesthetic and let your girly girl side shine!


What does just girl things mean?

u0022Just girl thingsu0022 is an expression that refers to activities or behaviors that are typically associated with girls or women, such as shopping, doing makeup, or having girl talk.

What things are considered girly?

Things that are considered u0022girlyu0022 are typically associated with girls or women and may include activities like shopping, doing makeup, wearing dresses, having girl talk, or enjoying pastel colors.

Who started just girly things?

It is unclear who started the u0022Just Girly Thingsu0022 trend, as it became popular through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. The phrase is often used to describe relatable and inspiring content for girls and women. 

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